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!!Fresh New!! 24/7 host Dedicated pve Server. boosted- non Abusive- Events

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Welcome to the ark, Its a friendly PVE server with nice admins.     

       Server Settings:

                      Map: The Center "Which may change to from time to time to allow taming of other dinos for upload"

                      Taming: x15

                      XP: x3

                      Harvest: x2

                      Stats per Level Player: Increased at least x2 each

                      Stats per level Dino: at least x2

                      Difficulty: 5.0

                      Food/Water: 1.0

                      For more details message Server GT(TravelersOfArk) or owner GT (Dr SnickrDoodlz)

                     If you wish to join add server and send message (I would like to join your server) to server GT, and send message to Owner GT, and say "sent"  



      We will invite you to the club when you join or you can search it at (Travelers of Ark) and request to join at anytime. We use this to update you on server status or announce events such as mini games or arena. 






                             ALL SERVER SETTINGS AND RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANYTIME.            




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On 12/5/2016 at 3:28 PM, Teal said:

I would've loved to keep playing on your server but it kind of is disappointing that you acted like it was our fault that you "left a lightning wyvern on aggressive and wander and it leveled your base." None of us were online and we had your little flag thing up. We had a fun time while it lasted though.

Like I said in the party chat. "I have banned the admin who was irresponsible with his power." I am truly sorry for his behavior and understand your frustration. IF you have any other concerns please message me on Xbox.  

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