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VGS Server - PvP with no candyland rules

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message "AdminVGSx" and say that you are FROM THE FORUMS.  Any messages without this in them will be automatically deleted.  


Server showed up on the list and went to chaos... I like chaos better than a full wipe... So i'm leaving the server up as is with literally no rules, don't care what you do on there.  I wont answer complaints or anything, imports are on for everything.  Good luck, survivors...







Connection: 300/300

Hardware:  Xbox Elite 

Average ping with 35 survivors connected: 130ms


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Sounds like a dedicated server I might be able to count on. I have myself and 3 others that play the game often and about 4 others that play sporadically. 

We are mainly just looking to be part of a server that we won't fear losing all our progress on or fear being unreliable or with shoddy settings. I'll add the server account as a friend and give it a whirl, GT is Synkopated

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Glad to have you, Bull.  I'll be raising difficulty next week so everyone prepare!!   Nice to see 10 people steady now.  Still looking for more.  PvP server with boosts... So far it's been pretty civil!  

The server is running stable with west coast to players reporting a ping of 65 when 10 ppl are on.  Server is on east coast on a static IP.  

Add "Admin VgsX" on live and then join my game on progress   See you guys out there and good luck!


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Hey guys!!  

Unfortunately my day job is server administration and I have to leave the house sometime!!  I will be back on tonight around midnight EST to add the next wave of people.  We had 20 survivors connected last night and server was great.  If anyone playing on my server experiences lag please contact me so we can troubleshoot it together, find out if its on my end or yours.  Shouldn't be my end, best perk of my job is unlimited internet and my signal is flawless (sorry for all of you who do not get good internet!!)

Havent seen any larger tribes yet but I have taken notice to Cryptix and his little establishment... its near the Admin Compound!  I like that gigan you're riding around on!!  Would love to meet up with the players and get to know the regulars on the server this weekend!!

Good luck survivors.... side note:  So far I have lost 4 different teradactyl with saddles so if you see them, tell them I miss them!



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