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Join ArkResistance PVP server with ORP

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Friend request ArkResistance and send a message to join the server.

Arkresistance is a pvp server that runs 24/7. The rates have been accelerated but not so much that everything is given to you. 

This server is open to everyone. 
Map - The Island 

Exp gain - 4x
Harvest Rate - 8x
Leveling up your character is also increased 
Weight is 5x, Health and Stam are 2.5x and 5x respectively, Melee is 2.5x
Dino Taming - 10x

breeding and maturation are 6x

The server also has offline raid protection to protect your base while you're not there.

This server has a stable foundation of players and we're looking to gain a few more consistent players. 

The rates are set and won't change so don't ask. If you have great ideas of changing the server and wanting to be an admin then this server isn't for you. If you join the server play and have fun. 


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