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Fanfiction: The ARK


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Chapter 1: Rules and regulations


A/N so, first fan-fic from ARK and all that, criticism and suggestions appreciated... Anyway! The main feature of this story will be that this particular story will progress via you, the community!


In greater detail by what I mean, you will write a profile for your character in the comments. Then, I will include them in the story and these people will populate this Island. The deadline for the suggestions will end on the 10th of January.


P.S I do not know whether each chapter will have its own forum or if I’ll post it all in the same thread.


Anyway! Please use THIS LAYOUT ONLY PLEASE. Copy and paste the layout into your comment and fill it out.




Tamed Dinosaurs:



Tribe: (the official tribe for The Good team is ‘The Leadership Alliance’. The Bad team is ‘Chaotic Nature’.)

Tribe Position:


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9 minutes ago, I Want MY Burd said:

Name: Finch

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Tamed Dinosaurs: Pteranodon, Troodon, Baryonyx

Appearance: Tall, medium build, dark hair, green eyes. Wears whatever armor a situation calls for, always dyed forest green, and a Rex skull helmet.

Level: 57

Tribe: The Leadership Alliance

Tribe Position: Tamer, Hunter/Gatherer

Burd! Loved your fanfic. You'll figure out if Finch was accepted on the 10th

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19 minutes ago, Kirito said:

Name: Samson



Age: 37



Gender: Male



Tamed Dinosaurs: The Carnotaurus "Behemoth"(he is not adept at crafting, he got a tribemate to do it so that explains how he got it's saddle. :P ) as his main  terrestrial warmount and is equipped with a light chain-mail mesh with thicker plates along the back, thighs and on the head, The Plesiosaur "Leviathan" as his naval-base and is peculiar in how it is leveled in stamina and speed which tends to catch enemies off-guard, and "God's Word" the Pegomsatax which is his companion that, like him, is ugly and he feels sympathy for it and he greatly values it's companionship. They are inseparable and he would even rebel to protect it.



Appearance: He is very solidly built, weighting around 180lbs and the majority being his thick bones and prestigious muscles. He is very tall, measuring around 6'5". He has oddly grayed hair for someone his age, has a 3 0 clock shave and is bald. His nose is broken and has plenty of scars around his mouth, which only a handful of his tribemembers know the cause as he has had many of them killed off to avoid the knowledge spreading, as it could be exploited to challenge his position in the tribe. He adorns a robe that is both combat-viable and is useful in his peculiar religious practices, that is a dense polymer plating covered by an ornate, sleeveless hooded robe. He wears cloth gauntlets as a reminder to his early days.



Level: 76, but his stats are all geared towards combat viability, having high Weight to be able to grab and toss smaller creatures or enemy survivors, high melee to use his double-ended Pike that is covered in a scroll from which his religious beliefs are anchored to (his melee and weight are high enough to use it one-handed, so much so that it looks like a toy, with the other he balances or grabs enemies. He also has vast stamina and superb HP, to outlast enemies in the longest of battles. The only things he really crafts himself are the beverages he makes; thanks to the seeds collected by his God’s Word, he makes alcoholic beverages for special occasions or whenever he needs to persuade a tribe member into agreeing. He named his brew Holy Spirit. He also has a Brew that he uses in interrogation; Devil's Speech that causes the affected to fear everything and be easily manipulated.



Tribe: He is one of the original members of ‘Chaotic Nature’, and has been in the tribe for a vast amount of time. His views are often different to those of his tribe due to his “beliefs” in a single almighty god. But these were caused by him having a strange condition, where he remembers detailed elements of his past existence (The Real World) unlike others who just remember things like “gravity”, “basic survival skills” or terms like “mammal, reptile or dinosaur”. He remembers far more, including about his life as he was a leader in a criminal organization, but back then he did not believe in god but after he awoke on the beach he became a believer.



Tribe Position: Left-Hand man to the Chieftan. Far above the cut of normal generals, the main reason for him being the left hand and not the right is because of his religious beliefs sometimes clouding his judgement. Other then that, his prestige in war, planning and tactics and raising bonds with creatures(He only does little taming himself but is an expert on how to train creatures and gain their trust, and even passively tamed his Behemoth due to properly bonding with it!) would make him far-above the right-hand.

Wow this was a detailed one 0_0 it looks interesting, a religious man on an island that he shouldn't believe in due to the religion... Cool idea non-the-less though, you will also figure out on the 10th if it's accepted.

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1 minute ago, Kirito said:

Love Pokémon as a franchise, though a few days back my OR randomly corrupted... *sigh* There goes a full PC of competitive 'mons lol. I am actually surprised I did not loose my poop...

I never went into EV/IV breeding, it seemed too hard for such little results (especially when your 3ds hasn't connected to your internet since 2012)

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Name: Cronus (nickname cro)

age: 23

Gender: Male

Tamed dinos; 2 icthys  (male named Ampora and one female named Echo), 1 angler named Eldritch, and 1 frog named pudge

Appearance: pale skin. 6'4 extremely thin ( 140 lbs),Shoulder length black hair, goatee, freckles. looks like a layed back stoner ( likes to drink/eat narcotics). very kind hearted.

Level: 26

Tribe:  The Leadership Alliance

Tribe position: Aquatic scout/ aquatic gatherer/cementing paste harvester ( scouts ocean, rivers, underwater caves, along beaches. Gathers silica pears and oil and fish meat. gets cementing paste with pudge)

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Just noticed something... never wrote my character xD

Name: Eoin (I really hope someone understands how you say that name...)

Age: 25 (I'm going for that young "should he really be in-charge of the tribe?" leader vibe)

Gender: Male

Tamed Dinosaurs: Poseidon, an aquamarine Mosasaurus, Sh*tlord the rainbow coloured Dung-Beetle. And Fluffy the Brown and beige Woolly Rhinoceros.

Appearance: Baby Blue eyes, Grey hair, average build all-around if a bit on the short side at 5"7. Never let his age get to him and has managed to stay one of the fittest.

Level: 75% to 90

Tribe: The Leadership Alliance

Tribe Position: Leader




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3 hours ago, Kirito said:

Name: "Saron"

Age: 48

Gender: Male

Tamed Dinosaurs: "Mumakil" the Wooly Mammoth (which has very little in the way of fur compared to others, and is also extremely massive (Slightly taller then a Giga!), his main battle mount as is equipped with a howdah, from which his higher-ranked subordinates can fire from), "Manwe" the Argentavis( which is also freakishly large, and has auburn and orange plumage, seems almost "serene", that is before it kills you...) and "Nazgul" the Troodon( which is well armored with a "supposed" fragment of the obelisk, most presume it is some sort of Obsidian and Polymer combine), it is larger at around the size of a Raptor and is there for his speedier terrestrial mount, and due to it's paralytic venom is far more deadly. It often requires tribe-member sacrifices to keep under control...)

Appearance: He is very muscular and tall, standing at 6'09". He is very thin, and he is so pale he comes off as resembling a frozen corpse yet his hair is pitch black as his eyes are of a brown so deep that light cannot hope to escape, he wears armor that is "supposedly" a fragment of the obelisk, and is incredibly durable. He constantly takes antivenoms and high-powered antibiotics to avoid any would-be assassination.

Level: 90, yet he takes into inspiration his memories from the old life that he has; he was a huge fan of LotR, and aptly named himself "Saron" and all his pets after his fandom.

Tribe: He is one of the founders of ‘Chaotic Nature’

Tribe Position: Leader



*will fill in more when I get back from highschool*

I don't want to disappoint you 3 days later so I might say this now...


the 'obelisk armour' will almost 100% be a mix of obsidian,polymer, iron, flak and chitin (so basically impossible to break without arthropleura venom)

And could you please tone down the sizes?

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8 hours ago, Kirito said:

Hey it is your fanfict. You can decide how you'll interpret any of these characters will play out in your story should you include them. All this post is is people suggesting characters for your story, you theoretically could modify them in any which way-shape or form. :D


Either way, if you are referring to Mumakil; I just thought that a giant Wooly Mammoth with less fur would be more intimidating then a dinosaur, as well as allowing him to name it "Mumakil" (those giant Elephants in LotR).


The troodon Nazgul is because I just find that a)Utrahraptors in Ark are lame, b) A smarter and truly evil pet was in order, c) he needed a fast terrestrial mount, not just a platform saddle'd one and a argentavis yet there was none that really fit the bill, so a giant troodon was my option. It would not be as powerful as a Utahraptor nor as massive, it would just be a speedy mount but that is also smart and venomous (which the toxin is rather useless against animals as it paralyzes humans but only depletes stamina in animals)


As for Mawe, maybe "freakishly" large is a stretch; more of a large-end Argentavis but certainly not near a quetzal in scale lol. Just.. think around 15-20% larger then normal, which is a raptorton for a bird but would not be preposterous in Ark's setting.


Either way, was going to edit more (as I was rushed because I had limited time before the bus)

So the argent is basically the size an alpha argent would be?

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If character's are still being accepted I would love to see my character added into the story.

Name: Darrow (Pronounced Dare + Arrow)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Tamed Dinosaurs: "Mustang", a perfect tame Megaloceros. He can shoot fire arrows from his mastercraft bow, sitting from the saddle. The megaloceros was given to him by his older brother who is the leader of The Leadership Alliance. He also has an Archaeopteryx and a Terror Bird named "Phobos" and "Deimos" (Fear and Terror in Greek mythology) respectively.

Appearance: 5'10". Ice blue eyes. Bleached white hair. He isn't ripped but isn't skinny either. He has very good eyesight and hearing. Exceptionally well with a bow.

Level: ??? Somehow seems to know every engram and recipe though.

Tribe: Nuetral. He was originally a member of the Leadership Alliance but he left after a disagreement with his older brother.

Tribe Position: Used to be the younger brother of the tribe leader. He know is a nomad, roaming the world of ark without getting involved in any of the wars.


Other Information: He is in love with Jade(the_british_kiwi's character). 

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Name: John

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Tamed Dinosaurs: A green Pteranodon with black stripes and white wings named Krynn, Krynn has been bred for speed and stamina and is an extremely fast way to travel.

Appearance: Average height, Buzz cut, stocky build. bright green eyes and a warm smile. John is a witty and quick thinking guy that likes to go fast. A bit of an adrenaline junky, John loves flying and wants to make his skill useful to his tribe. His best friend and companion, Krynn is extremely loyal. Overall, John just wants to help his tribe and patrols the island for threats. Alphas, enemy tribe members, and gigas don't escape his watchful gaze. Reporting quickly and accurately is important for him. He wears cloth armor and carries a long rifle with tranquilizing darts for delaying threats to his tribe. In the tribe john is known for his incredible knowledge of Arks landscape.

Level: 79

Tribe: The Leadership Alliance

Tribe Position: Messenger, scout, guide

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