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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
TheGokuTurtle TheGokuTurtle 12/12/2016 did a trade for mantis eggs for dire wolves. went great. ishi ishi
madfretter madfretter 12/12/2016 Became a regular trader, always easy trades and fast responses MalevolentGame MalevolentGame
KillingChaos7 KillingChaos7 12/12/2016 Multiple successful and smooth trades MalevolentGame MalevolentGame
ViperSniper1755 ViperSniper1755 12/12/2016 did 2 trades with him and both went off with out any issues. highly recommended, willing to trade with him in the future. ishi ishi
aorticarch aorticarch 12/12/2016 Fast and polite Crowbar Crowbar
HOSS602 HOSS602 12/12/2016 Fast and easy trade. Crowbar Crowbar
GP GP 12/12/2016 Traded a Wyvern for some eggs. He showed up on time and everything worked out great. Recommend! Chris Chris
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