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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Jrogers811 Jrogers811 12/13/2016 Great Trade. Good player, willing to come to my server also to trade. All went good . Will want to trade in the future. Razen Razen
Unknownt Unknownt 12/13/2016 Sold some fur blueprints for a forge and some vaults since ingots can't be traded. Nice deal and very nice trader! CriticalDjin CriticalDjin
BigRed1227 BigRed1227 12/13/2016 Very nice trader! Had an awesome deal on a few pikes, rifles and picks, even more than I asked for! Thumbs up! CriticalDjin CriticalDjin
sal sal 12/13/2016 Great trader, done multiple transactions with him as both buyer/seller Jutty Jutty
ishi ishi 12/13/2016 Was a great trade, will definitely trade again with him Amy Amy
KazukiMar KazukiMar 12/13/2016 He added my husband to sell us 3 100% imprinted wyverns. (high level!) We've been trading ever since. Made a good friend! Happy to do business with you. moonspace moonspace
b0ender b0ender 12/13/2016 Fast smooth tradeing with this trader. 2 fertilezed mosschop eggs dad lvl 187 (after tame) mom 1 level 205 after tame mom 2 level 98 after tame vs. lvl 111 (after tame) golem and 35 galli eggs/20 allo eggs for a lightning wyvern 73% level 105 Looking forward on making more deals! Thanks for trading with edgeroad moonspace moonspace
supersven1234 supersven1234 12/13/2016 nice and fair trades, looking forward to new deals b0ender b0ender
Solarscorch Solarscorch 12/13/2016 very nice and patient guy, no problems at all safe and secure, trade went well and all was good!! LanceC4 LanceC4
Crowbar Crowbar 12/13/2016 Excellent trader! Came to me was quick and easy trade! s7unn3r s7unn3r
s7unn3r s7unn3r 12/13/2016 fast and easy Crowbar Crowbar
KazukiMar KazukiMar 12/13/2016 Everything went smooth, they even secured the green obelisk for me to transfer the Metal Ingots ;) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
ishi ishi 12/13/2016 Great guy did 2 trades with him was patient when I needed an extra day DoomedTruly DoomedTruly
DoomedTruly DoomedTruly 12/13/2016 have a nice deal ldemiurg ldemiurg
Diabolos Diabolos 12/13/2016 hella nice guy super fast trade i went first i trust him 100% have done 10 + deals with him. Solarscorch Solarscorch
KillingChaos7 KillingChaos7 12/13/2016 fair and quick trade madfretter madfretter
MalevolentGame MalevolentGame 12/13/2016 Smooth trade, items as described madfretter madfretter
ishi ishi 12/13/2016 Quick to reply. Delivered exactly as stated. Will trade with them again any day! ViperSniper1755 ViperSniper1755
supersven1234 supersven1234 12/13/2016 Decent prices, trading according to your schedule, all's good :) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
moonspace moonspace 12/13/2016 Decent prices, trading according to your schedule, all's good :) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
Jutty Jutty 12/13/2016 Nice Guy, dont multiple trades with him already sal sal
Noiz Noiz 12/13/2016 Smooth trade. Friendly guy. 3mptylord 3mptylord
MalevolentGame MalevolentGame 12/13/2016 Went great, very smooth. GreeneSkater GreeneSkater
BlindMole BlindMole 12/13/2016 Super fast trade, egg for egg. Hoping to hatch out some amazing triplets! haha. GL with your wyvern. Scotty8319 Scotty8319
Scotty8319 Scotty8319 12/13/2016 Thx for fast and safe trade. Gl :) BlindMole BlindMole
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