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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Duke Duke 12/16/2016 Went to his server and traded a giga for turrets and it went smooth. i recommend Duke to anyone looking to trade xKINGxWOLFEx xKINGxWOLFEx
xKINGxWOLFEx xKINGxWOLFEx 12/16/2016 Very smooth transaction and timely delivery. My experience is that he is a trustworthy trader. Duke Duke
Morf Morf 12/16/2016 Super easy and honest, no bad vibe nonsense to deal with at all! Vinhasa Vinhasa
Vinhasa Vinhasa 12/15/2016 Very friendly guy, traded a bred dino with him, poped the dino and he gave me the items. Looking forward to trade more with him. Peace ! Morf Morf
ldemiurg ldemiurg 12/15/2016 Very easy to trade with and hope to trade again in the future! The price negotiation was very good and always got back to me quickly even though I was slow to respond due to being busy. Dinosaurass Dinosaurass
Billay Billay 12/15/2016 Really nice guy, honest, fair and trustworthy trader. I will do more trade with him soon again and after it would probably trade with him again if appears a new chance. Thirel Thirel
Thirel Thirel 12/15/2016 Very friendly, trustworthy trader, i will be trading with him again when i get the chance. Billay Billay
SteveIrwin SteveIrwin 12/15/2016 Very quick and easy to trade with. From the moment I got the message to when the transaction was complete it took less than 15 minutes. HughMungus HughMungus
Presator Presator 12/15/2016 Fast , gave me a neutral server with a secured obi to trade from daxter336 daxter336
liteonmu liteonmu 12/15/2016 Really fast trade on a secured obi, friendly guy daxter336 daxter336
daxter336 daxter336 12/15/2016 Have done a big trade and everything perfect, really nice guy and with very interesting stuff! liteonmu liteonmu
daxter336 daxter336 12/15/2016 Awesome seller Presator Presator
Volution Volution 12/15/2016 Very trusting trader. He took good care of me. Tonylong619 Tonylong619
Billay Billay 12/15/2016 very nice guy who gave me free rod as a bonus, would trade again 10/10 b0ender b0ender
b0ender b0ender 12/15/2016 :) i was quite happy with the trade, Fast, trustworthy. Billay Billay
Razen Razen 12/15/2016 Fast And Secure Buyer/Trader, already done transactions involving up to 20K metal ingots. SpCowboy SpCowboy
HughMungus HughMungus 12/15/2016 Sold some Dilo eggs for some turrets rounds. Flawless transaction, would sell to/ buy from again! SteveIrwin SteveIrwin
Dinosaurass Dinosaurass 12/15/2016 honnest seller. do a good deal ldemiurg ldemiurg
Cronikz Cronikz 12/15/2016 Trade went good,smooth.will trade agiain,good deal on both ends Sirlullaby Sirlullaby
Sirlullaby Sirlullaby 12/15/2016 Traded a few Tames with this Guy deffo be trading with him again in the future Cronikz Cronikz
Sleiva Sleiva 12/15/2016 Traded my golems for his quetzal eggs and skins. Fast and easy trade. Volution Volution
Volution Volution 12/15/2016 Bought from seller tamed golem 150 lvl with kibbles, i first dropped items then they unclaimed golem, Awesome seller and trusty recommend for all. Sleiva Sleiva
Imprimis Imprimis 12/15/2016 He attempted to rip me off by trying to leave with the egg ArchGrizzlyOp ArchGrizzlyOp
ishi ishi 12/15/2016 Quick and easy, items were as advertised Firenutz99 Firenutz99
UAFS13 UAFS13 12/15/2016 Quick and easy, good guy to do business with Firenutz99 Firenutz99
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