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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
k3v1n k3v1n 12/16/2016 Helpful polite TheTastyGoat TheTastyGoat
ViperSniper1755 ViperSniper1755 12/16/2016 Good positive attitude, easy trade. Would trade with again. birdndocean birdndocean
birdndocean birdndocean 12/16/2016 Very patient very friendly TheTastyGoat TheTastyGoat
Nekit Nekit 12/16/2016 Trustworthy trader and nice guy, hope we can trade other times! Thirel Thirel
KoolyNoody KoolyNoody 12/16/2016 One of the best seller on this forum :) highly recommended ! ExGiga ExGiga
HulkJesus HulkJesus 12/16/2016 Super patient! I dashboarded and he waited until I recovered my quetz and body. Would gladly help out any time! BigRed1227 BigRed1227
Ark4l1fe Ark4l1fe 12/16/2016 excellent TRADER, smooth transaction mronemanmob mronemanmob
stoine stoine 12/16/2016 Love doing business with this guy! Always easy s7unn3r s7unn3r
stoine stoine 12/16/2016 Friendly , will recommend to others s7unn3r s7unn3r
SteveIrwin SteveIrwin 12/16/2016 Crikey this guy was great to deal with. The only person I liked better was his tribe owner but all in all Steve was very friendly and gave me what was promised and more. 10/10 Jr Jr
TheTastyGoat TheTastyGoat 12/16/2016 Good trade very friendly birdndocean birdndocean
Kimmy2133 Kimmy2133 12/16/2016 Took me a minute since I have a low level Quetz and can't transfer ingots anymore but she was patient and got me a GIGA!! Thank you!10/10 KodakSuzii KodakSuzii
KodakSuzii KodakSuzii 12/16/2016 Friendly, patient and even threw in an extra 200 ings! Would trade again any day! Kimmy2133 Kimmy2133
Thamin Thamin 12/16/2016 Very patient buyer!! Even helped me collect fiber lol! Would trade again in a heart beat! Kimmy2133 Kimmy2133
HulkJesus HulkJesus 12/16/2016 Died a million times but we found humor in it! Great friendly tribe! Would gladly make another trade in the future :) Kimmy2133 Kimmy2133
Manding0 Manding0 12/16/2016 Textbook trade, quickly got me to safety on his server and let me browse his bird collection to choose parents for my eggs. 10/10 transaction Vogtmanbro Vogtmanbro
Kimmy2133 Kimmy2133 12/16/2016 Well it was a tough start. Couldn't find each other. Then the currency wouldn't transfer, but we worked it out okay and everything went swell. She was very patient! Would definitely trade with her again! HulkJesus HulkJesus
Tonylong619 Tonylong619 12/16/2016 Sold him a 150kibble tamed golem for rex fert eggs. Was promised to be given eggs until i got the desired stats. Deal was fast and easy. Volution Volution
Rixsta Rixsta 12/16/2016 Smooth Transaction, Cool Guy, Great Service Smart86 Smart86
BigRed1227 BigRed1227 12/16/2016 He went above and beyond what I asked for! Super chill guy. Had and incredible base too!! Don't be hesitant to trade with him! HulkJesus HulkJesus
Smart86 Smart86 12/16/2016 Cool and nice guy to trade with, hoping to do again with him. Rixsta Rixsta
InfiniteMean020 InfiniteMean020 12/16/2016 traded a rex for cp and turrets and it went smooth. they came to my server and we made the deal. no problem what so ever. i highly recommend xKINGxWOLFEx xKINGxWOLFEx
Jutty Jutty 12/16/2016 Secure trade at an obi, fast no problems at all daxter336 daxter336
Duke Duke 12/16/2016 Went to his server and traded a giga for turrets and it went smooth. i recommend Duke to anyone looking to trade xKINGxWOLFEx xKINGxWOLFEx
xKINGxWOLFEx xKINGxWOLFEx 12/16/2016 Very smooth transaction and timely delivery. My experience is that he is a trustworthy trader. Duke Duke
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