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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Solarscorch Solarscorch 12/13/16 Trade went smooth :D Reccomend this trader DeltaFrostUSA DeltaFrostUSA
Psychotic Psychotic 12/13/16 We found out ingots cant be transferred anymore but still made a deal very trustworthy KodakSuzii KodakSuzii
KodakSuzii KodakSuzii 12/13/16 Awesome transaction Psychotic Psychotic
Morf Morf 12/13/16 super nice guy done a ton of trades Solarscorch Solarscorch
liteonmu liteonmu 12/13/16 super nice guy very trustworthy ive done like 10 deals with amazing guy Solarscorch Solarscorch
Solarscorch Solarscorch 12/13/16 Really cool guy and fast and safe trader liteonmu liteonmu
Jutty Jutty 12/13/16 have done one big trade and everything perfect liteonmu liteonmu
jt21 jt21 12/13/16 no issue with trade. Received item as expected. FunnyPoop FunnyPoop
Morf Morf 12/13/16 Great buyer/seller, I've done many trades with him, stand up guy! Jutty Jutty
Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard 12/13/16 AWESOME trader. Extremely friendly, patient, and outgoing. He will walk you through step by step in trades. He is probably the easiest person to work with on this forum. Can't say enough about him. Jrogers811 Jrogers811
Razen Razen 12/13/16 Great player and trader. Very friendly and accommodating. Have done trades involving 5 dinos at a single time. He comes highly recommended. Jrogers811 Jrogers811
Soulberry Soulberry 12/13/16 Great guy and a great trader! I would trade with him again Thirel Thirel
KazukiMar KazukiMar 12/13/16 Great Seller. Nice and friendly player...Willing to come my server for trades. Allready made alot of trades with him. Razen Razen
CriticalDjin CriticalDjin 12/13/16 Excellent seller will do business again in a heartbeat! BigRed1227 BigRed1227
Jrogers811 Jrogers811 12/13/16 Great Trade. Good player, willing to come to my server also to trade. All went good . Will want to trade in the future. Razen Razen
Unknownt Unknownt 12/13/16 Sold some fur blueprints for a forge and some vaults since ingots can't be traded. Nice deal and very nice trader! CriticalDjin CriticalDjin
BigRed1227 BigRed1227 12/13/16 Very nice trader! Had an awesome deal on a few pikes, rifles and picks, even more than I asked for! Thumbs up! CriticalDjin CriticalDjin
sal sal 12/13/16 Great trader, done multiple transactions with him as both buyer/seller Jutty Jutty
ishi ishi 12/13/16 Was a great trade, will definitely trade again with him Amy Amy
KazukiMar KazukiMar 12/13/16 He added my husband to sell us 3 100% imprinted wyverns. (high level!) We've been trading ever since. Made a good friend! Happy to do business with you. moonspace moonspace
b0ender b0ender 12/13/16 Fast smooth tradeing with this trader. 2 fertilezed mosschop eggs dad lvl 187 (after tame) mom 1 level 205 after tame mom 2 level 98 after tame vs. lvl 111 (after tame) golem and 35 galli eggs/20 allo eggs for a lightning wyvern 73% level 105 Looking forward on making more deals! Thanks for trading with edgeroad moonspace moonspace
supersven1234 supersven1234 12/13/16 nice and fair trades, looking forward to new deals b0ender b0ender
Solarscorch Solarscorch 12/13/16 very nice and patient guy, no problems at all safe and secure, trade went well and all was good!! LanceC4 LanceC4
Crowbar Crowbar 12/13/16 Excellent trader! Came to me was quick and easy trade! s7unn3r s7unn3r
s7unn3r s7unn3r 12/13/16 fast and easy Crowbar Crowbar