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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Jrogers811 Jrogers811 01/07/17 Once again another quick and smooth trade. Highly recommend. Razen Razen
Mira Mira 01/07/17 Good guy, helped with trading dino stats and sent me info on how to join a new alliance over 400 members! Crazy right? Personofstuff Personofstuff
HOSS602 HOSS602 01/07/17 Awesome fert egg, hatched as promised, very very recomended davidcostarica davidcostarica
Desilent Desilent 01/07/17 Trader was really kind during the transaction and is really fair in pricing. Had a smooth trade and would defo trade again. seelion seelion
Razen Razen 01/07/17 Multiple dino trade on his server. Razen came through like always, by far my favorite person to deal with for any cross server trading. Can't recommend highly enough. Jrogers811 Jrogers811
Razen Razen 01/07/17 Great trade for multiple wyverns. Honest and easy going seller, I highly recommend. Jrogers811 Jrogers811
CurtBurt CurtBurt 01/07/17 Would highly recommend CurtBurt to trade with. Stand up Gent. anirishknight anirishknight
Azure Azure 01/07/17 Azure is an awesome trader. Been working with him on multiple trades now, never a hiccup and we are in constant communication. Delivers his end as promised. Couldn't ask for a better trader to work with, I will be continuing to trade with him. Jutty Jutty
CurtBurt CurtBurt 01/07/17 Quick and easy trade. Will happily trade again! TheEliteHitman TheEliteHitman
Jutty Jutty 01/07/17 Nothing but positive comments about Jutty. He is a fantastic trader and will try to work with you under all circumstances. I have done multiple trades with him and hope to keep trading with him in the future as he is an excellent person. Azure Azure
Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard 01/07/17 Trustworthy, fast and with great communication. Was a pleasure trading with him and would do again. Chaudgobay Chaudgobay
Desilent Desilent 01/07/17 Fast and Polite Guy SpCowboy SpCowboy
ZippedS0larius ZippedS0larius 01/07/17 Solid trader here. Really nice animals. madfretter madfretter
Desilent Desilent 01/07/17 Bought from him 3 pteranodon very cool color, fast trade and no scammer! Recommend that guy! Will trade more with him. Sleiva Sleiva
Chaudgobay Chaudgobay 01/07/17 Very smooth trade, seller was very accommodating (making sure boxes were ready with PIN at a few meters only from the obelisk) with the goods ready and waiting inside them. Excellent trade :D Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
rplanters4 rplanters4 01/07/17 a businessman with class indeed :D Oliverio Oliverio
PlatinumCore16 PlatinumCore16 01/07/17 Smooth trade, and went quick with no interruptions. Will definitely do business again. KittyB KittyB
KittyB KittyB 01/07/17 Fair price, followed through with the trade and even held on to the goods for me for a few days. PlatinumCore16 PlatinumCore16
Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard 01/07/17 Had a very smooth and enjoyable exchange, would trade again in a heartbeat. Seller was very quick to respond to PM messages despite the large gap between time zones and was very accommodating; as well as generous. AAA+++ DaSlipperyMinx DaSlipperyMinx
DaSlipperyMinx DaSlipperyMinx 01/07/17 Very communicative and nice person to talk to, trade went smooth. Very understanding that we were not available at the same hours of the day, but we worked something out in the end. Very honest trader, put my items first in the trading box and got the required goods in return. Hope to trade again soon in the future :) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
Oliverio Oliverio 01/07/17 Great trade, no issues, very trustworthy. Look forward to doing business again! rplanters4 rplanters4
CurtBurt CurtBurt 01/07/17 Was fast and friendly will do business with again De1lici0us De1lici0us
HOSS602 HOSS602 01/07/17 Easy to work with. Would use again. Jaaxpatriot Jaaxpatriot
Jutty Jutty 01/07/17 Was extremely friendly and more than helpful. Went above and beyond what the deal we worked was. Fantastic trader, will be working with him again in the future. Cors Cors
BigRed1227 BigRed1227 01/07/17 nice guys would trade more in the future ZippedS0larius ZippedS0larius