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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Rixsta Rixsta 03/19/17 Excellent trader. Highly recommended. Traded polymer for asc pike bp. bongoband bongoband
PapaBeard PapaBeard 03/19/17 Thanks a lot, perfect in anyway.. hope to see you again wolfbastion wolfbastion
Reaveroni Reaveroni 03/19/17 Thanks, its a good trade. hope to se you again wolfbastion wolfbastion
wolfbastion wolfbastion 03/19/17 Great trade, coloured adult for coloured adult, smooth all round, will collect on tape. PapaBeard PapaBeard
JovanMaxis JovanMaxis 03/19/17 It was a pleasure to trade with Jovan. Easy trade, i've got a really good Thyla from him. Hope to trade with him again :) Schelmixi Schelmixi
Fishinghawk Fishinghawk 03/19/17 Easy, smoothe. Great. Thanks. Tristian Tristian
Schelmixi Schelmixi 03/19/17 Schelmixi was incredibly responsive both via PM and Steam, making setting up the trade fast and easy! The hardest part was fighting the lag on my home server to drop off the goods. Friendly and efficient, I will definitely be coming back. JovanMaxis JovanMaxis
Skorpion89 Skorpion89 03/19/17 Perfect in anyway.. thanks a lot wolfbastion wolfbastion
Skorpion89 Skorpion89 03/19/17 Very friendly and fair trader Schreihase Schreihase
FrazerSan FrazerSan 03/19/17 Great trade! Quick, easy, and very trustworthy:) RedneckWolf RedneckWolf
invincibleqc invincibleqc 03/19/17 Again a really smooth trade. Its a pleasure to trade with Cible :) Schelmixi Schelmixi
Schelmixi Schelmixi 03/19/17 Always a pleasure, thanks again! invincibleqc invincibleqc
wolfbastion wolfbastion 03/19/17 Fast and easy trade, nice contact, would trade again Skorpion89 Skorpion89
Freddyy Freddyy 03/19/17 Fast, friendly and very accommodating trader, a pleasure doing business :D Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
Hatsan Hatsan 03/19/17 Fast and easy trade, very friendly communication, helpful to reach the ob. Would trade again Skorpion89 Skorpion89
Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard 03/19/17 easy and fast trade with a trustworthy guy =) Freddyy Freddyy
Bolty Bolty 03/19/17 Great trader really fast and will trade again for sure. Railgun Railgun
Desilent Desilent 03/19/17 Despite me being haft asleep all the time he still waited for me great trade will have many trades to come :) Railgun Railgun
Railgun Railgun 03/19/17 Good guy.. good friend.. half asleep all the time :P great rex breeder.. and was true to his work and both ended happy after the trade Desilent Desilent
Railgun Railgun 03/19/17 Nice And Fast Trader, will do more trades with him for sure. Bolty Bolty
Railgun Railgun 03/19/17 this trader is amazing he's fast reliable and sticks to his word will continue to trade with him over and over Drakkenn1707 Drakkenn1707
SPROg7781 SPROg7781 03/19/17 I think you do... DKxPr0 DKxPr0
SPROg7781 SPROg7781 03/19/17 Remember me... DKxPr0 DKxPr0
KarmaTess KarmaTess 03/19/17 Very good trade, very reasonable and got exactly what I traded for :D SmokuBroku SmokuBroku
Dazed Dazed 03/19/17 Great trade, easy to talk to and very patient :). I am very satisfied with this trade ThePerished1 ThePerished1