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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.
Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Skorpion89 Skorpion89 02/06/17 Smooth trade, very friendly and accommodating. Already in the process of trading again, so definitely recommending ;) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard 02/06/17 Very nice and friendly ark player. The trading process was fast and without problems. Anytime again :-) Skorpion89 Skorpion89
CrackIsWhack CrackIsWhack 02/06/17 Perfect trade!! Samooka Samooka
CriticalDjin CriticalDjin 02/06/17 awesome stuff for awesome price kriszup kriszup
sagajin sagajin 02/06/17 Promised therizin eggs from 150 tame parents with 350%+ melee, the parents' levels on the eggs weren't even that of a 150 kibble tamed parents. The eggs hatched lvl 189, 190, and 200 and melee was low. seelion seelion
Samooka Samooka 02/06/17 Very nice trader ! Keeps his word ! Will do further bussiness with him ! CrackIsWhack CrackIsWhack
theupgrade theupgrade 02/06/17 Very good communication, trade went smoothly. Thanks! FeelingLotus FeelingLotus
oscwolf oscwolf 02/06/17 Fast and smooth trade, highly recommended Ferdinand Ferdinand
Rakusa Rakusa 02/06/17 Fast and easy trade. Would trade again. Jenso Jenso
aorticarch aorticarch 02/06/17 Trade went very smooth. Thanks! Jenso Jenso
Jenso Jenso 02/06/17 trade was smooth and easy, thanks for the trade aorticarch aorticarch
Maurizio_x3 Maurizio_x3 02/06/17 Great trader would trade again. HOSS602 HOSS602
Pacofou Pacofou 02/05/17 Trustworthy trader :) and he even replaced my egg after my baby had despawned. Would definitely trade again ImThatAshhole ImThatAshhole
Jrogers811 Jrogers811 02/05/17 Trade went well again. Came to my server to make the deal. Good trader Razen Razen
Razen Razen 02/05/17 Great trade as always. Fast without any problems. Best trader on the forums hands down. Jrogers811 Jrogers811
Nekit Nekit 02/05/17 Great trader. Came to my server and traded without issue. Will trade again anytime! Jrogers811 Jrogers811
ImThatAshhole ImThatAshhole 02/05/17 Great transaction and no problems, very trustworthy. Pacofou Pacofou
Jrogers811 Jrogers811 02/05/17 Goodvtrader Nekit Nekit
wolfis wolfis 02/05/17 Very awesome person, cant thank her enough for being fast and funny at the same time lol, trade went fast and smooth Bisquik Bisquik
Bisquik Bisquik 02/05/17 traded again, trade went quick and smooth, very nice person to trade with :D wolfis wolfis
Grunthammer03 Grunthammer03 02/05/17 I trade with this person on 232 often. We have an ongoing trade relationship. He often brokers trades for me, as well as I for him. I back him up 100%. thomasw87 thomasw87
Crowbar Crowbar 02/05/17 fast and simple :) THEHIPPIEPROJECT THEHIPPIEPROJECT
Banemorth Banemorth 02/05/17 Trade was smooth and safe, trusted trader. Ferdinand Ferdinand
THEHIPPIEPROJECT THEHIPPIEPROJECT 02/05/17 awesome trader :) Crowbar Crowbar
ThunderxCatsx4X20 ThunderxCatsx4X20 02/05/17 Sold us 3 Wyvs. He waited patiently for ings to be delivered. He unclaimed all 3 Wyvs before we gave him anything. Great trade. BeaverTitan1 BeaverTitan1