Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Desilent Desilent 01/15/17 Traded 2 wyverns for 2 pteranodon eggs, took a while to work out a deal but we got there in the end. Thanks! Snowwy Snowwy
HogTits HogTits 01/15/17 Great guy! Honest as , he didnt have center downloaded but sent his friend ,can trust him if he sends his mate to do deal , actual real deal!!! s7unn3r s7unn3r
StoneyDiagram2008 StoneyDiagram2008 01/15/17 Great trade. Looking forward to trade again Velasquez966 Velasquez966
Razen Razen 01/15/17 Another great trade. A very fair and friendly buyer. I had to delay the trade several times and he was nothing but patient and accomodating. Very trustworthy and a very friendly guy, as always highly recommended. Jrogers811 Jrogers811
Jrogers811 Jrogers811 01/15/17 Another nice trade where both parts were happy about it. Once again came to my server. Nice and trustable trader :) Razen Razen
s7unn3r s7unn3r 01/15/17 Bought 2 Pteras from s7unn3r. He was very forgiving of me when I wasn't able to make it to the trade and had to send a tribe mate in my place. His Pteras exceeded my expectations by FAR. I will certainly be doing more business with him in the near future! HogTits HogTits
CurtBurt CurtBurt 01/15/17 Bought 2 rock golems and two megas from him, is a good honest trader, even gave me food and water and kept me alive and safe till trade was completed, I'll continue to do business with him again De1lici0us De1lici0us
Phetty Phetty 01/15/17 Traded an ascendant BP for some megalo eggs, nice easy smooth trade, thanks again :) Snowwy Snowwy
Snowwy Snowwy 01/15/17 Traded him some eggs for a bp. Met up at Obi and we both dropped items on ground and had no problems with the trade at all. Phetty Phetty
StoneyDiagram2008 StoneyDiagram2008 01/15/17 Quick and good trader! Had the ingots in no time and helpes me carry them to the ob! Very satisfied and will trade again for sure! CriticalDjin CriticalDjin
CriticalDjin CriticalDjin 01/14/17 Great trader. Fast trader. Will def do business again. Thank you! StoneyDiagram2008 StoneyDiagram2008
c4m3roni c4m3roni 01/14/17 Trade Went quick and smooth, Will trade again. JohnnyCage JohnnyCage
Velasquez966 Velasquez966 01/14/17 Great and Fast trader!! Would def trade with again. Thank you!! StoneyDiagram2008 StoneyDiagram2008
Velasquez966 Velasquez966 01/14/17 Trade went smoothly will do business Fullfusionzero Fullfusionzero
oScottieHo oScottieHo 01/14/17 Comfortable fair trade no rush on time and not slow very fair price Ezgcarriedyou Ezgcarriedyou
birdndocean birdndocean 01/14/17 Great Trader! Will def trade again. Picked me up and took me to red ob to finish trade. Thank you!! StoneyDiagram2008 StoneyDiagram2008
daxter336 daxter336 01/14/17 Traded with him, quick and safe ExGiga ExGiga
JohnnyCage JohnnyCage 01/14/17 Everything went smooth. c4m3roni c4m3roni
NFxTuRbOx NFxTuRbOx 01/14/17 Smooth trade fair deal,no problems generalswift generalswift
ta66744 ta66744 01/14/17 Trade Went smoothly, no problems at all. JohnnyCage JohnnyCage
NFxTuRbOx NFxTuRbOx 01/14/17 Good fast trade, no problems birdndocean birdndocean
Desilent Desilent 01/14/17 fantastic trader, waited for me to come to his server, he gave me the stuff we agreed and a little present, would trade with him again when i have the chance :D wolfis wolfis
Duncan Duncan 01/14/17 Very nice trade, friendly guy. Trade was quick and easy with no trouble! Jerky Jerky
Jerky Jerky 01/14/17 Quick and easy Duncan Duncan
JohnnyCage JohnnyCage 01/14/17 Very trustable and Fair deal ta66744 ta66744