Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Monoxide Monoxide 01/10/17 Another great deal with monoxide :), very trustworthy. Pacofou Pacofou
KillingChaos7 KillingChaos7 01/10/17 Great transaction and no problems, very trustworthy. Pacofou Pacofou
L04D1N9 L04D1N9 01/10/17 he responded quickly and we agreed on what we were trading prettyquick would definitely trade again Klingema Klingema
anirishknight anirishknight 01/10/17 Very friendly will deal with again. Monoxide Monoxide
Monoxide Monoxide 01/10/17 Great trader. Building a relationship with him to trade in more in the future. anirishknight anirishknight
Crowbar Crowbar 01/10/17 Traded with Crowbar and had no issues. Got to see his mutations in person and they are amazing. Hope to deal with him again in the future! Highly recommended trader and breeder. Scotty8319 Scotty8319
Scotty8319 Scotty8319 01/10/17 Great Breeder and trader :) awesome mutation. Crowbar Crowbar
Smart86 Smart86 01/10/17 Gave exactly what he said and is perfectly trustworthy. Superficial Superficial
BenSolo BenSolo 01/10/17 Quick easy and reliable Duncan Duncan
Duncan Duncan 01/10/17 Very friendly and delivered on the trade BenSolo BenSolo
Tan1010 Tan1010 01/10/17 Really good trader :) fast and fair ludiglup ludiglup
dirtydancer316 dirtydancer316 01/10/17 Fair and honest trader here. madfretter madfretter
ishi ishi 01/10/17 Honest and quick trader! Trustworthy and will definitely trade with again. Contingency Contingency
NFxTuRbOx NFxTuRbOx 01/10/17 Great trader! Fast and fair. Definitely will keep trading with them from this point going forward. Nice to find another honest person! Contingency Contingency
Loui Loui 01/10/17 Smooth and fast. Awesome person to deal with. Will deal again in the future. Savage399 Savage399
Savage399 Savage399 01/10/17 Good trader, very polite, got it done safe and sound. Definitely recommend Loui Loui
TheEliteHitman TheEliteHitman 01/10/17 Great trade, would definitely trade again jayden5021 jayden5021
jayden5021 jayden5021 01/10/17 Quick, easy and straight forward. Will definitely trade again. TheEliteHitman TheEliteHitman
DaLord DaLord 01/10/17 trade went smoothly and well. CHAOS06660 CHAOS06660
Alicran Alicran 01/10/17 Fast and Risk Free Smart86 Smart86
StoneyDiagram2008 StoneyDiagram2008 01/10/17 2nd trade, and as like the first time, it was quick and effortless! Highly recommend this trader! BigRed1227 BigRed1227
CurtBurt CurtBurt 01/10/17 This is the 2nd trade I do with him, super fast and simple, def recommend :P Emanuel1721 Emanuel1721
Desilent Desilent 01/10/17 Great guy, took awhile with neg on a deal but we got it sorted, and worked out nice for the both of us!!!!!! s7unn3r s7unn3r
Eymonlan Eymonlan 01/10/17 Good guy :) Deal was fast and witchout problems :) Much love from 9Promils Tribe KobalT KobalT
KobalT KobalT 01/10/17 Easy to communicate with and friendly. Fast trade! Eymonlan Eymonlan