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ARK: Digital Collector's Edition

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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Ananons Ananons 03/08/17 great trader, friendly and nice person ^^ +rep PiottaKR PiottaKR
Freddyy Freddyy 03/08/17 Very fast trader... did 3 trades with him and wont be the last :) Desilent Desilent
Maurizio_x3 Maurizio_x3 03/08/17 Quick and fast.. will trade again soon :) Desilent Desilent
GwanN GwanN 03/08/17 Kind hearted and a good trader.. won't be the last trade :) Desilent Desilent
Joe10x Joe10x 03/08/17 Sold quick + Easy Awtobot Awtobot
Desilent Desilent 03/08/17 Traded some of Dinos for his , all went well. Recommend this trader. GwanN GwanN
Jaymei Jaymei 03/08/17 He picked me up, gave me a server tour and a ride to the obelisk. Professional guy and I'd trade with him again. Harrist14 Harrist14
Harrist14 Harrist14 03/08/17 Quick efficient trade. Came to my server eggs in ob - trade complete. Would trade again. Jaymei Jaymei
JimLahey JimLahey 03/08/17 Trade successfull. No bs. dirtydancer316 dirtydancer316
dirtydancer316 dirtydancer316 03/08/17 Fast trade, reliable and would trade again ! JimLahey JimLahey
Desilent Desilent 03/08/17 Excelent seller ***** Maurizio_x3 Maurizio_x3
Desilent Desilent 03/08/17 trade 3x with this guy now and was always good =) Freddyy Freddyy
image image 03/07/17 thug life H4MMR H4MMR
Trollz Trollz 03/07/17 trade went fine 10/10 cool dude BeastMaster BeastMaster
BeastMaster BeastMaster 03/07/17 Nice trader. It was a really fast trade, Recommend it ! Trollz Trollz
DrunkenMponkey DrunkenMponkey 03/07/17 Nice and friendly trader. Hope to make more future trades with. Thanks mate Razen Razen
Razen Razen 03/07/17 Nice fast trader, very generous Thanks bro DrunkenMponkey DrunkenMponkey
Conrad1122 Conrad1122 03/07/17 Good boy! Good trade! 100% safe :) SurvivalOfTheTrader SurvivalOfTheTrader
BeastMaster BeastMaster 03/07/17 Very respectful,patient and trustworthy. Would be very happy to trade again. rexgutierrez rexgutierrez
rexgutierrez rexgutierrez 03/07/17 no problems with trade good guy will trade again BeastMaster BeastMaster
SurvivalOfTheTrader SurvivalOfTheTrader 03/07/17 Really good and fast trade Conrad1122 Conrad1122
FlameWinder FlameWinder 03/07/17 Great Guy! Was ready to roll the moment he messaged me! ^.^ We came to an agreement quickly and transaction went smoothly. He even came back to my server later so I could give him the second part of our deal. Will most certainly trade with again. HogTits HogTits
Super Fab Super Fab 03/07/17 Fast and smooth trader. Very friendly and i like to chat with him! Hopefully i'll trade with him again. FlameWinder FlameWinder
FlameWinder FlameWinder 03/07/17 Fastest transaction I've ever had and really friendly guy. 100% recommend, zero issues at all, trade negotiations were even very fast! A++ Super Fab Super Fab
Nudelkocher Nudelkocher 03/07/17 Great buyer, fast, and would do it again tolle79 tolle79