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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
amonie2015 amonie2015 02/10/19 Quick and easy trade, thanks ! Leeleilol Leeleilol
chyarr chyarr 02/10/19 Nice guys. I will trade with him again :) Bellemira Bellemira
Bellemira Bellemira 02/10/19 Friendly trader! Quick and smooth trade. Will definitely trade again! chyarr chyarr
Stovokor Stovokor 02/10/19 He made vault on my server in front of my base brought everything over so it was ready at the moment id log on, deleted vault afterwards. Pogchamp. Beliar Beliar
Beliar Beliar 02/10/19 This is the guy to get your giga clone from, quick and easy to deal with, and the best price on the boards. Stovokor Stovokor
Fieromyr Fieromyr 02/10/19 Fast and friendly, everything went smooth chyarr chyarr
Fieromyr Fieromyr 02/10/19 easy and smooth trade WoOziE WoOziE
Beliar Beliar 02/10/19 Smooth transaction and seller. Would buy from him again! Myxomatic Myxomatic
Myxomatic Myxomatic 02/10/19 Pleasant trading experience Beliar Beliar
Myxomatic Myxomatic 02/09/19 Polite trader, trustworthy ^^ BottledBurps BottledBurps
Alysson Alysson 02/09/19 Friendly trader! Quick and smooth trade. Will definitely trade again! RNLD10 RNLD10
RNLD10 RNLD10 02/09/19 Excellent trader, super fast and careful, highly recommended :) will trade again! Alysson Alysson
Catwire Catwire 02/09/19 Very nice and friendly person. Trade went down very smooth and quick. Cant wait to trade again in the future :) 50ShadesOfRed 50ShadesOfRed
WoOziE WoOziE 02/09/19 friendly trader and smooth trade master33431 master33431
master33431 master33431 02/09/19 friendly, nice and easy trade WoOziE WoOziE
DelvinRift DelvinRift 02/09/19 Fast and friendly, everything went smooth, thanks again! Lya Lya
Lya Lya 02/09/19 fast trade, transmiter at base, frendly trader. what else for pleasure trade xD DelvinRift DelvinRift
bedbug bedbug 02/09/19 Had some issues to resolve but he is very accomodating and patient person, great person to trade with. Beliar Beliar
Beliar Beliar 02/09/19 Great person. Went out of his way to solve problems i had on my end. Very positive experience. bedbug bedbug
Jaydageezer Jaydageezer 02/09/19 Friendly trader with a lot of patience! Hope to trade again in the future. RNLD10 RNLD10
blueskies7204 blueskies7204 02/09/19 Great seller, fast and easy trade tamarick tamarick
Beliar Beliar 02/09/19 Very friendly and polite person. Helpful and fair trader. Thanks! Matilda Matilda
Matilda Matilda 02/09/19 Friendly person, very fair trading. Beliar Beliar
epickarn epickarn 02/08/19 Very friendly and fast trader! Would highly recommend :D MeowMaggs MeowMaggs
MeowMaggs MeowMaggs 02/08/19 Super fast and smooth trade. 11 out of 10 epickarn epickarn