Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Morf Morf 09/14/17 Fast and easy. Did hapened litle bit problem with transfer romanaka3 romanaka3
Celessii Celessii 09/14/17 Good trade, great value, As she said, only issue was the upload timers making it all difficult, but We made it work! chadwelltarly chadwelltarly
chadwelltarly chadwelltarly 09/14/17 Good trade - only difficulty was the damn new upload timer, but user was happy to both visit each others servers to speed it along Celessii Celessii
Pon Pon 09/14/17 very helpful and friendly, purchased 3 giga eggs and he helped move us around the map and gave us a tour of his base definitely will trade again Izzyd Izzyd
Pon Pon 09/14/17 Fast, smooth and easy trade. Highly recommended! Erna Erna
Erna Erna 09/14/17 Good trade Pon Pon
Archer5188 Archer5188 09/13/17 Good buyer gcalberto gcalberto
gcalberto gcalberto 09/13/17 Good trader Archer5188 Archer5188
Eww1c Eww1c 09/13/17 just don't like him TrueThugThaStreets TrueThugThaStreets
jjt jjt 09/11/17 Good trader, sold them 3 wyverns. Would recommend. Sly808 Sly808
maze maze 09/11/17 Very easy trade, would recommend. Even threw in an extra Fert egg for me. Sly808 Sly808
Hidden47 Hidden47 09/10/17 Good, reliable buyer gcalberto gcalberto
gcalberto gcalberto 09/10/17 Reliable trader with good contact Hidden47 Hidden47
gcalberto gcalberto 09/09/17 Reliable and friendly trader :) Weiss Weiss
Archer5188 Archer5188 09/09/17 Good , uncomplicated and fast trade gcalberto gcalberto
skuIlman skuIlman 09/09/17 Fair and cool trader whymaybe whymaybe
whymaybe whymaybe 09/09/17 Fast & Easy :D skuIlman skuIlman
gcalberto gcalberto 09/08/17 Ingots fell through the ground right in front of us, he still sold the items for less. Good guy. Archer5188 Archer5188
Archer5188 Archer5188 09/08/17 Smooth and trustworthy. Thanks again! invincibleqc invincibleqc
Archer5188 Archer5188 09/08/17 Good, smooth trade gcalberto gcalberto
invincibleqc invincibleqc 09/08/17 Very quick, very smooth. Recommended! Archer5188 Archer5188
gcalberto gcalberto 09/08/17 Good trade, zero problems. Archer5188 Archer5188
NickLyah NickLyah 09/07/17 Went to him to buy "15k 550%" Rex eggs. Got them, trade went fine. Proceeded to hatch them and the egg stats were far lower than promised. Messaged him about it multiple times, just to be left on read with no response. Be careful when you buy from him. skuIlman skuIlman
TheStrip TheStrip 09/06/17 nice and smooth trade ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ M4RIO M4RIO
M4RIO M4RIO 09/06/17 Reliable trader. TheStrip TheStrip