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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
YellowJacket YellowJacket 07/14/18 Great guy, smooth and easy trade! :) Hakush Hakush
phantom55 phantom55 07/14/18 Fast smooth trade, super nice guy too. 10/10 Arielzhou Arielzhou
Sideswipe Sideswipe 07/14/18 friendly and fast trade, would buy there again Neotron Neotron
Super Fab Super Fab 07/14/18 friendly buyer with good communications! highly recommend, would def trade again Paddlor Paddlor
Paddlor Paddlor 07/14/18 Friendly, negotiated a decent price right away, fast trade, even helped me get to obelisk! Would recommend doing business with! :) Super Fab Super Fab
thomz thomz 07/14/18 Super quick and smooth trade, will trade again! SinWeaver SinWeaver
SinWeaver SinWeaver 07/14/18 nice trade, good one thomz thomz
Demerus Demerus 07/14/18 Great trader easy and reliable, always again. Braveheart7 Braveheart7
Neotron Neotron 07/14/18 Lovely to work with. Sideswipe Sideswipe
alexio86 alexio86 07/14/18 Really nice trader maywestcol98 maywestcol98
Ambush7 Ambush7 07/13/18 Really nice trader. Fast trade. Recommended. Hito Hito
alexio86 alexio86 07/13/18 Nice trader, I recommend Hidden47 Hidden47
Hakush Hakush 07/13/18 Easy and fast trade, flawless transaction, nice person. YellowJacket YellowJacket
vassiliOFP85 vassiliOFP85 07/13/18 Fast trade and nice timing ;) Teo96 Teo96
Teo96 Teo96 07/12/18 Nice trader, quick, would buy again +++ vassiliOFP85 vassiliOFP85
Arielzhou Arielzhou 07/12/18 He waited while obelisk took forever to take ingots out, was a very nice, easy going person to trade with. Strongly recommend! Super Fab Super Fab
Super Fab Super Fab 07/12/18 Easy smooth trade. 10/10 recommended Arielzhou Arielzhou
Violet Violet 07/12/18 Fastest trade ever, top buyer, so nice & interesting to talk with ! Wil trade again ++++ vassiliOFP85 vassiliOFP85
vassiliOFP85 vassiliOFP85 07/12/18 Super friendly person and very pleasant to trade, ty again for the lovely thylas! :) Violet Violet
Gruesome Gruesome 07/12/18 quick and friendly buyer :) can highly recommend him! a++ Paddlor Paddlor
Paddlor Paddlor 07/12/18 Fast sale, good price, definitely will be buying from again. Gruesome Gruesome
Hidden47 Hidden47 07/11/18 Smooth and easy trade. Friendly guy! ++ Hakush Hakush
Hakush Hakush 07/11/18 Very fast and easy transaction, friendly trader, I recommend ! Hidden47 Hidden47
Braveheart7 Braveheart7 07/11/18 awesome guy, fast and amazing trade :) Dag Dag
Dag Dag 07/11/18 Super trader, easy and helpful Braveheart7 Braveheart7