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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
phantom55 phantom55 01/13/18 Nice friendly trader. Would definitely trade again! gcalberto gcalberto
gcalberto gcalberto 01/13/18 thanks for trade :) phantom55 phantom55
Pesadelo Pesadelo 01/13/18 Smooth transaction, great communication and very patient during the breeding process. Would recommend and looking forward to trading again. Thanks! Demerus Demerus
rexgutierrez rexgutierrez 01/13/18 Awesome trader, smooth transaction. Very happy and highly recommend. tjsweepers tjsweepers
alexio86 alexio86 01/13/18 Bought Alpha Dragon that went very smooth, you can see the recording here: https://youtu.be/IBJyuYLn3tM. I've also bought a Giga egg since the 2x breeding event and I've not only received the egg but it was preincubated, a great extra mile from the seller. Would trade again, A+++ WhiteCrow WhiteCrow
Babii4eva Babii4eva 01/13/18 Great player, easy trading- would trade again vtallbloke vtallbloke
tjsweepers tjsweepers 01/13/18 Very nice and easy Trade A+++ rexgutierrez rexgutierrez
Demerus Demerus 01/13/18 Very helpful. Bought 2 rex eggs. Would be happy to buy from again. Gruesome Gruesome
Gruesome Gruesome 01/13/18 Smooth transaction, great communication. Would trade with again in future. Thanks! Demerus Demerus
theyoite theyoite 01/13/18 Nice and friendly trader...came to pick me up . Even had right for a tour. Will trade again for sure Razen Razen
Razen Razen 01/13/18 awesome guy to make trades with, patient and true to his word, sorry about making you wait a little theyoite theyoite
Cheels Cheels 01/12/18 Speedy and effortless deal- Would def trade with again, Thanks Cheels (still feeling the love for the fro) vtallbloke vtallbloke
vtallbloke vtallbloke 01/12/18 Friendly player with clear communication! Smooth and quick - would recommend to anyone :D Cheels Cheels
MikeRO MikeRO 01/12/18 Nice people, timely delivery. Paroxyde Paroxyde
Bambulaaa Bambulaaa 01/12/18 good positive player would trust him in any trade guppy guppy
guppy guppy 01/12/18 bought 3 wyvern also got discount :P thanks for the wyverns Bambulaaa Bambulaaa
ulgi81 ulgi81 01/12/18 Sold them two tuso . everything was alright :) Bambulaaa Bambulaaa
skyewolfe skyewolfe 01/12/18 Smooth deal. thanks great buyer!!! alexio86 alexio86
Flaminguo Flaminguo 01/11/18 newer a bad trade like him very much guppy guppy
guppy guppy 01/11/18 fast and easy trade like always, trusted player :) 10/10 Flaminguo Flaminguo
Cheels Cheels 01/11/18 Good trade, reasonable price :) Guy19761 Guy19761
Guy19761 Guy19761 01/11/18 Traded together. Friendly player with clear communication! Look forward to trading again Cheels Cheels
davidcostarica davidcostarica 01/11/18 Correct trade, anytime again. Thanks! rexgutierrez rexgutierrez
rexgutierrez rexgutierrez 01/11/18 great trader, ty for the tarde sir davidcostarica davidcostarica
Fatbear Fatbear 01/11/18 very good trader, tyvm davidcostarica davidcostarica