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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
pr0D3uc3 pr0D3uc3 04/07/2019 Nice guy fast and smooth trade would trade with again 100% ItzMoe1998 ItzMoe1998
ItzMoe1998 ItzMoe1998 04/07/2019 Good guy pr0D3uc3 pr0D3uc3
Miszu Miszu 04/06/2019 Miszu follows through, even with some delay. Trading was easy. GrumpyBear GrumpyBear
JSacra JSacra 04/06/2019 Pleasure to trade with, quick n easy. d3vious d3vious
d3vious d3vious 04/06/2019 Fast and friendly service. Thanks! JSacra JSacra
antse12345 antse12345 04/06/2019 Good trade. Fast and responsive. Delivered what I expected. Doodles Doodles
Valandil165 Valandil165 04/06/2019 Valandil165 showed up quick and ready to trade. No problems, lucked out we did this before Thanos showed up and snapped his fingers. GrumpyBear GrumpyBear
Celestest Celestest 04/05/2019 Not the first time I've traded, did 3 trades and have rated him once already but I cannon recommend this trader enough. Full vouch. Beliar Beliar
Beliar Beliar 04/05/2019 Traded for 1000 element in Tek value, fast, reliable, best trader i've met. Celestest Celestest
zepp95 zepp95 04/05/2019 Very friendly and pleasant trader, looking forward for trades in the future. Violet Violet
Violet Violet 04/05/2019 Fantastic and painless trade. Great communication and very friendly.Would love to do more trades with in the future! Can’t wait to blend these colors in! zepp95 zepp95
Addict Addict 04/04/2019 Nice guy fast ez and smooth transaction and very understanding would 100% trade with again ItzMoe1998 ItzMoe1998
ItzMoe1998 ItzMoe1998 04/04/2019 Cool guy, everything was perfected ! will def trade again Addict Addict
Loadercat1 Loadercat1 04/03/2019 Easy trading, No problems, quick response even from NA to EU. Everytime again! Zodiak Zodiak
Zodiak Zodiak 04/03/2019 Super friendly, Great to work with! look forward to trading again sometime in the future! Loadercat1 Loadercat1
Addict Addict 04/03/2019 Thanks for the quick and convenient deal. I recommend to everyone Rainex37 Rainex37
Dag Dag 04/03/2019 Fast and easy trade :) would reccomend dennis12 dennis12
Menzor Menzor 04/02/2019 Fast and easy trade with a friendly guy. Looking forward to trade again in the future! Violet Violet
Violet Violet 04/02/2019 Couldn't ask for a better trade. Efficient, delivered the goods as expected. Has a nice setup for trading. Will trade again, for sure. Menzor Menzor
Doodles Doodles 04/02/2019 Swift response and faster payment. Will definitely deal with again Lazland Lazland
Geneweave Geneweave 04/02/2019 Great trader! Looking forward to future trades! Thank you so much! nola667 nola667
Violet Violet 04/02/2019 Very fair and easy person to get along with i loved buying from the shop and would highly recommend to anyone else MageOfExodus MageOfExodus
MageOfExodus MageOfExodus 04/02/2019 Very friendly and pleasant trader, looking forward to trade again. Violet Violet
Lazland Lazland 04/02/2019 Fast smooth transaction, quality goods. Will trade with again. Doodles Doodles
Squirrelman Squirrelman 04/02/2019 fantastic trader! great communication and very friendly. enjoy your karkino! zepp95 zepp95
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