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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
tulikurat tulikurat 04/16/2019 Smooth easy trade i love the new shinehorn ClownFish ClownFish
F3n3K F3n3K 04/16/2019 Thank you again, nice and fast trade ;) Violet Violet
Violet Violet 04/16/2019 And again a very good trade, great communication, very friendly !! Hope to see you again ;) F3n3K F3n3K
TheDucko TheDucko 04/15/2019 Transaction went smooth Beliar Beliar
Beliar Beliar 04/15/2019 Good trade TheDucko TheDucko
Beliar Beliar 04/15/2019 Bought from this person and was very patient and kind. Would love to deal with this person in the future. Great Seller. Othala Othala
Othala Othala 04/15/2019 Paid extra for taking longer good transaction. Beliar Beliar
aFFao aFFao 04/15/2019 aFFao is a good buyer, patient and follows up. DIdnt' just say hey yea i want that - breed me some, then disappear. GrumpyBear GrumpyBear
SunnyKim SunnyKim 04/14/2019 Very fast and smooth trade. Would definitely recommend! zepp95 zepp95
raro raro 04/14/2019 Very fast and easy process. The trader was very nice as well definitely recommend! zepp95 zepp95
Violet Violet 04/13/2019 Great Seller, i recommand this player, hope to do again buisiness. Cya F3n3K F3n3K
ItzMoe1998 ItzMoe1998 04/12/2019 great guy moe all went smooth and fast would def recomand him to everyone . hes one of the best respect bro NeDeX NeDeX
dennis12 dennis12 04/12/2019 Very fast service. Appreciate the response. JSacra JSacra
AZ16brz AZ16brz 04/12/2019 Good and nice. Got the eggs Xiumilicious Xiumilicious
whymaybe whymaybe 04/11/2019 Quick trade, nice guy, would trade again ;) Celestest Celestest
Jrogers811 Jrogers811 04/11/2019 Lost 106 tek ceilings in obi waiting on this guy for days with no reply, after we agreed to the deal. Complete waste of time. JSacra JSacra
whymaybe whymaybe 04/11/2019 Nice guy and fast deal done would do with again 100% ItzMoe1998 ItzMoe1998
BrunoFENIX BrunoFENIX 04/09/2019 Buyer was quick on carrying out the transaction, and he put up w/ me not being able to fly him around or use the transmitter myself. GrumpyBear GrumpyBear
dennis12 dennis12 04/07/2019 Very pleasant guy and a fast trader, looking forward to trade again. Violet Violet
dennis12 dennis12 04/07/2019 Super nice guy and friendly would trade with again 100% ItzMoe1998 ItzMoe1998
ItzMoe1998 ItzMoe1998 04/07/2019 Fast and nice trade:) Pendaluxs Pendaluxs
Pendaluxs Pendaluxs 04/07/2019 Fast and nice guy trade went smooth and as planned would do with again 100% ItzMoe1998 ItzMoe1998
antse12345 antse12345 04/07/2019 Nice and fast Rogero Rogero
pr0D3uc3 pr0D3uc3 04/07/2019 thank you. altoo altoo
pr0D3uc3 pr0D3uc3 04/07/2019 Nice guy fast and smooth trade would trade with again 100% ItzMoe1998 ItzMoe1998
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