Receiver Date Comment Sender  
FluffyDinoPartey FluffyDinoPartey 09/26/17 awesome dude easy buyer to deal with 10 stars lol akumaspkplayer akumaspkplayer
Almightybrad1985 Almightybrad1985 09/26/17 Fast & Easy. Nice to trade with x) JuanDi JuanDi
JuanDi JuanDi 09/26/17 Fast and easy transaction. Would trade with again Almightybrad1985 Almightybrad1985
Legondz Legondz 09/26/17 Traded a Wyvern. Everything went smooht. Nice Contact. Dreads Dreads
akumaspkplayer akumaspkplayer 09/26/17 Solid trade, trustworthy person, A+ Skullivan Skullivan
Skullivan Skullivan 09/25/17 Very easy to work with, quick and painless. ruffy0313 ruffy0313
Skullivan Skullivan 09/25/17 Fast and smooth. Took like 2min. Almightybrad1985 Almightybrad1985
Morimoto Morimoto 09/25/17 bought a wyvern off this guy and all i can say is WOW. wish all players were as nice and helpful. Hands down best trade i have ever made Cderr12 Cderr12
Almightybrad1985 Almightybrad1985 09/25/17 Quick and Smooth, No BS. A+ Skullivan Skullivan
ruffy0313 ruffy0313 09/25/17 Excellent Trade, went very well, looking forward to more Skullivan Skullivan
Skrub Skrub 09/25/17 Good trade, wyv for eggs. would trade again Celessii Celessii
akumaspkplayer akumaspkplayer 09/25/17 would trade again 10/10 FluffyDinoPartey FluffyDinoPartey
mrdarkevil mrdarkevil 09/23/17 fast and easy trade. BCMFTaCtIcZZ BCMFTaCtIcZZ
BCMFTaCtIcZZ BCMFTaCtIcZZ 09/23/17 Super Fast Buyer. The Best!!!! mrdarkevil mrdarkevil
mrdarkevil mrdarkevil 09/23/17 Good trader:) TheDucko TheDucko
TheDucko TheDucko 09/23/17 very good buyer fast fast fast. mrdarkevil mrdarkevil
AlmightyGamerYT AlmightyGamerYT 09/23/17 Smooth trade, nice person to trade with especially since it is the second time. Will surely trade again with him. stijn stijn
Lya Lya 09/22/17 Thanks for the trade and the nice photo:P Bambulaaa Bambulaaa
Bambulaaa Bambulaaa 09/22/17 Very friendly and fast, great communication, trade went smooth, thank you again! :) Lya Lya
BenniARK BenniARK 09/22/17 Friendly trader TheDucko TheDucko
TheDucko TheDucko 09/22/17 Fast and Fair Buisness with Ingot trading explanation :) BenniARK BenniARK
Erna Erna 09/22/17 Very friendly, uncomplicated and trustworthy buyer. Would definitely trade again gcalberto gcalberto
gcalberto gcalberto 09/22/17 Fast, smooth easy trade, everytime again :) Erna Erna
Draven713 Draven713 09/22/17 A very nice guy, offered to stay at his base until the timer ran off to transfer :) A very good first impression, thank you for the trade. Violet Violet
Violet Violet 09/22/17 Awesome person thanks for the trade! Draven713 Draven713