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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
MeowMaggs MeowMaggs 09/25/18 easy fast trade Krisnda Krisnda
chyarr chyarr 09/25/18 Extremly smooth trade! very nice guy! ProjectVi ProjectVi
ProjectVi ProjectVi 09/25/18 Great trader very nice and fast chyarr chyarr
CruelJustice CruelJustice 09/25/18 Easy and fast trade! Very friendly as well :D MeowMaggs MeowMaggs
MeowMaggs MeowMaggs 09/25/18 Easy trade, sorry about the trap! CruelJustice CruelJustice
alexio86 alexio86 09/25/18 Very good Seller! All time Again! 100% Trust! Mantico Mantico
Bellasaurus Bellasaurus 09/24/18 Faster Trader AlmightyGamerYT AlmightyGamerYT
BertNoobians BertNoobians 09/24/18 Great trader, fair prices, fast and easy, always again Braveheart7 Braveheart7
Dondark Dondark 09/24/18 Great trader, easy transaction and trade . CruelJustice CruelJustice
Braveheart7 Braveheart7 09/24/18 fast trade, smooth transaction, hope to see you again BertNoobians BertNoobians
MotherOfRaptors MotherOfRaptors 09/24/18 Fastes and most easy trade i ever have had +++++++++++++ will trade again for sure.. thx again Overlake Overlake
Overlake Overlake 09/24/18 Very polite and nice trader, everything went smooth and easy! Recommend! MotherOfRaptors MotherOfRaptors
hermanoark hermanoark 09/24/18 Great customer, hope we trade again! Akane Akane
Akane Akane 09/24/18 the best seller, fast . thy hermanoark hermanoark
Foxiefyre Foxiefyre 09/24/18 Best Seller arround, so helfull and smooth transaction, will buy again for sure Beleren Beleren
felipe3232 felipe3232 09/24/18 communicates well, quick pickup and fast transfers, would love to do business again. Reinsnitz Reinsnitz
MeowMaggs MeowMaggs 09/23/18 very good trader Bellasaurus Bellasaurus
AlmightyGamerYT AlmightyGamerYT 09/23/18 fast and easy trade Bellasaurus Bellasaurus
Foxiefyre Foxiefyre 09/23/18 One of the best traders outhere!!! 3rd trade with her and as always very nice ProjectVi ProjectVi
ProjectVi ProjectVi 09/23/18 Another super smooth trade! Enjoy trading with you and look forward to more! :D Foxiefyre Foxiefyre
Beleren Beleren 09/23/18 Super smooth trade! Look forward to doing more trades with you! :D Foxiefyre Foxiefyre
Cassie Cassie 09/23/18 Another smooth trade! xoxoxoxo Foxiefyre Foxiefyre
YellowJacket YellowJacket 09/23/18 Very friendly. Fast and easy trade, would trade again! MeowMaggs MeowMaggs
MeowMaggs MeowMaggs 09/23/18 Fast and easy trade, pickup from spawn and flawless transaction. YellowJacket YellowJacket
Bellemira Bellemira 09/23/18 Good Trader AlmightyGamerYT AlmightyGamerYT