Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Matilda Matilda 11/20/17 Great trader easy to work with would trade with again :D Aluu Aluu
CrazyBear123 CrazyBear123 11/20/17 Great trader woudl trade with again :D Aluu Aluu
Matilda Matilda 11/20/17 great trader easy to deal with :D will do so again ausYenLoWang ausYenLoWang
Nikay Nikay 11/20/17 Fast and easy trade! Kind person to trade with! :P JuanDi JuanDi
JuanDi JuanDi 11/19/17 Bought a yellow argie mutation was quick and easy great trader. Nikay Nikay
Amaya3 Amaya3 11/19/17 Fast and smooth trade without any issues. YellowJacket YellowJacket
Br1cked Br1cked 11/19/17 Smooth and perfect trade! Awesome guy to trade with :P JuanDi JuanDi
JuanDi JuanDi 11/19/17 Kind and patient trader. Very fast! Br1cked Br1cked
Exothermic Exothermic 11/19/17 Smooth transaction, great communication. The deal had some unforeseen complications but Exo did everything in his power to make it right and went above and beyond anyone I have ever traded with. Absolutely solid trader and I highly recommend. Looking forward to future trades. Thanks again! Demerus Demerus
Morimoto Morimoto 11/19/17 Great trader! Made it very easy for me when I hopped over to their server. Great communication and very kind person. Would definitely trade with again in the future. Matilda Matilda
Matilda Matilda 11/19/17 Nice person, easy and fast trade. I recommend. Thank you Morimoto Morimoto
MasterFakka MasterFakka 11/19/17 Fast and smooth trade, very friendly guy and one of my best trusted person in the Ark recommended to anyone Rixsta Rixsta
bronxxx bronxxx 11/19/17 nice and smooth trade CrazyBear123 CrazyBear123
CrazyBear123 CrazyBear123 11/19/17 Very kind and successfull trading, thx! bronxxx bronxxx
EXCAIBAR EXCAIBAR 11/19/17 Fast and good Rashan Rashan
Morimoto Morimoto 11/19/17 Very nice trader picked me up and fed and watered me - even gave sleeping bags for future trade spawns. Thank you GoodOmenz GoodOmenz
Rashan Rashan 11/19/17 Fast and perfect... very kind person ^^ EXCAIBAR EXCAIBAR
JuanDi JuanDi 11/19/17 Thanks for the trade, i recommand for everyone to buy from him. Fast trade nice person. Rashan Rashan
Rashan Rashan 11/19/17 Patient trader! Smooth and perfect trade! Will do again :P JuanDi JuanDi
YellowJacket YellowJacket 11/19/17 Awesome trader. Trade was fast and smooth. Thank you so much! Amaya3 Amaya3
Tavi Tavi 11/19/17 Awesome trade! Patient person. Will trade again with him. JuanDi JuanDi
Amaya3 Amaya3 11/19/17 Nice and smooth trade. Very patient. Was worth the wait. :-) Wanny759 Wanny759
Wanny759 Wanny759 11/19/17 Fast and smooth trade ^^ really patient person. Thank you so much Amaya3 Amaya3
JuanDi JuanDi 11/19/17 great trade and ppl, happy to trade again. Tavi Tavi
bigfishrob bigfishrob 11/19/17 Very honest guy. I recommend 100% rexgutierrez rexgutierrez