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  2. I'd LOVE it if it told you something outside of Genesis as well. I wish the Jerboas warned you of (any) weather on other maps - even though it's not near as bad on other maps like it is on SE. I also wish that shinepets would have 1 more "warning" color above/below "max level dinos". Sometimes I'm looking for the 140 or 145 (because of that damn 150 curse). lol
  3. Ced left this thread to die, exactly like his mod, don't expect anything, and use other mods supported and made by people that actually care about this game. That's the closest way you will get to a primitive point of game-play. WC is busy making the next DLC to suck more from the milking cows they dare to call "our players". SHAME !
  4. Fractured Green Gems Will Fractured Green Gems (from Gacha crystals) EVER be made to work as the were intended? Red and Blue Crystalized Sap works just fine in place of red and blue gems - but fractured green gems have never worked in replacing the place of regular Green Gems. I've not tried it for a long time as it's irritated me to no end - so if it has been fixed - please let me know! We have a wonderful gacha that produces crystals as well as red/blue/fractured-green gems types. And though the use of regular green gems is relatively limited - it'd still be nice if the fractured green gems were usable as they were intended. And since we can't "display" things on table tops - can't even use them as paperweights.
  5. hey, We are interested (i was playing before crossark with 3 mates but we got raided and now we try the offical servers.) But we play ark from steam what is the problem can you tell me ?
  6. I play on official island and am not able to make kibble in my industrial cooker its fueled, irigated and im using this recipe: Dodo Egg Rockarrot Cooked Meat ×2 Mejoberry ×3 Fiber
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  8. @wardrum really ruined the core pvp gameplay with this pay 2 win turret. Not even pay to win really, its essential and they made it that way to make money. Big tribes only use 2 dinos to raid on mobile......quetz with rocket turret or c4 & glitched max speed tapejaras with someone on back fire rockets as they fly by. They took a huge dump on this game adding them.
  9. Brand new PvP server, Pacific NW based. I just launched a player dedicated ARK server that I intend to keep running consistently with scheduled maintenance days. Looking for new players to join up and start colonizing the Island! Due to search errors, to join, add me on Xbox and join via my profile at: DaemonEuphoriaX Add me on DaemonEuphoria to contact me about any complaints or concerns. Server Name: PNW PvP 08242019
  10. Official legacy PVE here. Killed titans on extinctions and transfered dermises to island, they work perfectly. Having troubles with manticore tho, when I kill her in ragnarok arena the body instantly vanishes, no time to make a dermis out of her.
  11. Good to see you guys around Sakura Probably You and Megan (Suchet) remember Me BraveHeart
  12. PvE 2 MAP CLUSTER ISLAND & RAGNAROK Primal Fear 15XTame+7XHarvest+20MODS In order to find server is on Unofficial channel MAP 1 : ISLAND Server Name: Bravemania Cluster PFear 15XTame+7XHarvest+20MODS Check on UnOfficial Servers! ARK SERVER IP ADDRESS: MAP 2 : RAGNAROK Server Name: Bravemania Cluster PFear 15XTame+7XHarvest+20MODS Check on UnOfficial Servers! ARK SERVER IP ADDRESS: RATES: TamingSpeedMultiplier=15X HarvestAmountMultiplier=7X CropGrowthSpeedMultiplier=15X Mating= 4X EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=25X BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=20X BAECON-SupplyCrateLootQualityMultiplier=5X 20 MODS: PF EXTINCTION EXPANSION PRIMAL FEAR (Automated Ark 2.51) AA Mod ACM Unlock Haircuts & Emotes S+ Awesome Teleporters Element bench Castles keeps and forts Ultra stacks Upgrade station XP Potion Eco wonderland AWESOME SPYGLASS Automated Ark 2.151 (AA) Dino Storage v2 New Ones EXTINCTION PRIMAL FEAR BOSS EXPANSION Wild Dino Wipe Auto Schedule Death Recovery JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER FOR BEING MEMBER & CONTACT https://discord.gg/GeeyJ4e JOIN OUR STEAM GROUP TO FOLLOW SERVER NEWS & UPDATE Note: Send Join Request we confirm daily! https://steamcommunity.com/groups/bravemaniawarriors
  13. When are we going to see some proper anti mesh defense in action from WildCard on official servers. If a community made one has already proven to be working and having no issues, then how is it that like 2months later Wild card have not released their own equivalent, it was like 2 months or more ago that Wild card said they are testing an antimesh system. It makes it look like the devs aren't very caring about this issue, either that or they are giving meshers as much extra meshing time before they put in their system. I wonder if people who mesh will stop playing when real anti mesh is a reality. I mean they won't know how to raid properly, or participate in any real PvP, what the hell are those little kiddies gonna do????
  14. I agree with unofficial servers being the best way to play the game, however from my own experience on xbox, single player is completely broken with the regularity of crashing and world save corruptions.
  15. Official SmallTribe Teaming These tribes have been teaming against our tribe for weeks since Valguero started, there's no way for us to fight we can only defend but they have so many players compared to our 6 players we can't survive much longer. I have submitted multiple tickets with a load of evidence proving they are attacking our base together on a SmallTribe server but no enforcement has been taken and we are spending every bit of time we have online just to survive because the enforcement team hasn't enforced the games rules which is extremely unfair. The last time I attempted to post a thread about my issue I was warned by a moderator for "naming and shaming", even though I did not include any players names nor shamed anyone. I included video as proof these tribes are violating the Code of Conduct in my thread to show what is happening because submitting a ticket to support has not helped my case. If my support ticket doesn't get taken seriously what else can I do to stop these tribes teaming against me? I won't include any video or screenshots incase that is why I was warned for "naming and shaming".
  16. Pongan nuevos dinos saurios carnívoros que ya los de mi server se cansaron de tamear los dinos que ay en el juego
  17. Maybe instead of saddle let you make a collar that adds some armor for them since its a tamed dog at that point pretty much... That or if left unsaddled up their base hp stam and melee stats by x% overall to offset lack of aaddle armor.
  18. Giganotosaurus imprint Bug? Official Hi there, I raised a Lot of gigas and Most of them 99%+ imprint. And when i did my last imprint to 100%, before Summer bash event, i always had around 30min up to 2h after that befor it was adult. Now after Summer bash i raised 9 gigas. 4 with 98% and 5 with 97%. The 5 gigas with 97% imprint, i always did the imprinting in time, maybe 10min over the past 14 days delay to walkings with them!! And it was impossible to get to 100% i needed 14 more Minutes in the end for another imprint, thats Just a Joke!! Get this fixed to the rates befor summerbash, 14 das care ingame is hard enough and it have to be possible to geht to 100% imprint! Official Server 492 extinction.
  19. Honestly carnos uaed to be my favorite dinos at one point in legacy days before giant dino stat nerf patch.. Now only pt in having them was for eggs but since kibble change patch now no pt in them... Def needs a tlc and almost every aspect of water needs a tlc badly like last thought on devs mind is to add more to water side of things on game...
  20. DLCs won't work So I purchased all 3 DLCs and tried to install them at my uncle's place, I don't have internet at home, and it said they installed. I got home and gired up my PS and hit Scorced Earth single player. Then a prompt came up that it hasn't been installed yet. Part of me believes I wasted my money. I can't do anything about it at the moment but I would appreciate your feedback. (Written on phone just to clear up some confusion that may have been there.)
  21. this is super annoying i hope they fix it soon
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