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  2. Looking for a PVE cluster that has not removed all the challenge from the game? Well we have the solution! We just set up a brand new 4-map cluster so come and get your favorite spot on your favorite map while the gettin' is good! Welcome to The Outfit's Ark Cluster! PVE - 3xXP 5xH 10xT Active Admin Player Rewards via TCs Auto Rewards System Eco'Decoration Mods Structures +, Platforms + and more! We are running four servers in our cluster: The Island: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Aberration: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ You can find our rules, settings and lots more info on our new site: https://theoutfit.premiumark.net/ We have a small but vibrant Discord community here: https://discord.gg/Gcpasp3 Come Join Us!
  3. Mctoozle

    What genius decided Gasbags should take fall damage

    The gasbag is amazing once you learn how to fly it! It takes some getting used to. When it lands it loses a bit of air - you can hear it get squeaked out. If you don't have that air available then you take fall damage. The main thing is to not keep pressing forward - this will make you go up and loose air. The main factor in flying these things is to manage the takeoff properly - once your gasbag starts to descend you can really only control which direction it's going in - you cannot begin to ascend again. So if you want to fly the gasbag up a fair height then you have to commit to that take off(you can keep flying up until you run out of air or stop pressing anything and begin to descend) and make sure you have enough air for the descent.
  4. Kaerio

    Solo orbital supply drop

    Thanks all
  5. ElKrafT0

    Extinction not installing. Looking for help from Devs

    there is a lot of stuff that could cause the fatal Disk Write Error, check if any of this can help you: https://www.partitionwizard.com/partitionmanager/steam-disk-write-error.html of the most common error (locked files): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RETzBzmehdE
  6. GameZones

    How did you die last?

    Alpha ape threw a boulder at me.
  7. Caerbannog

    Cryopods don't collect eggs :(

    During the fundraiser cryopod video, one of the devs had offhandedly implied that we could get eggs from our icecubed dinos. I'm not holding anything against him--he was super tired at that point, but it sounded amazing. I was very excited and was planning to icecube practically my whole base on a few tame capped servesrs. Unfortunately it seems that the cryopods don't collect eggs. Is it possible we could get that functionality? I would literally cube almost every dino if I could and so would a lot of big pve tribes. I really want to work with you guys. I know it's a lot to ask, but kibble farms can be 200-300 dinos themselves. Thanks!
  8. Does anyone know of an app (android) or service that can monitor Ark servers and notify you if one goes offline? I know there are server monitors out there, but they monitor the actual server availability, not individual game servers on one machine. Thanks
  9. MercilessTea

    What time will Extinction come out PS4

    Where at?
  10. darknesunchaind

    Xbox pve servers over crowded

    Actuly there's a lot that can do saying there's nothing keeps the negative cycle sorroy you can think trough the problem
  11. trevorjd

    bug Saddle on Gacha

    OK, I fixed my bugged gacha by putting him into a pokeball Cryopod and releasing him again. Thanks to RoyHess666 for the inspiration.
  12. Gorbi

    Drake Eggs smalltribes31

    They're bugged and you cannot see them. The only work around right now is to spawn in a whip and hit the nest with it to collect an egg.
  13. bPrance

    TEK Dodo

  14. onedudesmind

    ARK's next map

    My guess is they will be moving on to a new game. Lets hope they fix this one a bit more first, but looking at history it will probably be phoned in.... Something Shiny and new in the past has meant putting all other plans on the back burner. Primal, dino saddle attachments, SOTF, are all examples of things that just got left behind and forgotten there are plenty more. My wife and i love dark and hope it continues getting "real" support. shortly in the future i don't think it will tho.
  15. Arpad

    Ark Launch Issue

    Thank you for your answer! I tried to delete my directx folder but I can't (it says it is open in another program but nothing else is open...)
  16. RowletAlex

    What genius decided Gasbags should take fall damage

    So I decided to just cheat myself a Gasbags to figure out what you’re supposed to do with them, and they honestly handle more like a glider or hot air balloon. A summary of how I got them to work: Firstly, I pumped oxygen to 5000, so I’ve got loads. Don’t bother with pumping anything but oxygen or weight, but you might increase the health and stamina depending on your gasbag. I take off via tapping space. I hold down W for a few seconds which usually sends me with enough momentum in the direction I wanna go. I don’t fly very high, but gasbags seem to be meant to float just to get over obstacles with ease. If I start dropping too low and I don’t want to land, I hold W for a few seconds or until I’m far enough from the ground. I can’t really control where exactly I land but I don’t empty my tank unless I’m over water, because if I’m high enough I would miss my landing spot by a significant amount with my current momentum I’d take significant fall damage.(Though it does get easier to judge when to boost and how long it takes a gasbag to land as you fly) TLDR: Gasbags aren’t meant for high-altitude flight like other flyers, but rather they’ve just got a really big jump of sorts, and they need a little bit of finesse to use. I find flying them rather fun, and they make good pets if anything because they’re so cute. Plus, I recall hearing Jen say they have amongst the highest base weight stats in the game, though I’m not sure if this is true. It’s a shame they can’t maintain altitude like other flyers, but they’re breedable so someone could probably get one with insane oxygen, enough to fly for far longer and probably higher.
  17. RaiderofthelostARK

    Great job devs!

    Finally a map that is somewhat catering to smaller tribes/casual players! Ive done the hour long tames and long grind for boss fights for element. Seems like extinction is gonna be awesome! Thank you!!!!
  18. I originally posted this on steam. Dear Wildcard,I hope you see this and help me out with this. I payed roughly 22 dollars for extinction. I payed for each DLC and game individually. I have thuroughly enjoyed your DLC. Extinction however, I cannot say. I spent money on a DLC I cannot install.Please understand how frusturated I am. When you spend money on something you cannot use, it burns you. I'm trying to maintain a small amount of sell control in this message.I bought it and consitently there has been a Disk Write Error. I tried clearing space off my hard drive. I cleared 80 GB of memory from my hard drive to download a 18GB DLC. I changed my download region. I cleared my download catche. I can't determine if it's your DLC that's keeping me from playing what I payed for or Steam.In any case, Steam is failing to provide the service it needs to. I payed for this DLC the day it came out and have tried to install it nearly every day since. I don't know if you intend to release any new content in the future, but if I'm not able to play this game, you are going to lose a customer.If anyone can help me solve this problem I will be eternally greatful. If a game developer can correctly identify the issue, I would be eternally greatful. I just want to play this game that I payed money for. If I can't get this thing installed I would like to know from someone how to get a refund.Thank you,fowlhunter3
  19. GameZones

    Protecting a metal node

    Pillars don't block metal spawns thats why people build forge bases on pillars next or on the mountain.
  20. Andredearies


    Por favor . Fizeram várias camas em volta da minha tribo é não posso mais construir nada .o que eu posso fazer ?
  21. Server updated and added 2 mods. Human NPC's & Eggs incubator for automatic harvesting purpose.
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