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  2. Hi bro I’m in my 30 from uk looking for a tribe active player add me on discord Trokor#2627
  3. Super purge for next week! Join and make a name for yourself. https://discord.gg/GKZqbmE
  4. I took out Megepithecus Alpha on the island yesterday using 19 rexes 1 yuty on SP mode. 80-94 armor saddles. 20k HP 700-800 melee 20/20 melee imprints.
  5. you on microsoft or steam? 2 of us are looking for a new start. both lv 100ish, we crossplay on microsoft store eu smalltribes. were 25 years old
  6. Small Tribes for OCE !!! (PLEASE ADD) After small tribes dropped a couple years ago, I am shocked to know it has still not reached the Oceania servers... Me and many other people have been dying to play small tribes in Australia as the 300 ping is unbearable. Please let this issue be known as having small tribes in Australia is crucial and needs to be employed by the ark developers.
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  8. Ark Data Downloads So for the newer official servers, in my case since these are the ones im on servers 885, and 848 dont have data downloads on, im curious as to why since im not aware of the reason for it being off, and i just wish to know cause its bit of an annoying inconvenience, please point me in the right direction if you have answers.
  9. How to join this tribe? I'm 30 years old with a little over 3k hours. Love to pvp. I haven't joined any big tribes on official. I have played on official small tribe servers though(6man). It's hard to find tribes that will let you join. My discord is SilentCrow#0850 if interested in letting me join you.
  10. Official Server 840 a weekend ago suffered a crash. Maintenance has been done but lag persists. Pillars dot the map, increased number of players and large bases exist. Rubberbanding has gotten so bad and has not gotten better. I get about 2-5 seconds of play time before a rubberbanding hits. I live In the west coast. Several players have mentioned Wyverns fly off on their own even on passive when offline.
  11. Explorer Note: ??? #13 I recently found an odd futuristic panel on a small ruin attached to a cliff face on the island. I flew up to it because i was curious and unlocked an explorer note. It was futuristic with some holographic interface, I read a word or two from the note that appeared, but decided to close it to go use the experience boost. Now that I have time, I want to read the note, but I can't open it again and it doesn't show up in the list of explorer notes I have found. Is this a bug, is there some way for me to read the note again? Does anyone know anything about Explorer Note: ??? #13?
  12. Gachas Is anyone else hooked on taming gachas? I picked up my first yesterday and 6 more today. Also, any suggestions on taming snow owls? Currently on Xbox in a pvp official server.
  13. You need to log a ticket - the forum cannot help you.
  14. TyranntX

    ARK TLC pass 3

    ARK TLC pass 3 With the next Tender Love and Care patch (or TLC for short) SUPPOSEDLY around the corner... I'd thought I'd share my thoughts about what i want to see in the future for... well TLC. I love ARK, and I love the creatures that inhabit it. But let's face it, there are animals that you just don't tame anymore and will likely never tame again... Some of you probably never tamed them to begin with. so, here's my top 12 Creatures that I feel could use a TLC. Please keep in mind this is only my silly opinion, you may like some of these creatures just the way they are. You may think there's a creature more deserving of a TLC than any of the ones I mention. That's all good and all, but let's keep it civil, we are on Steam after all. Also i'm only going to focus on TAMABLE creatures, if you cant tame it I'm not covering it. I'll also be talking about their potential uses for BOTH PvE and PvP, part of the issue of updates these days is that when we do get exploits fixed it usually screws over one or the other (usually the former). And needles to say, every one of these creatures on this list needs a new model as well as new abilities. Let's begin... 12. Titanoboa (The Snake) The Kibble rework hit this tame harder than a brick factory in a tornado, and even before then (at least when they finally became tamable) they weren't very good at what they did. Before, you used wild snakes to gather eggs. Tamed boas COULD be used to knock out creatures but there wasn't much point given that the player has far better options in the form of cross bows and long-neck rifles. When the Kibble re-work did come around, snakes were ignored entirely. They became nothing more but another annoyance when you wen underground or into the swamp. So how can we fix this creature? Well for one, let's make it bigger. MUCH bigger, not Basilisk big... but still large enough to ride. We should also give it a skill to work off the "boa constrictor" feel of it by allowing it to coil around targets and immobilize them, draining oxygen and inducing topor. We could also make it so you could passively harvest it's venom and use it as a substitute for narcotic, which in turn could be used to make tranquilizers.Taming will remain the same, as tedious as they are to do so having all of this would make them a wee bit OP. Lastly, make them breedable... Players may not NEED to gather eggs from these things so there's no reason not to make them easier to obtain. 11. Pachycephlasaurus Ah the pachy, a decent early game tame if there ever was one. It was moderately fast, It leveled weight decently, and if you got a strong one it would keep the Dilo's and Raptors off your back. But let's face it, do you ever use this thing beyond early game? if you even tame them at all? My guess is "no". First off it's kinda of obvious that this thing is okay against things it's own size or smaller, but when it comes to the bigger fellas it stands NO chance in hell. Secondly, although it can induce topor, it's in abysmally small amounts and you may as well just stick to using a club (and NOBODY uses the club). And third, by the time you are ready to tame one, you could just tame a Parasaurolophus or Utahraptor and your needs for it will be made moot. So I elect we make this thing a head bigger than it is, give it reduced weight carry on basic resources, and allow it to gather stone and wood in decent amounts. In addition, give it an ability to break bones when it charges at a target. Maybe we could also give it an ability to deal bonus damage to doors, so it can act like a battering ram to make it so you don't need to waste as many of those precious C4 Charges of yours during a raid. I would also like to have some different sounds for this thing, it needs to sound a bit more intimidating. 10. Areano (The small Spider) The spider, was never a good creature to tame... nor was it the most fun. Yeah their webs could slow down a creature to make it easier to knock out... but what's the point when you can grab a flyer and drop a wild animal into a taming pen? they can't even walk on walls, DESPITE BEING A F*CKING SPIDER! and when you do manage to tame one, good luck getting it out of the cave alive. What could a TLC do to benefit this creature? Well I have three ideas. All of them centered around the idea of this tame being a spider. The first is to make it more like a traditional spider. Solitary and living in it's web waiting for some poor unfortunate animal to get trapped in it. It auto-aggro's on all insects smaller or similar in size to it in the wild, and will repel them when ridden as a tame. The New Areano can also produce webs to set up barricades from wall to wall, effectively rendering an area unreachable unless destroyed using either a sharp blade, or fire. In addition, you can harvest silk from a slain Areano or have a tamed one produce it for you. needless to say you can also get silk from harvesting it from the webs of wild spiders, they will instantly aggro you if you do though. My second idea is to remodel the areano and base it off of a Trapdoor Spider My thoughts for this one is instead of making webs, they burrow underground. They cannot move while burrowed, but they can (as the name TRAP-door spider would suggest) spring out and pin foes in their place. when they have a creature of similar size to a survivor or smaller pinned down, they start to induce topor into them drastically. So long as it has you pinned the topor will not go down, instead once it's prey is is unconscious it will start attacking it. This could be used as a base defense, or (if you set it to not attack foes and only pin them) tame small creatures. Third idea is to give the Areano a pack bonus, make it so taming more of them makes them stronger and make it so their webs can act as a bridge to any tamed Areano. They can also walk along zip-lines and vines. Give them hive mind mentality in which the only way you can tame them is either to tame the queen or kill her out right. perhaps also give them a skill that enables them to detect dangerous animals? like a "spider-Sense" (pardon the bad joke, bus seriously why the heck not?) You could go with any of these but which ever you choose, give them wall crawling. Because it irritates me that the bloodstalker can "spider" more that the OG spider can. any of these ideas will make the areano a terrifying arthropod AND will make caves a bit more dangerous... speaking of Arthropods... 9. Pulmonoscorpious (The Scorpion) Be honest, When's the last time you tamed a scorpion since the kibble re-work? My guess is, not anywhere near as often. So why not make it good again and make the stinger it's own attack and the claws another? Make the latter deal significantly more topor damage than now and make the claws do none. Have the claws be able to work like scissors and be able to harvest fiber from plants, or maybe even cut zip lines? Give it wall crawling (because some scorpions could do that), and on Aberration... make it so they are a glowing tame and produce charge and repel the nameless! It's a scorpion for crying out loud! Add more scorpion things to it! 8. Wooly Mammoth By no means a "bad tame" on paper, but when the Zino came out it lost the shine it had as a wood harvester... And even before then it had to compete with Triceratops and The Beaver. And the model is just ugly, do I even need to mention the tusks? This is an elephant, so why not give it an ability to spray water at foes ant push them back? Heck this skill could also be used to put out fires! and because it's furry, why not also give the rider insulation from the cold? Maybe even use shears on it to gain large quantities of pelt? Or how about something that puts those god awful tusks to good use (seriously, if this thing DOSE get a remodel make it so it has just two and not four!) 7. Megapiranah Although TECHNICALLY Tamable through the use of the fish basket... would you? They don't have a pack bonus (unless you mod), you can't level them, you can't even feed or breed them! so why not fix all of that with a TLC update! give them reduced weight when carrying meat and give them a HUGE schooling bonus. Also make it so we can breed an level them. They may be a nuisance, but when on YOUR side they can at least be bothering some other poor unfortunate soul. The old dossier even says that can be used as a guard, so giving it the buffs and bonuses it needs to succeed would be an excellent way to make players WANT to get these things. Het's another idea, give them the ability to induce a "Self-stacking" bleed. When a Megapiranah attacks a target, it inflicts bleed damage on a short timer... when ANOTHER one attacks, it lengthens the timer and causes MORE damage over time... and so on and so forth. This will help play off the vicious nature of how piranha are often portrayed, as well as add to the incentive of taming them in schools. 6. Elasmosaurus Yeah you are going to find I have a lot of gripes with water creatures in ARK, The Plesiosaur (or Elasmosaurus as Helena has documented it) isn't a "bad" tame per-say, but that model is in need of an upgrade. and it could also do with some behavioral overhauls. Like being aggressive to the player when the dossier says it's harmless, or maybe make it able to drag it's self on land like a sea-turtle? I know that's not accurate to how the animal behaved but since when did ark care about accuracy? have you seen the giga? and of course, give it a preference to fish over other kinds of meat, as this was a picivore that use it's long neck to snatch fish from schools. As for new abilities, I say give it weight reduction when carrying aquatic resources. 5. Mosasaurus Like the Elasmosaurus, the mosa isn't a bad tame. It's the go-to warship tame for a reason. But the model is just hideous and could use a new paint job, not to mention it handles like crap. As for new skills, I say give it bonus damage to rafts and motor boats (make it able to damage the latter and metal structures). and how about a roar just to be vain? Over all the Mosa doesn't have too many jarring problems but it could still use a rework. Not too sure for what you could do for new skills thoguh. 4. Icthyosaurus Does anyone tame these? like ANYONE? They really suck and they have trash health, and god awful damage. The only good thing it has going for it is it's fast and has a good chunk of stam, but it means nothing if you get one shot before you had a chance to know what hit you. So don't only give it a new model, but an hp buff too. Make it able to gather silica perals (both normal and black) better than other sea tames. And since people like to call it a dolphin, make it able it jump out of the water really high! And how about a skill to locate objects/creatures underwater! Like a Dolphin does with sonar! all of this may make the Icthy more fun to use again (so long as it doesn't go back to attacking turtles again). Which brings me to.... 3. Carbonemys it's slow, which makes sense given that it's a turtle. and it absorbs a lot of damage too, again it's a turtle so I'd expect something like that from it. Thre fact it can hold a lot and isn't a bad swimmer are all nice and all... but it still uses an old model, and what difference does a high hp make if you are bad at inflicting damage? And if your foe is thousands of levels higher than you? And What about PvE? What good is a bullet sponge if there's no one out to kill you? And what's the point of a sturdy beast of burdun if no one is going to steal from you? Besides everyone and their grandma is faster than this thing soanything bigger than it would be a better option for carrying goods. I say give it reduced weight on most objects, and give it immunity to jellyfish stings (and topor overall) and make it a passive tame. Also make it so it can gather loads of biotoxin from jellies.Otherwise, it does much of what it does just fine. But it could still use some more practical use in PvE. 2. Megalodon Yeah kinda have to agree with people when they say the shark is bad. it's smaller than I'd like it to be (which is weird because when I do tame these things they take up a good chunk of space until I put them in cryo storage.) So a size change and a new model could do them some justice... and how about that rage skill I mentioned earlier in another post? That could mean something, and to give it that "Shark" feel... maybe make it so it can detect nearby injured animals, and draw aggro to them if they are under a certain % of HP? [And now for some Honorable Mentions] Diplodocus - People complain that this animal is garbage in PvP... and it is. BUUUT. what they fail to realize is that this isn't a creature meant for PvP. It's a Transporter meant to take a whole tribe from point A to point B and back. You Can't level speed (which is strange because it can't fly), but why do you need to when it moves at a decent enough speed... also if you are in a hurry you would be using this animal anyway. Compsognathus - compies are pretty minuscule when compared to other pet tames. The otter keeps you Warm, Glow pets detect enemies and max level creatures (AND keep the Nameless away), The monkey slows down enemies, the list goes on. But the Compy doesn't have anything but a horde bonus. Meaning if you really wanted to get much of anything out of them you'd need to tame HUNDREDS of them! But, even then they can be used to take down bigger animals in the wild... and they are a cute enough pet to keep around. Megalainia - People have issues with this one, but compared to all the other creatures on this list? It's just too new.. so the odds of it getting a TLC are slim to none. and now for out last creature on the list.... 1. Giganotosaurus Oh my GOD is this animal GARBAGE! Piss poor stamina, a rage that makes it more of a hindrance than an asset, and it even LOSES damage when you tame it! What?!?!? WHY? and the model is horrendous, not to mention it only has two color regions so the ugliness can be amplified if you get something like pink and white for coloration (thanks WC, you really know how to ruin wild tames -_-.... Screw you and your obbession to adding crazy color wild dinos in your meaningless events!). It's NEEDLESSLY big and handles worse than a semi-truck on a sheet of ice in a blizzard! Nerf it's size down in HALF at least, this sin't to make it smaller than the rex (which it was in the era of dinosaurs), it's to make it more managable. Make the rage something the player can control and NOT induced from taking damage! And do something with the roar, don't make it something that's just ascetic... Give it some added affects, I don't know what just... SOMETHING! and needless to say, new model and color regions.
  15. As above - Yes - if you use the same base account (Steam / XBox / etc.) to "own" that new character.
  16. Figured out what the issue is - for anyone else experiencing this: ShooterGame LAN browser ONLY tries to query the following (query port) list of ports: 26900 through 26905 and 27015 through 27019 in order to find a game server. I was running my server on a high port range (53xxx), which does work through the Internet (I guess the steam servers instruct the client which port to connect to), but fails completely in a LAN scenario.
  17. To get access to the trading sections you will have to interact a bit on the forums first. For example, you could share with other survivors what you did in ARK today, you could share your opinions on recent suggestions or even share your owns, contribute to active discussions, etc. and eventually you will gain access to the trading sections.
  18. You unfortunately can't fix it on your side. As stated above multiple times, if the entire raise takes less than 16h then you will get 100% on the first imprint because that new setting isn't applied in such cases. This is something that will have to be fixed in the game directly.
  19. My cluster is currently enjoying 100% imprints on first cuddle on all dinos now.. How do we fix this? Why add such a game altering option and turn it ON by default? Why wouldn't BabyImprintAmountMultiplier=1.0 allow my server to operate in the same manner it was before? Isn't 1.0 "default"? BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier=0.1666667 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=6.0 I used the math above and set BabyImprintAmountMultiplier=0.16666667 and it's still 100% imprint on first.
  20. Was that 1% chance of Alpha spawn proved? It's 5% of any Crystal Wyvern spawn on CI (neutral and aggressive) in Dev Kit. So on average it's 1 Alpha and 19 normal. Working in low numbers might feel misleading. To understand it better think about having roughly 50 Alphas and 950 normals after a long testing. There's one or more Alphas spawned on my map after almost every dino wipe. I use Ark Bot and ark-tools (mostly for nests and eggs).
  21. HertoghJan

    Track IR

    Track IR Any thoughts on TrackIR, can it be added to the game?
  22. looking for a Tribe Hello, My twin brother and I have been looking for a tribe to play with on pc for about a month. We have over 4k hrs on ps4 ark. We are older ( in are 30s) Looking for some serious ark players to play with. Let me me know if your interested. Cheers!
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