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  8. LadyKunaya

    Unicorn Dermis Bugged

    Dermis Harvested from unicorns display as ordinary equus Dermis. Found with Small taxidermy base, unsure if included with medium and large bases as well
  9. Daegod

    Kings of PVP xbox

    So your a coward and dont want to come fight lol that's cool, join the rest of lil bobs
  10. Today
  11. Kodking194

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    InSorry con only use internet for long periods at school now. InternTheet at home to low down sorry. I was out helping g round up some cattle on our farm and I had an idea for a herding mechanic for certain creatures not just pack bonus animals but also others like trikes and the others. They defend the herd as a group and protect the young. Would take a lot of work but add realism to the game
  12. SwitchDLCpls

    switch Switch Dlc??

    Srrsly? I have had only 2 crashes in 75 hours of play, and all you need to do to save is go into pause menu, then settings. I will admit the graphics are sub-par, but I bought my switch to play splatoon and smash bros, not ark, or other high powered games like that. I will say, ark on switch seems kinda ok to me, but I never played ps4 lol. I'm not a big ark superfan, and buying a ps4 just for ark seems like a waste ya know?
  13. StilettoDragain

    Black Screen of Semi-Doom

    I tested it and it says "It looks like your NAT type is Moderate right now"
  14. Zorata

    pve Changging server

    hi im a returning player from 3 year ago, been playing over a month and my server now is a legacy server and i been thinking in changing to a new server and im looking for suggestions on pve servers ty in advance PS i usually play solo but can adapt to a tribe
  15. Inviting players to join our community! Friendly admins and fresh servers! Server mimics weekend rates for official servers. Join us on the wonderful maps and make a new home! Rules: No pillar spamming No cave blocking Friendly Server Settings: x2 Experience x2 Gathering x2 Harvesting x2 Resource Respawn x2 Taming x3 Breeding x2 Breeding Interval Reduction Maximum-Thrust-Ragnarok-PVE https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3381071 Maximum-Thrust-Extinction-PVE https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3381077 Maximum-Thrust-ScorchedEarth-PVE https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3381074 More servers coming soon! Discord link: https://discord.gg/nXDFp8e Admins: @Wstar @Fingerz @Sathanus
  16. Kaprosuchus

    How do you teach yourself how to tame?

    Glad to see you finally care. I am not sure how to teach people how to learn as i have never been a parent or any sort of professional that deals with low level developmental things like learning. Yes that's how i learned it alot of it is common sense, like... animals that try to eat you, probably like meat because you are made of meat. if you are level 70 i would look at the saddles of things you can make. an Argentavis is a good and challenging tame because it will grant you flight and they have weight reduction for various materials.
  17. Kaprosuchus

    RE: Kibble Rework

    There was never a sense of progression for dino taming considering most people just got a half dozen of whatever dino they needed and got like level 10 ones. do you really think those scorpion farms for rex kibble were really living any sort of quality life? The problem with dinosaurs being useless isn't the kibble system, it's that they are useless. You can still tame whatever dinosaurs you want to stare at and park them in your yard, i promise.
  18. Zeropercenthero

    pve Zero Hour - Abberation PVE New 20-slot Server

    Server is now online and unlocked.
  19. WarDrumKeys

    Wardrum Jordan is in my tribe.

    Hi there. If WarDrumJordan was added to your tribe, it's likely we already took action and destroyed any eggs that were from the bugged dinos.
  20. WarDrumKeys

    is floating towers counted as illegal play?

    Hi there. We are currently not taking action against people with floating turrets, as anyone can build them and they are relatively easy to take down.
  21. FunnyPoop


    A few new faces. Stop in for event in Sunday!
  22. Been like a week now that whenever I breed my games and try to hatch them, they do nothing except sit and lose healty idkidk whats happened but its a huge bummer not being to breed. Tried all kinds of diff dinos on all the maps, reg and prim + but always does the same thing. How can this be resolved?
  23. WarDrumKeys

    Single Player World Deleted (Mobile Version)

    Hi there. Single player games are saved in the local files on your device, so if you uninstall the application, those files are deleted. Unless you had manually backed up that save file to the cloud save from the Manage Save Data menu. Unfortunately we have no way to recover those files, and never recommend uninstalling the game except in extreme cases.
  24. Kaprosuchus

    Take Out Male Dino Needs To Be Near Fem Egg Lay

    you only need 1 male.
  25. WarDrumKeys


    We opened up new servers shortly after phasing out these older ones, so there were opportunities for players to move to a newer server. Additionally, all purchases and premium items did stay with the survivors during the transfer process. Finally, those server shutdowns took place quite some time ago (far more than 30 days), which means you had plenty of time to seek a refund during and directly after that process. We do not compensate for in-game items lost to intended features like this, and we definitely do not offer refunds so long after the fact.
  26. WarDrumKeys

    Did not get Amber and been a week

    Hi there. You can typically expect a response from us within 7-10 days after filling out a purchase issues form. Please check your spam and promotions folders, as our responses often get sent there. If you have not heard from us after two weeks, you can send a follow-up email to [email protected]
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