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  2. karda me promise milne aauga karda me promise milne aauga
  3. definite no to a wipe didnt spend thousands of hours building up gathering loot and bloodlines just to lose it all cause some noobs complain they get wiped
  4. ok awesome it's working now, much appreciated
  5. Sorry, these sections were recently added and there was a permissions issue for new accounts (part of the Early Birds group). I noticed an admin and it should now be fixed.
  6. I didnt think the trading forums was where it needed to go. That's where it tries to redirect me
  7. Ps4 or ps4 pro Hi guys, I am playing ark for a couple of years now on my regular ps4. But since a couple of months my game keeps crashing when i am in online maps. I thought about buying a ps4 pro, would this solve the problem or do you think that my game will still crash? Thanks for replies
  8. Your thread wasn't deleted, it was moved to the right section:
  9. They respawn every 45 mins - 1 hour, but there's always a lot of people looting them so you need to get lucky.
  10. i agree. this is ridiculous. And they seem to be deleting any posts about this topic.
  11. i would have to say a no to it for the fact that windows 10 is cross platform and cross play with Xbox version and it doesn't make sense to add keyboard and mouse support to ark on the Xbox when there's the windows 10 version of the game to play, if you don't have a computer it honestly doesn't take that much to run windows 10 ark. my system is a A 10 AMD quad core, 16 GB ram, 1 GB graphics card and doesn't meet the requirements of it at all on windows 10 but still runs it good enough to play or host a server on.
  12. No Servers For PC Mac Haven't logged in since last night, but since this afternoon 19/06 (UTC+10), can't see any servers whatsoever. Checked all server types, tried connecting directly to servers through Steam, but all failed. Is it because Mac again does not have the current Ark software during a DLC launch? Come on guys... This is getting old.
  13. O oatss O O oatss o
  14. Today
  15. how would you validate the game file?
  16. The server has been buggy ever since they did maintenance on it
  17. Valguero not available for Mac Since launch yesterday, I have been trying to download Valguero on my Mac. Steam says it's downloaded, but I press play and I can't find any official servers on any map. It says my copy of the game is out of date, but Steam doesn't download anything no matter what I do. I have commented on a similar post but it has been taken down. I don't know why this topic is trying to get silenced, but it is a huge problem that they need to fix ASAP or at least be given an explanation. I'm just letting as many people as possible know before this gets taken down as well. EDIT: A moderator contacted me and spoke with an admin who got the post disappearances resolved.
  18. In that case, I will upvote this. I know XBox now supports Keyboard and Mouse however WC need to be careful how they would implement it as it can cause balance issues on PVP. I think all PVE servers should allow it one way or another though.
  19. Thx for the info, does this work for console?
  20. I think OP is trying to say that you can make tek turrets shoot the enemy base by puting something it'll shoot in front then having it dodge the shots so the bullets will hit the enemy base instead? I doubt that would work for a ton of reasons (turret range, the fact that i doubt the bullets are real projectiles, the fact that you can't build near an enemy base, etc.)
  21. He means like a computer mouse. Pc players can wiz through their inventories with those things
  22. could you elaborate on what you mean by "pointer"? I am interested in seeing anything to help make inventory management easier but not sure I understand what you mean.
  23. (PS4) Can’t join friends I can’t join any of my friends servers, not even random ones. I’ve tried every method possible but the game always tells me the same thing: Connection timed out. We have even tried switching servers but it still doesn’t work.
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