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  2. I bought mine from the source, physical, how would I go about getting a credit. also did you have to return the game to get a credit or did u get to keep it
  3. trailers are one thing telling us if dodorex is going to be wild is another I remember we get a heads up warning during the 1st fear evolved so we literally can run and hide same for 2nd and they introduced the flying version no wild spawn for 3rd late announcement for 4th?! come on....
  4. Copy or Transfer Ark for Windows 10 to Another Computer I have Ark for Windows 10. My wife also has Ark for Windows 10, but only just got a computer capable of running it. We have a data cap each month and the download for Ark with all the expansions kills us each month. I am trying to find a way to copy the app files to her computer from mine so that we don't have to download the entire game again. From what I have learned so far, the files I need are located in "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\StudioWildcard.*", but it looks like there are strict permissions around those files and I have not been able to get around them. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  5. They already said both are going to be in the event so Id treat it as so. Really though it’s either going to be continuous wild spawns or a temporary summon in the hands of random sociopaths, so both scenarios are going to be pretty bad.
  6. Great server. Challenging as hell but alot of fun.
  7. Perhaps what you should request is a setting to change the boss fight blacklist or a whitelist.
  8. Bruh, i tamed one grappled hooked to an argy, it was a pain in the a## considering that the argy moved so much and ended up missing more than half of my shots but at the end i got it
  9. The Salty Spitoon - PvE Cluster [5XP:10H:10T20B] If your looking for a Server that is rewarding and challenging this is the server for you! More dinos, higher levels, more structures, we've got it all! Whats that? You want more? How about an auction house that is connected to other auction houses on other servers! Since this cluster is new, we are keeping things small until our player base grows. So we have The Island as our main server, and another server in our cluster that rotates maps monthly. As our community grows, we will add more servers to the cluster eventually phasing our the rotating map server. Discord: Join our Discord is the where you can find us joking and killing time. https://discord.gg/WHMYZfk Server Settings: XP = x5 Harvest = x5 Tame speed = x5 Breed = x5 Building Collision: Off Level Cap: 750 Dino Level Cap: 1200 Mods: Structures Plus Awesome Spyglass Dino Storage 2 Death Recovery Mod Classic Flyers Ultra Stacks eco's Stable Structures and Decor eco's Garden Decor eco's RP Decor Immersive Taming Rare Sightings Auction House Auction House Dino Preview Tribute and Element Transfers Download our Collection before joining! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1895369625 <--- The Island <--- Rotating Map
  10. Could you guys try to implement the S+ mod and/or a way to pick things up without demolishing them? Cause it's really annoying when you're trying to expand or move to another location and have to destroy the stuff and gather all the material again to craft it again.
  11. Lagnarok lags in single player too, it’s funny how so many people say the center is crap, yet everyone plays raagnarok which is horribly laggy and looks half done. They haven’t even adjusted the map for the desert area, just a big yellow blotch on the map. its funny that the devs sit there and endorse a mod like rag by making it official and then make literally zero effort to ensure that it is up to par with every update. i remember for the longest time the center was borderline unplayable because of the cave overspawning and they fixed it around the same time one of the updates broke Ragnarok with lag.
  12. Well, i definetley agree and want wyverns in mobile, but im pretty sure that they are not gonna add them. For one we sre playing on the map The Island, and even on PC and Xbox and other platforms wyverns aren't part of the map. So that makes it less likely that they'll add them. I could agree on other creatures though like the thyla and yuty
  13. Allow (small) flyers on boss fights I've been playing on a private server (Ragnarok) with a friend and recently got into breeding. Dimorphodons are my favorite dinos and I was looking forward to breeding some super dimorphs and using them on the boss fights. I then found out that Ragnarok only has 1 boss (Dragon+Manticore) and that this fight apparently does not allow you to bring flyers in and I feel very sad. Is it possible to change this? I can understand not allowing quetzals with machine gun towers, etc. But not allowing dimorphs, agents, etc. seems a bit unnecessary?
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  15. Had a quick search on here and can't really find a post where anyone answers this. The short of it is that I'm trying to get an in-game day as close to 24 Hours as possible, so 1 game in day is an actual days length. Now I know I have to play with DayCycleSpeedScale, based on what I believe an ARK day is (about 50.675 min) I need to set the value to 0.03519 or something to get it fairly close. However each time I reset the server having tweaked the value I always seem to be losing time, so I wondered if anyone had any ideas. All I can think of it there being a maths error on my part or alternatively I'm missing something obvious. I'm assuming that in the case of The Island (Which I'm testing with) 1 in game minute is always the same length regardless of time in which case on 0.0352 I'm losing about 15 seconds every minute. I've left the Day and Night Scales at 1. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  16. It was originally a mod, then released as a free DLC. Just like the Center and Valguero maps.
  17. no clue have to test later curious, maybe it means something offensive in another language
  18. kill tames check stats and farm berries ofcourse
  19. Primitive+ is dead, bro. Wildcard abandoned this project. There are numerous game-breaking bugs which were not fixed for almost 3 years. Wouldn't count on any positive response in that matter, unfortunately.
  20. Similar is on primitiv+ but only message...
  21. Ragnarok is the worst made map. Its horribly optimized and full of memory leaks
  22. Yup timezones are indeed a thing.
  23. i use it for red osd/purple osd on extinction. Nice traps for stop engarded alpha trike ! ordinos to stego/trike size
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