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  2. How is that the PvE players' fault? Those same players do all kinds of things in other games, because the developers made things to do. WC did not, because they fell into the trap of thinking their PvP market was big enough to keep them going without the PvE market, and you don't have to create a lot of PvE content for PvPers. You just turn friendly-fire on and watch them spazz out trying to kill each other. For as long as their PVP ADD lets them, that is. They get distracted and wander off to the next shiny thing all the time. So, you know, good luck to WC with that, and when the PvPers have all gotten bored and gone to more exciting games, maybe they'll buckle down and make some PvE content to attract long-term, repeat buyers before they go under. Probably won't work though, this is a common pattern with open-world game devs. They let PvPers take charge and the game goes to sh8 because only a few elitists really want that kind of game, and the game goes on the long slide down.
  3. WarpSpasm


    The ones in my local zoo do enjoy their swimming pool but they surface for air quite regularly. Maybe their behaviour is different in the wild but as I haven't witnessed it I can only go by what I have seen. Your reply was informative and I thank you for that. I could imagine them being somewhere between a moschops and a phiomia in terms of size and quite an early tame.
  4. Start with a raft base. Then check up and then pillar timers near places you like. After a few weeks you will find pillars which will decay soon because the owner stopped to play. This is how I got several very good and large land spots at the beaches. But I lost them all ... because I stopped playing.
  5. It sounds more like you don't like being in situations where you aren't allowed to actually play against the things that are attacking you. Me either, and there is nothing wrong with that. Immobilization mechanics are the most avoided mechanics in games, because it's incredibly easy to cause player frustration instead of player enjoyment. You have to implement them very carefully and test them a lot to make sure they're upping the tension instead of destroying the fun. Random item loss is simply not done, for the same reason. Players don't like it when they lose stuff without a chance to actually play in some way. Imagine if instead of seagulls and pegos, you had to walk through an area which just poofed something out of your inventory. How many players would say "Oh, that's fun!" and how many would say ... words you can't put in a forum post lol.
  6. It's going to be a long hard slog for you but there are plenty of videos on utube to reference, look up nooblets... He has some great tutorials..
  7. I want to get my own reaper. Plus I'm solo, so I dont really know how that would work
  8. Mine just straight up vanished.
  9. Unrelated to gigas, but my bee disappeared when I logged on tonight. I gave my spare one away too, and I could just kill a dodo right now LOL.
  10. Introduction Hello,i Am a 18 yr old boy from the UK,i've been playing ark for the past few months non-stop,getting raided,raiding, sht like that,ive been looking for an active tribe for quite the while,since i've basically been solo or duo all the time. I can do all roles if needed My PSN is : IlThotBreakerIl
  11. Craggs island is easy start point, if you can find a spot....... when you start to advance it's a good place to scout from too etc....
  12. Have you thought about trading for one, even a clone? Maybe a better option for you... But it's your adventure Yes you will die, a lot!
  13. How to get a reaper? (Solo) So I'm getting ready to try to get my first reaper. I was wondering, is it possible on a good spino? I have a spino with 15k hp and 1200 melee and 1500 stamina. It has a primitive saddle and I have primitive hazard suits. (because I haven't been able to hatch my rock drake egg yet to farm the surface drops) would it be suicide to try to use a trap with the spino to get impregnated?
  14. Short answer is NO, by all means expect them, if they do fix something inevitably they break something else! "Rinse and repeat"......... Welcome to ARK it's a roller coaster ride, buckle up buttercup!
  15. Today
  16. I agree, and partly my point. I wish it didnt validate my throwing action if it wont validate my moving before my throw. Your post makes a lot of sense. I'm not familiar withother games that have this. This is the only game I am familiar with where I am seeing stuff move during saves. Animations still flowing is very confusing, so many think it is lag, not server saving. But maybe Minecraft is the only one I know of that also does this, but minecraft usually modded, will show some text in chat when it is making a backup of the server. I can imagine an option to make the animations freeze (like the freeze on Extinction that happens when the meteor shower is beginning), but I dont understand why not. I feel it would be nice to have an option to have a display of the countdown timer before the save as an optional interface piece, much like the FPS display. But then again, cheaters might abuse the ever living heck out of that info. Or at minimum, an option for a little bit of text, or even like a colored icon to show up to show the server is actually saving, so that way, when I move, and if I saw that notification, I would not have thrown my pod out. I guess this is a case of the lesser of two evils... Animation freeze would be a nice indicator imo, and/or some kinda icon. I wish I could have some kinda visual, but idk how practical that is. I appreciate the feedback. I learned something new. Thx. Edit to Add: I almost lost a Wyvern once because of this mix of validated and invalidated predictions. It failed to validate where I was, but did validate my action to land. The fall almost killed my Wyvern. It took a while for him to heal up from that too. I had to use another Wyvern in the meantime, having to fly back home so I can go out and kill more turkeys. This is a mild problem because a large chunk of my time was wasted because of that. Having an indicator of the server saving would have prevented that wasted time.
  17. Mods are a PC feature only. It usually has to do with the fact of hardware limitations of consoles, but also due to the fact that Microsoft (and Sony) are extremely strict with how mods are actually implemented on consoles. Also, a PC is more versatile because of the fact such tools for modding exist on PC and no on consoles.
  18. Spiral3


    It's a giant rodent that spends most of it's life in the water. They have the unusual adaptation of being perceived as benign by other animals, as one of their sources of nutrients is to pick parasites out of animal fur. Currently they range in size from 75 lbs. to 150 lbs, but they could be sized up for Ark. They have a natural aptitude for parenting young creatures of all types.
  19. I need a safe place for me and my dinos. any thoughts?
  20. But server often allows impossible actions. I move closer to dino, open inventory and it freezes. Server save. I put stuff to dino inventory and close it. I see that my character was moved back to position from which I started moving and now it is impossible to enter dino inventory because I'm too far. Oh and I still don't understand why it wasn't able to validate movement in OP's example, but allowed throwing. Shouldn't same reason that prevented movement from validating also invalidate throwing action? Imho it should queue client predictions and validate it when server finished saving (and in the same order) or drop whole prediction sequence.
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