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  2. I stopped getting xp from TheIsland notes months ago. I assumed it was intended. Guess it's a bug.
  3. Literally the ENTIRE broodmother cave on valguero is a mess of death spots. You really need to take a look at this cave because there are death spots everywhere.
  4. It happened It's now delayed until February 25
  5. Another Darn Delay So, maybe some of you might of not heard the news, but unfortunatley, Genesis' release date got pushed back another month Very disappointed. I was so happy and excited that when I heard the news, I got mad. Seriously, when December finally rolled along, I couldn't wait! I was so happy that we finally could be able to play on the long time announced new map! When I heard about the delay, I got bummed out. That was another long month of waiting. Now, it's January 25. This morning, I was very excited! I couldn't believe that we where at most 3 days away from Genesis' release! But now, as I read the news here in the SurvivetheArk website, I don't even know what to think. ANOTHER FREAKIN' MONTH OF WAITING . Hopefully they use the time to improve details and other stuff on Genesis. They did mention that they would give us a great Valentine's Day event though that they where planning to skip due to Genesis' release! Looking forwards to that! But yeah, for those of you who didn't know, Genesis Part 1 won't come out until next month. At least they mentioned an exact date this time though. According to WildCard, it's new release will now be February 25! Won't get to hyped when February 24th rolls in most likely though. We all know WildCard, they aren't the best at keeping up with release dates. This isn't the only map that has gotten delayed several times now. So don't get your hopes high when the 24th rolls in! Don't wanna get too disappointed if that gets delayed as well. Anyways, have a nice day and have fun playing Ark!
  6. thanks for the quick replys i didnt know i could submit a ticket on this issue thanks again
  7. Certain items have certain distances that allow for different interactions. For example: The "Moschops" can be upgraded in 2 areas, their inventory, and their interaction wheel. The thing is, if you don't stand close enough to the Moschops, you'll go into their interaction wheel, but you won't see the "View Harvesting Levels" tab to upgrade their mushroom harvesting, meat harvesting, etc. This is because for some reason, WC (Wildcard) made it so the distance that you need to be standing at to open their interaction wheel is farther away than what you need to be for when you try to upgrade their harvesting levels. Putting it simply; to view the interaction wheel of the dino, you need to be (hypothetical distance here) 5ft away, but for the harvesting tab to appear, you need to be 2ft away. Now, it may seem weird I said all that, but it was all for a reason. A lot of objects / structures work like that in ARK, the same way the structure is working for you. There could also be another reason. And that reason is that the area you put the object in is a little buggy, and doesn't allow you to pick it up. This happens a lot when placing storage cabinets, Vaults, electrical structures, etc. Hopefully, my overly long message helps you out with the issue here. If not, I'm a big dumb dumb
  8. i have had 2 chibi reset on me on 561 one happen today i wish they fix this bug other bug and what happen to the patch that was going to fix the lag?????
  9. Its crazy because drops haven’t been spawning on any map except the island for about a month now and not one person has even ADDRESSED the issue their are countless posts of this single player issue and they haven’t done anything it’s very frustrating, no loot, no artifacts. There’s no reason to even play this game on single player until it’s all fixed.
  10. This is something I found out recently, but there is a way to backup a save file for the Windows 10 version of ARK, but it only works for dedicated servers (I haven't tried SP, so it might work there). I say this because the user never specified if they're playing on an actual Xbox or just the Xbox version of the game from the Microsoft Store, so I figured why not throw this out there. Anyway, to backup a dedicated server save, you must to go this location: C:\Users\*YourUsernameHere*\AppData\Local\Packages\StudioWildcard.4558480580BB9_1w2mm55455e38\LocalState\Saved\Maps\SavedArks There you'll find the maps that are currently running (to my knowledge). Also, I have no idea if anyone's ever tried this, but in the Xbox Store, there are apps that allow you to view files on HDD's, and the Xbox itself that are invisible otherwise. It might be worth a look to check in on some of these apps to find a workaround for people on consoles so they can 100% backup their saves.
  11. Thanks Such a shame 85+ and years of non committal game playing. Ah well no point in continuing then
  12. wyverns on the island during my time in an official server me and my bud built a pretty big metal base in it but when i died by some alpha's i came back to see my base getting raided by a lighting wyvern and a griffin and im pretty sure they do not exist in the map the island so i was wondering was it a bug? or was it some hacker? or can you some how transfer your gear to a different official server?
  13. Today
  14. omg man it's been a couple of month when i tried playing the game again and i wasnt able so after trying a lot of stuff and nothing worked i gave up. Today i decided i wanted to try again and then again tried so many things and nothing was working until i saw that post about the valguero map dlc and i felt so dumb because i didnt have it downloaded.... so i did and it worked perfectly !!!!!!!
  15. In SP, I am still getting the XP boost... however, upon logging in to SP tonight I discovered that all of my explorer notes and map had been reset. Like I hadn't found a single explorer note (when I had at least 80% of them) and when pulling up my map, it looked like I hadn't been anywhere outside of my base. DILO??
  16. If u are trying to move dinos and buildings to genesis,very high chance its disabled for a few months, so there is no point in packing up early. U could have just kept all your dinos in cryo to reduce base maintenance while waiting.
  17. My official se server rain works just fine. If its to laggy in that area it can cause effects to fail to load. There is a huge base nearby and when i go over there to pick up oil, the sandstorm animation doesnt kick in sometimes because of the lag.
  18. http://imgur.com/a/u0cMu3e I tried it this way I hope you can see this. And I'll mention that I do have some mods installed. Some that add structures I'm not sure if those are causing any trouble but I have read other players tried running the game with no mods and it didn't matter anyways. This crash was when I put a saddle on my Allo and then mounted it. It froze for a while then crashed. I don't exactly know what causes this crash, it kinda happens randomly like I said. Maybe I turned and looked at something or went into a tames inventory to change my armor really fast, or placing down something like a pipe. I honestly can't tell what happens. But I do know that when I get the message saying line: 305 instead, that's caused by opening and closing my character's inventory. So pressing "i".
  19. Not defending the spammer, but welcome to official Pve. It sounds like this guy/girl is griefing you.
  20. I'll take the non-answer as an admission that your trying to blow this out of proportion and make it seem worse than it is. There is no reason you couldn't have flipped your server anytime after the release when you were ready.
  21. Oh... Oh no... No no no... Its an old bug in the game that has been reported years ago and even I made a thread about it years ago and even hinted in a public thread how its done so the devs can patch it, but they didnt. All I can say is place some turrets and dinos on aggressive, its an old glitch that puts there character in to a glitched state that makes the game detect them as a neutral entity, like a dino. So more or less the pve settings dont effect them.
  22. Dinos lay regular unfertilised eggs on their own over time that cant be hatched, only when u mate them will they lay a fertilised egg.
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