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  6. Pengu PvP Slightly Boosted Small Tribes Pengu PVP! Similar to official small tribes, but with the boosts you want! Join our 20 slot Xbox and PC crossplay server on Valguero as your home to tame dinos, fight bosses, and raid fellow players. Enjoy a higher move speed for most dinos and enjoy dinos not typically found ont the map. Events are frequent and loot boxes are hidden around the map for you to find! Come join Pengu PVP Server Stats Dino Damage 1 Player Damage 1 Structure Damage 2 Player Resistance 1 Dino Resistance 1 Structure Resistance 1 XP 3 Taming Speed 8.5 Harvesting 3 Resource Health1 Draining 0.3 Starvation 0.35 Dino Hunger 1 Stamina 0.5 Dino Stamina 0.9 Regeneration 1 Player Harvesting Damage 1.5 Dino Regeneration 1 Dino Count 1 Decay 1 Resource Respawn 0.3 Regrow on Structures 0.2 Regrow 0.5 Platform Saddle Modifier 3 Lay Egg Interval 0.6 Dino Turret Damage 1 Dino Harvesting Damage 2.5 Custom Recipe Effectiveness 2 Custom Recipe Skill 2 Mating Multiplier 0.6 Egg Hatch Speed 10 Kill XP 1 Harvest XP 1 Supply Crate Quality2 Fishing Loot Quality 7 Crop Growth Speed 35 Fuel Consumption 1.313 Baby Mature Speed 18 Baby Cuddle Interval 0.1 Baby Imprinting Stat Scale 1 Baby Cuddle Grace Period 1 Baby Food Consumption 2 Baby Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality 1 Player Weight 2.5 Player Health 2 Player Stamina 2 Player Fortitude 3 Dino (tamed and hatched) Weight 2 Dino (tamed and hatched) Health 2 Dino (tamed and hatched) Stamina 2 Dinos Included on the map: Griffins, Gasbags, Manas, Snow Owls, Enforcers, Gachas, Scouts.
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  8. Even when we had the Easter eggs that colored dinos temporarily we also had event colors spawning
  9. Dotman


    Interview Hi been playing about 6 months looking for first tribe... im 33 from England. Looking to learn more about ark. I'm more of a gatherer, builder. On most evenings
  10. cocob1

    Genesis Simulation

    not that im aware off yet bud
  11. Interview I am pretty new to ark but love it. I’m home most days to play and a fast learner. Willing to help with anything. I am 28 years old, female from western New York. Hoping to learn more and contribute.
  12. Dedicated Hardwired Server - can't connect via Wifi same network So I've looked all over, and just can't seem to find anyone with exactly the same issue. However I have tried absolutely every fix that helped people in similar situations. So as it stands, I have a dedicated server running off a Windows computer. The computer used to be connected to my 2.4ghz network. When that was the case, I could see the server on my laptop only if I was connected to the 2.4ghz network and could connect without issue. Not from the 5ghz network. But anyone using a different Wifi network could connect regardless of THEIR network type. So due to connection and interference issues, I've hardwired the computer directly to my router. Only problem is now my computer can't see the server in ARK unless my laptop is hardwired. I can see the server in the list of Steam Servers, however when I try to connect, I get the error, "Network Failure Message unable to query server for invite". However I can see and connect to a ton of other unofficial servers without any issues at all. Now it's really irritating because the server shows up in the Unofficial server list for anyone NOT using my wifi network. Friends can connect in their own home with their own wifi, but I just can't seem to connect. My network has no isolation enabled, no Guest Networks enabled. No network security enabled at this time. Ports are forwarded. Tried with and without mods. I just can't seem to figure out what is causing this issue and could really use some help. I've posted elsewhere, however have yet to have anyone either understand the issue, or be able to help at all. So any help would be really appreciated.
  13. At present there are no wyverns in mobile.
  14. I've been wondering about this too. I'm assuming that you enter and leave the simulation via obelisk or transmitter as you would transfer across Arks, but it concerns me that it might be isolated from the Arks completely. If you can't bring tames and gear in or out then what good is it really? Has there been an official response to this that I've simply missed?
  15. Yo bro. I was trying to add you on discord but was saying it was wrong. You think you can send me your discord name and number again?
  16. That's basically it... I stopped playing Official like a year ago because of the same problems and it's literally only gotten worse. Then you get smart remarks by their community lead like: I mean hello? Has said literally nothing about Mac/Linux client issues then wines about legit complaints being made vs the "reality" of things at Wilccard. Here's another gem: So basically, Mac/Linux game client is unimportant hence the lack of communication about it? Or what we're supposed to take from this I'm not sure. Then there's a notification at the top of this page saying PS4 Prim+ servers are offline (because PS4 is important I guess) and then for Mac/Linux client there's literally people every day spending hours trying to get the update to work because WC has said nothing officially about the issues that we're having. Anyways, this is the pits for me, just left a negative review and moving on to other games... Good luck!
  17. Hey.. You can Always join our discord and see if anyone looks for a new tribe member. Disord Code is: DA9jnzP Or you can jusck check our website and see if our Community is somethinig for you. www.ark-servers.nu Best regards ALF
  18. Gamertag: ShadowFlame076 and Discord name ShadowFlame076#7227 I’m an experienced base defense builder, breeder and raider. I do a lot of grinding and will help to contribute to the tribe.
  19. [16+] Hello, I’m looking to join a tribe on a boosted unofficial server on Xbox where the tribe is active. I’m a base defense builder, breeder and raider. If you are recruiting, let me know.
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