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  2. I don't believe Ark will ever have the PvP appeal of a game like Rust, PUBG, or whatever the next flavor-of-the-month early access PvP game. As others have said, Ark's gunplay PvP just plain doesn't hold a candle to games like that. To me, though, it's kind of like comparing GTA5 to CS:GO. Yes, they're both games that have gun PvP, but they're not attempting to do the same thing. From day one, Ark never seemed like it was trying to be a game all about competitive PvP. This is personal opinion, of course, but the PvP I've enjoyed most in Ark is in no way similar to the PvP I've enjoyed in DayZ, Rust, Counter Strike, Arma, or any other game like that. I like the long-term strategy approach to "PvP" in Ark. I like the utilization of in-game creatures, the ability to fortify a base in a number of different ways that allow creative offensive and defensive strategies. Can these things be found in other games? Sure. Most games have more polished gun play than Ark, but I never got the impression from Wildcard that the intent of the game was to be competitive with the multitude of shooter games on the market. In that aspect, I agree with the OP in that Ark is fundamentally flawed as a competitive game when compared to many of the other games out right now.
  3. So after my time on ARK I've decided a few things. The BIGGEST problem that players make.. is the server settings they chose. They join PvP server thinking they want to be on a PvP server, yet they complain when they are killed by others.. they complain that they get raided.. There is only 2 reasons to play a PvP server.. 1 you plan to kill/raid someone without their permission 2 you wish to play with a friend that wants to kill/raid someone without their permission. Either way.. how can you complain when someone better comes and does it to you? How is that justifiable? Why not play pve where you need to agree to PvP? I love when alpha sets a rule of no killing passives. THIS is official pvp. I will do what I want. We need to clean these servers up of the wanna be pvpers. They are bad. They don't want to PvP. So why not show them the errors in their ways? If your with me.. kill their passives. Kill their campfires and unlocked storage boxes. I'm tired of hearing "why you kill me" on an official PvP server. Teach these baddies they don't want pvp. Tell them to go to pve server where they belong.
  4. THE Largest CrossArk on PS4

    Weekends are the best time to join with players taking time from work and school. I highly encourage anyone who is eyeing this server to give it a shot this weekend. As always you can contact me if you need anything to help you get started.
  5. I have been considering getting back into the game a little bit, but I don't want to deal with the online community (for obvious reasons, I hope). I understand that there is an option for singleplayer/offline servers meant to adjust for solo play. Does this option make all content soloable, including bosses, or would it be better to seek a specific mod? If there are mods to better adjust the experience to a solo-oriented one, which mod(s) would you recommend? Thanks in advance.
  6. I don't know how long this problem has been around for, but we just set up our remote keypad, and it's not working! We have electricity, and the pin locks, and all that, but when we enter the code, nothing happens. I just asked on the server I play on, and it seems that a lot of people has the same problem, but not everyone.
  7. Yes. If you turn the map you are playing on to a non dedicated server your friend can play along side you while keeping your buildings and tames. Since you are hosting it will use your current save.
  8. Dedicated actually didnt got an update, it's still at 270.0.
  9. Ragnarok boosted pvp

  10. Yes, the wild Megatherium will attack the baby Megatherium.
  11. for first sorry about my english. im bad im already breed 1 megatherium inside cave. but only can an entrance , when junction need breed more. just now i breed baby megatherium. for place to second part of cave. if i whistle move them to second part of cave (without me unride my first megathrium inside) will the wild dino inside cave attacking the baby?? or baby stay not aggro like mature megaterium
  12. I would agree with some but not all of this. I loved sotf. But it is not the only way to PvP. They have made it very easy to get gear without putting in time (looking at you wooden club/bola) that's not even counting scorched engrams.. not to mention how easy it is to prime tame something when there are alphas getting stuck.. any "competitive" game.. time is an advantage. If you waste time you will most likely lose no matter how good you are. Ark has made it easy to counter lack of time. Anybody can get on once a day to reset their ark data time.. you don't ever actually even need a base if I'm being honest. Get kill.. loot.. use what you want.. put rest in data.. then whenever you get on to PvP you have gear waiting. To be honest the people like you that think.. let me spend this 5 hours of time taming these useless Dino's that aren't going to protect me when I'm offline or let me build this base bla bla.. your doing it wrong man. If you can't be online more than offline why build a base? If your going for PvP what's the point of base at all? It doesn't help you.. it makes you an easy target. You will never be able to out build the guy that has the same time as you that spends it on raiding you.. that is ark. But you people. The people who build.. I love you.. without you guys.. I wouldn't have your raided bases to repair my gear <3
  13. @DreamEater If i switch to a undedicated server?
  14. Yesterday
  15. Why are new severs not being put up!?!?

    Hi Jen or Jat or The RIght Hand, still looking for info on this, nearly 1 month has passed and not a single word about it. Feeling abandoned here.
  16. map suggestion

    Regardless of what map I chooses, I always do about an hour on the Island first. Do an explorer note run. Usually in that time Im between level 30 and 50. Then I transfer. Its a big boost early game. If you're playing pve I suggest to choose whichever map you like. Once you have the basic ark survival skills and an understanding of the Dinos AI, you'll be fine regardless of where you are.
  17. map suggestion

    Imo opinion Rag is good if you're looking to stay hidden and have lengevity. The island though is my go to server to trolling and pvp. I haven't tested Rag outside of pve yet, but I see the potential, huge map and many places to stay hidden. Rag also seems more for an experienced player, which is why I said get your bearings on the island first and then switch once you got all the basics down.
  18. Update....the "d3d device being lost" crash.... crash logs attached: Dump-1045674688.dmp 09.22-20.44.10.crashstack
  19. Personally I feel like SOTF is where the pvp should take place, ark is fun an all, but playin official is such aids these days cause I don't have 2000 hours a week to dedicate to it and I don't enjoy having to work with 20+ ppl just to get anything goin worth mentioning. but SOTF, that's all I want on xbox, only been playing ark on xbox for two years in anticipation for SOTF to eventually be put back into production and released on xbox, if wildcard really doesn't ever take advantage of the gold mine that is SOTF, I just don't get it.
  20. On the v269.1 update, you guys fixed this issue...but now on 270.1 it is back. Please see below crash reports.
  21. Too much lag for a good computer.

    I'm not getting a new laptop or building a new desktop computer any time soon. It's very expensive even for GTX 1050 with just 4 GB of RAM so I guess I'm stuck with the crappy "gaming" laptop that I have. But luckily I'm acquiring an Xbox One X.
  22. Close Legacy = More Official

    The vast majority of people on the new servers aren't new. my self and many other wen't to the new servers with over 3000 hrs. It is rare to run into someone with less than 500hrs so not really a disadvantage as majority on official are already seasoned vets.
  23. The server number is 291. Brand new server. I’ve already reported server outage at least 6 times today!!
  24. If you have not done so please fill out server outage report its the fastest way to get the info to the developers. Also please put your server number in title or in the post that would be helpful on the forums . Thanks
  25. I agree with much of this. However, some of it can be avoided. The main and 2ndary servers I play on have bully alpha that keeps server to themselves. I do have 2 characters 1 main and a farming character. My farming character is also the taming character. My main is my PvP/main base. I transfer to high population servers to pvp. Due to politics I am safe from both for now. The enemies I make by transferring and killing have come to look for me. So far they get killed by the tribe that has claimed the server. Haven't found my farming character base yet anyway.
  26. Tribe Limits

    Learn to be diplomatic. It is very accentual to your survival if you play on official PVP . I have been on my current server for about a week and plan to be here for a very long time. For anyone who likes to play solo or in smaller tribes. You can do very well on official if you just play the politics. Every time you go to a new server make sure you check for a few things. #1 is population. You should look for a server with 15-40 player on. #2 you should look at the chat to see how talkative it is. If you notice that over a hr or 2 no one has said a word this is a very bad thing as it means its either just one alpha or that its a close nit group on the server and your more then likely not welcome and should move on. #3 when you find a talkative server go ahead and engage and try to get into a party chat with one of the larger tribes in the server to kinda hangout with. You will find out allot of information this way and if you charismatic enough you will find your self a alliances or at least one less group to raid you. #4 build in your new server and enjoy that aspects of a chill PVP sever. This has always worked for me whether playing solo , small 3-5 man tribe or large tribe of 20+ your diplomatic abilities will always come to play.
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