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  2. what is a most useless item in ark

  3. Please tell

    In simple words can someone tell me a code or way to start the extinction on a ark server? I tried it on my non dedicated server with my admin but it did not work no codes at all worked
  4. Official-OC-PVP-ScorchedEarth99 and OC-PVP-Ragnarok have both been unplayable for 2 days now, they may come up briefly but will result in connection timeout with in minutes, my whole tribe is experiencing the same issue, can we please get some [email protected]
  5. No just throwing feelers out for new pve servers, was checking on this one specifically as it was offline at the time of my original post. Is this a 24/7 server?
  6. dedicated Ark 24/7 Raganarok PVP (XB1)

    Have you tried Joining recently? The server was down temporarily a few days ago.
  7. BRAND NEW 32 Slot Nitrado PVP Ragnarok map! No bases built yet. We have a boosted server with boosted wild dino levels! 270 lvl max wild Dino’s. (At least that’s the highest we have seen so far!) Friendly admins that are there to have fun and help when we can. NO RULES on this server. SERVER NAME: PVP RAG (Search "PVP RAG" with the PC Unofficial Servers filter on) PLAYER STATS BOOST: Stamina: 3 (30 per level) Speed: 3 (4.5 per level) Health: 4 (40 per level) Melee: 3 (15 per level) Weight: 100 (1000 per level) Fort: 50 (100 per level) DINO STAT BOOST (tamed): Speed: 4 Stam: 3 Health: 1.2 Weight: 3 Melee: 1.3
  8. It has very balanced stats with 5 pickup and 8taming (4 prime meat for a 140) I am not admin so I’m not sure on the XP but it’s good. Also weight is boosted highly. ArkHost86 is the host.
  9. Accessing the Trade forums.

    Our Early Bird system works in two ways. On one hand, it helps prevent automated spam on our forums. On the other, the process of having to interact with other members of the community builds up a background of a person before they access the trading and tribes section. Think of having to interact with others on our forum as a means of building credit history/ a reputation for yourself.
  10. Actually your RAM is OK. Each map uses roughly 4GB of RAM. Ragnarok does use a tad more. Each player uses around 200MB of memory. For a single map you could very easily run a good server. My server is older and runs three maps with 64 player limits without a hitch. In fact, after starting Island, Center, and SE it uses 8.8GB of RAM including the OS usage. That would leave you 7.2GB for players.
  11. nitrado rag server 10p/insta tame/

  12. This works for me. It is likely a configuration issue. I run a three-server cluster (Island, Center, SE) on my LAN and players on the LAN and WAN can transfer without a hitch. Do you have a shared data directory? Do you use the same cluster ID? Write permissions? Windows or Linux? Lots of info left out.
  13. Accessing the Trade forums.

  14. what is a most useless item in ark

    Most useless item in ark? Can two devs be considered items and be tied for most useless? Lol idk I'd have to say the electric prod
  15. Accessing the Trade forums.

    I really don't understand this early bird thing. I'm really not interested in reading forums and interacting with people in them. All I want to do is be able to access the trade section to buy dino's I can't otherwise acquire on my own. Specially seeing how all three servers I have built a base on have been server capped and we haven't been able to tame and or breed in over a month. Plz for the love of Ark just let me access the trade forums
  16. If rcon connects they should be up. I've had servers up for weeks at a time. What is "freezing" on them? If one were to crash and be down rcon would not connect.
  17. I'm pretty sure "IT" and other "Django Alliance" tribes were wiped off of 16 and 605. (IT, Fallen Dynasty, Justice League.) THOUGH IM NOT CERTAIN!!!
  18. You have two layers to begin with. BattlEye and VAC. I personally despise the invasive nature of BE so I disable it. That leaves me with VAC. If you disable both, the only protection is you being an active admin on your server. This can be difficult as some players are as good aimbots (remember clan 3D in the old CS days?) and it would be hard to accuse a player. Blatant things such as invulnerability would be easy to spot.
  19. Soo official is basically duping,ddossing other tribes.arks player community especial on official pvp is the worst ive ever seen. Wish I could go back to first year of ark on Xbox it was much simpler but better.
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  21. Nitrado 24/7 Ragnarok PVP Boosted

  22. pvp JJJ PVP 30X All Ragnarok

    Come play with us. We have a few people playing. We are open to suggestions to make the server better. Admins are active so no worry on server being up to date or if it crashes.
  23. Thanks to everyone who has responded. I will now be closing this offer for the time being but may extend the offer in the future. Goodluck guys.
  24. 24/7 Raid Server Nitrado

    Plenty of room. I suggest building up fast and getting defenses up as quickly as possible. As turrets and weapons will matter.
  25. More official mods for console!

    Get a pc and stop being a console scrub.XD
  26. More official mods for console!

    Prim+ was a officially released mod but look at it now,servers are probably dead as hell and its been over a year since it got a update😞it was so much fun while it lasted on official.
  27. rp Medival Viking Rp

    interested, reach me at- o LegendarySiso
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