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  2. 3 disappeared owls - NA pve 454 extinction Over the past few weeks, my friend and I have had glitches with our snow owls. They have disappeared into thin air. The first time this happened, I was flying high. A lag spike occurred, and when it stopped, I was standing on the ground with my owl nowhere to be found. I used K to look under the ground, and he was not there. I've spent hours on end trying to find him. The second owl was lost the same way that the first one was. Disappeared while i was flying on him. The third owl was lost a different way. I had a griffin that would not land(i tried t, and t with a spyglass) and my friend flew above him(on the owl) to land on the griffin. She didn't land on the griffin. I got another bird and flew up to get the owl, pressed t, and then turned around. When I looked behind me to see if the owl was following, he had disappeared. I'm super mad at ark. Also not sure why this is happening. All of the owls that were lost were level 200+. In-game name - Alex
  3. wild rockdragons are broken and spawns in extention after the last update on xbox , i seen wild rockdragons and microraptors doing wierd things . when microraptors are jumping thy are turning around in the air , like a bouwling ball that fly's in the air . and the rock dragons are having the same problem when thy are climing the walls . thy are rolling up and down the rocks in arbernation this happens just with the wild animals . tames are all doing fine , no problems there . and in extention are the spawns of currupted dragons and gigantasaurusses broken thy spawn like crazy like everytime you kill one , the next spawn is there . and thy spawn like every 20 meters . a bit really hard to play like this when you most kill 200 gigas and dragons in 30 minutes in singleplayer on xbox . ?????????? pleasse fix this or some help how to fix it .
  4. Yeah i think you are right. I'm positive i checked i checked on S+ notes and couldnt find anything. I do have an S+ Nanny, just never clicked that could be what it was. Thanks...Been bugging me for ages.
  5. Doesn't that icon means the S+ Nanny is taking care of them or something?
  6. Times up, or?? You know when you set the alarm clock to 4 in the night because you have eggs hatching and you stand there waiting on a 0:00 timer on hatch, after 5 minutes yoiu pick them up and throwthem again just to see now the eggs are now in timers from 10 to 50 minutes, or when you bred 20 female rhinos at the same time and the baby's pop with unjknown interwals timers stopping at 1 sek left. give you experience in the matters
  7. Fistbump imprinting mechanic??? Anyone know what this fist bump icon means? it seems to give me an imprinting bonus without having to do any of the actions (cuddle, go for a walk ETC.), however, it doesn't always come up and i don't know how to replicate it. Also been searching a while online but whenever i find stuff related to imprinting i always just find the basic actions. It doesn't seem to be mod related. Just in case, i run, structures +, stackmemore and classic flyers. Would really like to know how to replicate it.
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  9. This is not very "changed" Its still 10 prime meat jerky? Think about it, New players probably don't even have oil! What are they going to do. Now for the people that have stuff. Making prime meat jerky takes time , Other then that its used in kibble. If you ask me it shall be changed to cooked meat or even cooked prime meat. So it will be easier. Think about it , Last time u needed 5 cakes, And 1 party dodo was giving 8 cakes! Basicly if you killed 1 dodo you would be able to get 1 new chibi. And now? Its much harder.
  10. Same Here, I can't connect to the server is not even in the list of servers !
  11. Trippy28

    Stuck plz help

    Stuck plz help I took my character to extinctionserver1024 and someone is dissing so I cant move and when I do it doesn't load which makes me appear exactly where I started after like 10 mins. If someone knows how to make it where I can just access a city terminal to get my character off the server please help
  12. Dino Level Max cap on 30lv with difficulty offset 0.2 Sorry for my noob question. I google for an hour and cannot find the answer. I have a private dedicated server with the Island map and play with 2 friends. I haven't change the config file too much. even the difficulty offset still 0.2. I have read the wiki and found below Difficulty Value = DifficultyOffset * (Official Difficulty - 0.5) + 0.5 according to wiki said "To calculate the Maximum Creature Level for a given Difficulty Value, simply multiply by 30". So my max dino level should be level 36 [30*(0.2*(4-0.5)+0.5)] base on wiki. I have tested it in single player. I fly around in single player and yes I can find some dino with level 36. But in my private server with the same config. I fly around for an hour and only see level 30 dino. Never found any creature over level 30. Anyone can help whats wrong? Multiplayer server has different calculation formula??? Thanks for anyone can help.
  13. I sent support a message but the page also said for tribe related stuff I could try posting in forums as admin team checks them regularly so I'm just hoping to up my chances a bit by doing both. And I don't know how I kicked myself, I was clearly on that guys name and them I remove and I was removed.
  14. Trippy28

    Stuck plz help

    Stuck plz help I jumped my character to server 1024 just trying to learn extinction engrams and leave and I cant do anything and my character is stuck on the server now. Every couple of mins I load right back where I started please help
  15. Experience Player fresh LvL100 Char Gamertag is: DoPe SyKe
  16. It’s the same with the Valguero server 1082 disappeared nearly 2 hours ago just as eggs were about to hatch
  17. Is there any word on fixing the VISUAL BUG single player / co-op have been experiencing on consoles for months now??
  18. Looks like you kicked yourself from the tribe. If this was on official, you should try contacting WildCard's support.
  19. No, I play by myself on my Valguero server. I have a friend, actual IRL friend, who is on roster just in case I get removed from it somehow since I had an issue with abberation server that I'm hoping gets resolved.
  20. Lost Ownership of Tribe I Owned With No One Else In Tribe Lost Ownership of Tribe I Owned With No One Else In Tribe Hey, so I was given a base on aberration by some players quitting. They added me into their tribe and gave me admin of the tribe. I then waited for them to transfer out and then kicked from tribe but once I kicked the last player it removed me from the tribe as well so now no one owns the tribe because they’re all kicked out. I need assistance to get reinstated into the tribe as soon as possible so it doesn’t despawn. I recorded a video of it happening off my playstation and can send that also. Uploaded video to youtube since size of file is too much for this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2nOj6BB4VM&feature=youtu.be
  21. I still get cake from Dodds but can't use it in the cooking station since the next event started and after the resent fix now I can't type in any search or chat bars or use admin commands. I'm playing single player on Xbox 1
  22. Server not showing what happened to valguero official pve server 1104 I can't find it is it down for ever?
  23. Stupid response but do you have tribemates that may have stolen it. Also the dieing in your base is from a glitch where you phase through the floor.
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