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  2. Recruitment I would like to join the rag server. I'm quite experienced, currently lvl 78.
  3. Add me on discord so I can send you the details Send me a friend request on Discord. Then I'll send you the details. My Discord: Wanheda#0357 Have a nice day!
  4. Zodiak

    PVE cave building

    It´s not the only entrance to the underwater cave, i think it 1 of 5 spots where u can get in.
  5. Purple oSD is best place for Rex bp
  6. @Kodking194 I believe the place you are referring to has been taken unfortunately. As I said before though, there are still plenty of good spots available. You would be more than welcome to set up a market if you would like. We also have a trading channel on our discord.
  7. MTS trio tribe servers not available? I tried to join this link for the island on MTS trio tribes servers: https://ark-servers.net/server/181871/ But it's been a couple days MTS Servers are offline. Someone know when will it be available to join?
  8. Accidental Gaming - RP | Ragnarok, Island, +1 | x5XP, x3H, x5T, x6B │ Mods Our Story The year is 2120. The Earth and humanity as we know it are dying. Mankind has depleted many natural resources, almost all wildlife are extinct, and the air is nearly unbreathable. What little time we have left is being devoted to Project JURAS:SIC. Scientists at the project have discovered a way to slingshot the human race across the universe, but this can only be done once, as such a large jump requires most of the remaining energy left on Earth. In order to guarantee the survival of the travelers, a sampling of mankind is sent on this mission. One group, The Volunteers, are all members of Project JURAS:SIC. Their group is made up of individuals with specific skill sets ranging from marine biologists and botanists to civil engineers and artists. Their role is to establish a home while monitoring and sending back data to Earth. The second group of residents, referred to as The Chosen, were randomly plucked from their homes across the globe. They are an added variable. The new planet is also their home, but they do not receive specific instructions from the project leaders. Will you be a volunteer with a specific purpose and role to play or will you be someone who was randomly chosen to help keep humanity going? Welcome to Accidental Gaming Welcome to Accidental Gaming! We are a community run cluster. All major changes are made by community vote. Our story is intentionally flexible and broad. We want a diverse array of players and characters! We have a currency system on our cluster, but the economy is purely player run (no buy or sell tables). Our gamemode is PvP but we have strict rules in place about PvP and it MUST be done within the bounds of your character and the story to be acceptable. No one is allowed to run around attacking all they choose, but it is a possibility that you will be attacked. Make alliances, broker treaties, make friends!! You’ve landed on an unknown world and must survive! Details Server Name: Accidental Gaming RP Maps: Ragnarok, The Island and 1 map that rotates every month (Voted on by cluster. It is not wiped, but taken offline as the planet comes in and out of orbit). We are currently in the process of discussing whether or not to add Center and Valguero as new permanent maps as well. Discord: https://discord.gg/QdjTYu7 Website: https://parameciumbrain.wixsite.com/accidentalgaming Server Connections: Please join our discord for information on how to join the cluster. You will need to submit a backstory before you can be added to the exclusive join list. Slots: 70 players per server Mods: Join discord for steam mod collection! Some servers have different mods than others. Structures +, Platforms + CT Reusable Item Super Spyglass Advanced Rafts Castles, Keeps, and Forts Rare Sightings Death Helper Eco's RP Decor Eco's Stable Structures Peachy Viking Decor Peachy Decor Gryphons Speed Saddles HG Stacking Mod 5000 Vanilla Armor Skins Auction House Dino Storage V2 (Heavily configured) Join Control Plugins Make Ark Great Again - Dynamic Offline Raid Protection Discord Integrator - Global and Tribe chats are connected across ALL clustered servers Ark Shop - You can sell coins and buy certain things like map-specific engrams, Super Test Meat, hair styles and more! Rates: Xp - 5x, Harvesting - 3x, Taming - 5x, Breeding - 6x Wild Dinos: Max wild level - 150 Max Tribe Members: 7 per map Max Tame Limit Per Tribe: 500 per map (does not include soultraps) More Info: All servers are clustered so you can freely travel and enjoy all maps. Almost all major decisions are completely community based. All changes are put to a vote and recorded in discord. Weekend events which increase harvesting, breeding, taming, rare sightings, extremely high level alphas to kill for loot, etc. Random in game events! Some community run, some admin run. All are encouraged to make events! Custom beacon drops for themed loot. Active discord server - serves as an extension of the game. Patreon donation packages are available. See Discord for details. Custom questing system created and maintained by server admin. Coin rewards are available including: Certain dinos, dino color changes, dino imprints, and beacons. All are priced carefully with server economy in mind. Dino purchases are quite expensive. Certain game breaking S+ structures have been disabled (mutator, cloning chamber, many of the turrets). This is to make sure there is a balanced game play. S+ Item Collector, Hatchery, Gardener and Farmer engrams have been reworked to require ingame currency to craft. These things are game changing and should be difficult to acquire. Last wipe was on 01/11/2019. We do not wipe unless the community as a whole decides to wipe. Come and join our Discord community! https://discord.gg/2cqtnQD
  9. Do for Gigas what you SAID you would Back in patch 222.5 this was said in the patch notes: "Giganotosaurus Tamed Damage & HP reduced by 40% (in v223.0 we will rebalance this further to scale more by level)" It was said that the per-level scaling would be increased to rebalance the large nerf done to the combat stats of it. Yet, patch 223 came and absolutely nothing was done about it. Stil, to this day, Gigas scale horribly. It's a joke how poorly they scale. Their HP scales +40 per level and +0.04% per level tamed. That's horrid. To the point that, you would be stupid to ever put a point into health on a Giga. To put this in perspective, a Rex's HP per level scaling is 5.5x higher in the wild, and 135x higher tamed. Melee is the ONLY stat that is even worth leveling on a Giga, and even that is only half of that as a Rex, even after accounting for the wild vs tamed decreases on the Giga. Yes, I understand that Gigas are going to scale less than other dinos just given the way that they have such obscene base stats. But to this extent? It's ridiculous. And Wildcard literally explicitly SAID they were going to fix this. Speaking of Rexes, they are infinitely more accessible than Gigas, and yet the gap in their strength does not reflect that. Sure, Gigas are stronger, but when you see how unbelievably different the dinos are in how easy it is to acquire and breed each, then you realize the gap should be bigger. It is akin to your boss coming and offering you a promotion where you would get paid 3% more, but you would have to work twice as many hours and would have ten times the responsibility. That's to some extent, analogous to the Giga vs Rex difference in this game. Let me illustrate the trouble that each dino is compared to the other: 1) Rexes can be tamed using a stone taming pen. Gigas can breaks stone so they require a metal taming pen, automatically making that more expensive. 2) If you decide to use a taming pen, Gigas actually pose a very real threat to killing the tame or yourself as you are luring it to the pen or building the pen around them. Considering the wild Gigas enormously larger base damage, and more importantly, the gnash damage that does percentage damage, they can and will kill you in the taming process. I have tamed several dozens of level 140+ Rexes and my tame I was using has NEVER even come close to dying. That alone makes a Giga much harder to acquire than a Rex. 3) Gigas drain their torpor REALLY fast. This actually requires that you bring huge amounts of Narcotics. Rexes usually require very little if ANY Narcotics. (of course, depending on the server settings) 4) As an extension of #3, even if you do use Narcotics, going and searching for prime meat to use to tame, poses a risk because there's a chance that the Giga will wake up. No such risk exists with a Rex, you can take your time looking for prime meat. With a Giga, you either need two people, with one tending to the dino while the other goes for the prime, or you need to use kibble. Again, you are perfectly fine not using kibble with a Rex. 5) The maturation time of a Giga is ~3x longer than a Rex. Obviously this makes it much harder to breed them, especially on a large sale. 6) A high level Giga requires ~6x the amount of shots to knock it out than a Rex. This automatically makes the tame harder, and necessitates using a taming pen that much more. and most importantly: 7) Gigas are astronomically more rare than a Rex. It is fairly common that there is only a single Giga on the entire map at a time, while Rexes can be seen completely swarming certain areas. on most maps. If nothing else, that makes it dramatically easier to acquire a good Rex(es) compared to Gigas. Considering how much harder it is to acquire and breed etc a Giga compared to a Rex, the gap in their strength should be bigger. This can be fixed by literally just doing what they said they were going to do in the first place. As of right now, NONE of a Gigas stats increase by more than 1% per level, including only 0.04% per level in health and 0.85% per level for melee. (Again, the melee stat is the only one that isn't negigible) compared to a Rex having 5.4% for health, 1.7% for melee, 10% for Stamina, etc etc. And it isn't as though making Gigas stronger would break much, they can't even be used for boss fights regardless, and aren't all that much more than giant meat collectors for a lot of people as it stands now. Make Gigas scale better. Please.
  10. The person that fired the shot that actually knocked it out will be the one that can tame it.
  11. There is so much butt kissing here. Anyone that isnt annoyed by the penny pinching they showed by not adding these creatures in probably works for WC and recieved another company email telling them to defend this obviously intentional F-YOU to their community. Why didnt they just add it as a payed DLC? I would have paid 15-20 bucks to have Valguero be actually fun. Might as well play rag. At least I can get a Wyvern. Wildcard be like
  12. Thanks for clarifying....... in all of my 2300 hours in Ark, I've only set foot on official servers one single time, day one of early access..... ok well actually twice, got bored one day because Dedicated server admin was at work and the server went down so he wasn't there to reset it.......... Actually that brings up a good point though. Problems on official often go without solutions because it's hard to get the admins ear so to speak..... step down a bit to a more personal level, to dedicated, and suddenly there's someone you can actually talk to if you're having problems, and most dedicated server admins are friendly enough that they will try to work with you to solve them. You just need to take enough time to find one that isn't inundated with a billion mods, and has the rates you're looking for...... or better yet, just start your own, it's not hard, and is by far the most rewarding because you have full control. I've been running my own servers throughout most of my Ark experience, and unlike alot of people who play on official who can't ever seem to find anything positive to say about the game, I can say very honestly that my Ark experience has left me with very few complaints.
  13. I have tweeted on their Twitter multiple times, I have left a scathing review for Valguero on Steam, and I created a forum post on here as well as commenting on others with the same problem. There has been nothing but silence. Not giving us some kind of explanation is just lazy and childish. We paid for the game, we deserve much more than this idiocy.
  14. Official Server has Consistent 255 Ping NA-PVE-Official-Aberration380 has had a ping of 255 since Sunday morning. It's made the server mostly unplayable with constant rubberbanding. The server browser shows a normal ping but once you load it it's pretty much always 255. The population on the server is usually pretty low, like 3 or 4 people online at the same time. I've googled around and seen this is a known bug/issue ? Other people on my server have reported this with through the server outage form, but there hasn't been any response so far.
  15. Ark comes alive pve server I m searching for a Ark comes alive pve server. Anyone has suggestion?
  16. Then when I don't want them mating, I disable it and put them on wander for the dinos I don't ride.
  17. im happy to have a new map thats free, be cool to give pvp a try on a new map as a fresh start where there's no alpha tribes pre set up
  18. I have this issue playing on Xbox (with server running on Windows 10). Every time there is a restart to the server app the admin list is empty.
  19. So weird and random. Thought maybe, just maybe, there was something left over from the mod map that let you in. I have tried everything I can think of to get the map to load. It says it's in my library. I've manually uninstalled and reinstalled. I've manually uninstalled all DLCs, then installed Valguero first. I've validated files...nothing. And radio silence again from the devs. I mean they could at least tell us that they are aware of the issue. Has anyone seen any word that they are aware of the issue?
  20. No, but I’m sure they’re thinking about it. They probably get lots of requests.
  21. 1. Are you using Valguero_P as the map name ? Yes, I can acces the server in local and play 2. Try searching for your server on www.battlemetrics.com Found it but saying (if you wanna search, the server name is "Sandvaks" ): Status = Dead " Server failed to respond to queryan hour ago Server failed to respond to query2 hours ago Server failed to respond to query3 hours ago Server failed to respond to query4 hours ago" 3. Leave it running for a while. It can take some time for it to first appear on the unofficial server list. It took mine about an hour to first appear. It makes +3hours. I'll leave it open till I go sleep 4. Leave a gap between the port numbers on your servers (if you're running more than one map). Ark silently uses the port number you specify and the next one up. I never run multiple servers. But what do you mean by leaving a gap ? For my other server my port is 27015 and my queryport is 27016
  22. My dinos will mate if I don't enable wander. I just leave them really close to each other n when the double hearts come up, i just wait till she lays the egg. And i have multiple couples that mate with wander disabled!!
  23. The tame list is found on the page where you have all of your (or your mount’s) stats. You’ll see the little thing that says ?/40 tames. You click it, and you have the time list.
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