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  2. Reaper King

    Nope, this is intended. You cannot claim stuff anymore like that. It's a "server" thing
  3. Reaper King

    Dunno but it's an interesting read during compilation times at work
  4. Do beavers leave an area?

    Ragnarok has all SE creatures and engrams. I prefer the thorny to the beaver simply because it eats meat and you save far more on resources to tame one.
  5. Wouldn't be ark forums if there wasn't something to complain about
  6. Is PvE better? Does it get boring fast?

    For me I don't like Pve because u build up for no reason u get bigger than u have nothing to really do as for PvP u can build up and raid people who raided u u get to defend u have more of a reason to build quickly
  7. Black Market (Supremacy) own Abberation EU server 672 along with XenoMorphs
  8. Is PvE better? Does it get boring fast?

    My taming is 6x, egg hatch 30x, mature 60x, no mating interval, and 11 min imprints - so you can enjoy the rest of the game without messing with such tedious tasks as taming and breeding. It’s just me and a bunch of friends, so ORP is on and no structure/dino decay.
  9. Why don't more people play Aberration?

    That is also one of the reason I don't play I think it's pointless for a couple new dinos and a harder time when I can play island rag center or scorched and grow within 2 days then later when I'm bigger I can start on AB later and get more members in tht server plus there should be a better way to lure people to AB
  10. Is PvE better? Does it get boring fast?

    PVE on unofficial servers for me. On unofficial, you need to check if and/or when the next wipe will be. I left my last unofficial server because they wiped their server and forced everyone to start again with nothing. Also check how long the server is likely to be around because unofficial servers can disappear with zero notice. PVE allows you to focus on building, breeding, and doing the boss fights. Don't bother with high rate servers as they don't present any real challenge. 2x XP and gathering is fine - use the correct dino for the job and you'll get loads of materials. Also worth checking if wild dinos can be carried. I don't like it because it provides a griefing mechanism. Some people do like it in PVE because it makes taming easier.
  11. Why don't more people play Aberration?

    For me I don't really like it it's a good map but if certain base locations are taken then u going to have to build in a spawn which is bad for PvP I think it's more of a map for pve players cause its more of a challenge for Pve players I stopped cause the only locations I could build at were spawns
  12. My cousins sisters aunt went over to Europe and Asia once and "NO" they don't have weekends over there. Just swamp fever and VD.
  13. Blurry graphics on PS4

    Other games look great, so its not the PS4. My screen is pretty clean.
  14. Seriously, why is this an issue now, all of a sudden? Evo events have been happening for around a year now and people are only now complaining about start times? Maybe if you piped up when they first started, Wildcard may have done something about it. Let’s face it, the bulk majority of their player base came from early access and many of them have been here since the beginning, so they have witnessed all the changes. If they have accepted the event start times then so should you, despite how unfair you may think it is.
  15. Theri fiber glitch

    Any one have s theri that one second will be collecting fiber just fine, then bam it no longer will harvest fiber no matter what? Has been happening a lot to me.
  16. Is PvE better? Does it get boring fast?

    I switch back and forth between PVP and PVE. Both are fun. PVE allows you to relax a bit and enjoy some of the finer things in the game without having to worry about being wiped when you log in the next day. Whereas, it's fun to scheme, ambush, exact revenge and pillage in PVP. Just pick how you feel each day and you can have fun with both.
  17. Why don't more people play Aberration?

    Aberration is great but it had to be clustered. You can't bring stuff unless it's clustered. Tek is useless cause you need tek from other maps to use it. As for sci-fi. We already theorized from the beginning that the arks were alien in origin
  18. How is the note useless? Have you never made a custom recipe before? @EmberStar Just mindwipe. Make sure only to do so when you have a level up (and aren’t level 100), or enable unlimited respecs and not worry about the one use per level. That’s how everyone else gets by.
  19. Quitting over disease griefing

    I'm sorry but quitting because someone gives you swamp fever is pretty sad. I've only ever spread swamp fever to my tribe mates and that was pretty darn funny. If you can't handle dying because of swamp fever in PVP then for the first time prolly ever I agree with Lou and you should hang up your cloth shirt and play a new game.
  20. Can't open drops or obilisk terminals without being kicked from the server. Any ideas
  21. Is PvE better? Does it get boring fast?

    i never watch game videos. not for ark not for other games. i o understand that there is some people that wants to tame or breed every single color variant of every single in game animal, but that irrelevant percentage of players. most people want to tame and use new animals, explore new regions and thats it. 1 month and they got bored. take look at aberration. servers where full when its released, and now?
  22. Hi all I'm looking for an extremely boosted server on Xbox abberation you can message me on Xbox gt loadeddaiper Thanks
  23. Transferring between Aberrant servers

    Ok awesome thanks, I really like trading so it was a bit of a pain that I couldn't do eggs, but at least can do them grown. Thanks for quick reply.
  24. What Animal Family do you think the Reaper is in?

    Dilos are theropods...
  25. Transferring between Aberrant servers

    You can download Aberrant versions and Aberration specific creatures (Rock Drake, Ravager, etc, etc.) to Aberration servers.
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