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  2. Our base on my first Ab server was right there. 2 drops, early map metal, surface entrance with no nameless, gas collectors and a charge node right there. Probably one of the best base spots for sure.
  3. Nvm, didnt realize beginner servers only went to level 44
  4. Ezphyre

    Reaper King

    I hate that nameless still attack ya on it so I gotta turn on my charge pet and off so a 150 megol doesn't obliterate my health give em a saddle like da rock gollem and make it so nameless or seekers don't attack ya on one they're so hard to get yet the effort to get one u could breed a megalo and touch cheeks
  5. Edge 4 puts you not far from the NE surface cave, which is the safe end of the river. Aside from a few raptors and some rare spawns that seem to come out of the blue area (ravagers, arthropleura), it's one of the safest areas on the map. I had a base there right next to the waterfall. Karks, Spinos, and Piranhas don't spawn that far down the river. Just those dangerous otters.
  6. I WANT TO JOIN A ACTIVE TRIBE I am a pretty experienced pve player looking to join a tribe that does cool stuff like kill bosses or decimate other tribes
  7. Lol. You know, I survive the longest as a noob spawning at one of the Edge spawns and they're classified as hard.
  8. Get it out of your head right now that there's a "noob area" because there isn't. Alpha's spawn on all the beaches, Spinos spawn in the rivers, I've tamed some pretty high level Rexs in the southeast river area and even seen packs of allos there (although rare.) WC labeled certain areas "easy" and it's bullpoop. It's completely, 100% false. Just like they labeled portal easy on Aberration and then raptor packs kill you and Ravagers and Basilisks fall down from the upper levels.
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  10. They run 2x rates almost every weekend (until an event starts and now they apparently just raptor everyone over on taming.) It's fine.
  11. Carrots grow wild in highlands on Rag. You can pick them there. I will say if timers are going to make you quit the game you should do it now because there are a lot more irritating bugs and nonsense than timer resets.
  12. That's partially to blame on the devs not configuring the maps to turn off building in resource rich areas for PvE. Someone doesn't build near the metal spawn so that it doesn't inhibit the metal spawn but if it's not pillared some troll will place foundations on an alt account and ORP them for fun. Then what is the rest of the server to do for metal, obsidian, crystal, paste, etc? It's a sandbox survival game. Protecting your servers resources for your growth and survival should be part of that right? (I'm not talking about the over pillaring land grabbers but this example relates to your comment of "pillar or claim land that is far away from their base.")
  13. Mostly I have had very good experience with the admins in this game and they have been very knowledgable about what they are doing. The thread is not about me but a player that has been targetted several times near a popular area. His base and the offending pillars do not affect any of the people in tribes who surround him, we all work together, do boss runs together and are frequently on same discord if not in direct alliances with each other. The offending pillars were on narrow peace of beach keeping it open so we could all acess a transmitter near his base to do boss runs and this has been fine for a year, in fact most of the nearby tribes also have pillars protecting their direct acess done in exactly same fashion. All these pillars are also within render range of the players base. Simply put , when this happened we all knew it was none of the people the pillars directly affected putting in the report, we are all fine with them or allied. The area was instantly pillared by a new tribe though once removed by a gm, and this player instantly spammed the entire area, including pushing into our group of buildings and the base of player they reported spamming hills, cliffs and entire area with more pillars than the 'offending' ones removed by gm. My issue is that the the offending pillars were in render of the guys base and not pushed up against any structures and were clearly protecting a small acess for everyone with bases there, this guy suffered massive damage to base and was stripped of huge ammounts of materials and structures from tek storage simply because some player wanted to do a land grab and had completley gotten away with it scot free. Because the land grabber put in ticket first the other player now is considered an offender and has no way of defending themself to gms. Its abuse of ticketing system pure and simple.
  14. 1 Yuty is enough and you don't need a Daeodon for gamma. Get 3 more Rexes and you should be fine. But for beta and alpha I highly recommend Megatheriums because of the insect-buff.
  15. i mistook that for you sayin i duped it. kinda bullpoop if you ask me, they need to fix duping and wipe servers.
  16. Food rod, timers and server transfers Food rot should not affect timers for server transfers. It serves no purpose and wastes time. I understand timers to prevent grab and run theft and mass resource transfer affecting server balance but I'm trying to transfer a few stacks of carrots to rag to tame equis and they rot during lag as timer is coming up . Then I'm waiting another 15 minutes just to have half of the damn stacks rot again right after the timer finishes. that pretty much means forget playing ark the game of waiting for timers and go do something else.
  17. Sounds like you played an unofficial. They wrote special codes in the ini files to add kibble to drops. On PC you can adjust the ini files for single player but console can not. The commands you are looking for can be found with a google search. Try "adding kibble to loot drops Ark"
  18. Not gaining experience on ps4 Level 44, official server on the island. Was working fine earlier tofay but i suddenly stopped gaining experience. Ive relogged force closed the game. I cant make a mind wipe as im on level 44 and dont have anywhere near the ingredients. How do i fix this?
  19. Orbital loot drops Hi, I have been playing single player ark for about 4 months now and i decided to try playing on a server. i noticed that the drops differ from offline to online. is there a way to match single player to multiplayer? for example, a lot of the drops i opened in multiplayer had kibble. my single player loots never had that. i know there is a loot quality slider, but even that did not have the same effect. i know you can farm eggs and cook kibble, but i really like the idea of those in the drops. i tried a google search but nothing panned out (besides changing the default single player multiplier to 10 which is op). thank you.
  20. Starting New Nitrado hosted PS4 server, looking for members to fill it Starting New Nitrado hosted PS4 server, looking for members to fill it! Server will be PvPvE with 5x boosts Looking for people to filll server who would like PvP though are interested in completeing maiin game story. add RecticularGibbon psn or Server im Trialing is BrisArk on Valgureo....will extend and open up more slots once i know its goin to be used.
  21. Look. You don't even say what "it" is in the forum and again, a dev told you it borders on what they would consider a violation of the CoC but you do you. Just don't come back here in 6 months crying that you were unfairly banned.
  22. except I don't see it as wrong at all. I read the code of conduct, does not match the code of conduct even remotely to me. one friend said you should ask the devs and I was completely confused as to why. but seriously they are very vague... if thats the case then theres literally over 100 things I know about that might violate the code of conduct lol... >.> but it is very subtle and seems like its part of the game to me.
  23. STILL NOT WORKING FOR PC This is ridiculous... worst developer team I have ever run into playing a game...
  24. I think the big turtle will be like titans from extinction/ titanosaur.... Tame for 24h and can be only 1 on the map.. May I be wrong!
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