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  2. Dinojoey7

    It won't work for me

    I use a iPhone 6 but I can run the game super smooth
  3. This is because of a glitch where if u jump of something small like spikes u will take lots of fall damage I have no idea why it gives so much
  4. Dinojoey7

    God mode idea

    I think there should be a force tame for godmode it would make it so much easier
  5. Dinojoey7


    I have a tribe on Pve northern shores and my dinosaurs unclaimed but I have been close to them is it only the admins can stop them from unclaiming if u need it our tribe is Meow Clan
  6. Dinojoey7

    More tames

    I think there should be 120 max tames for single I’ve been working on a zoo in single but I keep hitting the max tames and I’ve already built the layout and walls if you can please increase the max tames for single
  7. sinu2222

    Xbox stuck on 777.0?

    I run a server on PC doing cross-play for xbox, was having this issue but now it appears maybe that my pc save was wiped. Any news on this being fixed?
  8. I think what's keeping this game alive is the fact that people think the bugs and glitches are going to improve, so they just "put up with it" because "it'll get fixed eventually." It's now, what, 2 years later? Lol. The devs don't care that it doesn't work. They're too busy making dlc after dlc, milking it for all they can, before scrapping it and starting with ark 2 . Idk about anyone else, but I should have known to stay away from a game that isn't being fixed while dlcs are dropping faster than the pounds from my body. Lol.
  9. have a bp saddle rex to trade on your rock drake saddle... add me on steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198001657506/


  10. Today
  11. 123Yerb

    pve Island Alpha Dragon

    therizino full dmg
  12. I would presume the world was not saved when you logged out with the dinos in the obelisk. Use "cheat saveworld" to save your world before you logout and maybe it will work.
  13. Dolphins aren't supposed to be grounded for taming, where did you get that? One problem I do see the Ichtys having is rendering above the water and dying instantly, but that's about it. Besides, I personally think the game has bigger problems outside of just the ones Ichtys have.
  14. So i am wonder if they can add a realistic birth animation for all the animals and the number of babies the dinos ca have. I know that most animals have more than one kid so why not add the exact number that they can have. Like wolves can have up to a lot of pups and even most of birds can have like 4 to 6 eggs. So i was also wondering if we can have wyverns mate but be a very hard process like you can make them mate but it doesn't come on the first try. Also one question do the megladons in ark have kids?
  15. Qwertymine

    Old Ark

    It's a lot more complicated than that. People will probably tame creatures until another dino cap is needed.
  16. ElKrafT0

    Xbox stuck on 777.0?

    Hot fix applied to official servers where not release yet as patches
  17. GoodGameServers

    pvp Get more players for your ARK server

    UP! New ARK servers list here
  18. RAPTOR99

    Industrial Cooker

    I already have an irrigation system but it is closed meaning I am using a water tank I want to snap in on a industrial cooker to cook things without filling the pot with water every time
  19. WildCard making tutorial how to kill official cluster!
  20. DauntingBeef08

    Planing to move server

    Xbox one Ragnarok official server want to find a rag server that isnt tame capped 99% of the time. What tips and suggestions have you got? current plan is to stay on server and make enough for one vault and fabricator (i drop the vault so its clipped in the fab to save space) and enough walls/cielings to make a basic base. transfer one of my argy over and start moving raw materials over, pack argy up fly to new base, dump all in vault and then rinse and repeat.
  21. #savethef*ingdolphins
  22. Good luck answering all 12 million questions mate.
  23. I dont see the purpose of 25 tribe player servers, thats what official consists of now. I was hoping for either a solo or duo cluster. I Think that would be more successful. 10 Servers(5NA,5EU), two of each map, 100 players per server, 2-6xp, 3x gather and breeding. Maybe even disable certain engrams...
  24. Cinq

    Rag boss fight

    When I successfully killed the boss, at the end of the 1 minute countdown, my survivor did not send out the arena. I have experienced this situation many times. I hope this problem can be solved. Thank you
  25. My Server is listed almost at top on Xbox and or for Win10 Ark under Unofficial Pc Servers. Btw Klatsinski dont post on Advertisements cause it's against the Rules sadly. Just a heads up to you 😉
  26. Dolphins die instantly when grounded and they are suppose to be grounded as part of the taming process. Plant Species X should only kill hostile wilds not fish, dolphins, dodos and every livid f*ing thing in existence. I agree before you pop out another DLC and add add add plz just fix the very big bugs. Like dolphins should not die. Dam this game gets depressing when the dolphins are dying. People are just going to quit if you don't save the f*ing dolphins. Your depressing everyone and they don't want to play anymore.
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