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  2. Weekend rates on official servers Can we please get 2x maturation rates on official servers this weekend. 1- its better to give us something to chew on until genesis which was delayed like a month 2- I would love to hatch the dinos that I've been holding on to thats all ty for fixing meshing
  3. Yes, they have had some difficulty with the last few patches that sets things back, including the release of Genesis. That doesn't mean they can't learn from it. If the Devs believe that the DLC is too buggy to be released in its current state, then I can trust their judgement.
  4. While caps locking it wouldn't be my approach, honestly, their reaction is understandable and they're allowed to feel that way. This has happened so so many times it's honestly unreal. People can be optimistic and say "Take as much time as you need, I'd rather a polished DLC" but it just goes to show they haven't been around for long as even with this extra time the DLC will surely have big issues. I understand WC struggles and must be stressed, but after an absurd amount of delays, as long as people aren't downright nasty, I think anger is 100% understandable.
  5. no we will not, and everyone is free to their opinion, you dont like that kind of reaction, close your browser
  6. Its just lies to get more people to buy the dlc
  7. Good please leave, the rest of us will wait patiently. Your reaction is ridiculous, grow up. I understand your frustration, but keep it to yourself. Thank you.
  8. Having seen what's been happening with the last several patches and events what makes you believe the delayed release will be "less buggy"? LOL! They have crashed the entire network of servers including all platforms AND official servers and had them unplayable for extended amounts of time with event releases --- this is a huge DLC release. So, release some time on the 25th followed by hourly, then daily, patches for a week or more so everybody can actually play the game again.
  9. 3 month necro but w/e. Speaking as someone who played for 600 or so hours during Early Access and very much enjoyed what was available at the time, it defininitely felt like the move to add Tek stuff (and whatever else that put more and more focus on the sci-fi aspect of the game) was a decision made to broaden the player demographic for increased sales, instead of staying true to the original design of the game. A good indicator of this is how long-standing issues that have been present since release, have been overlooked in favor of paid DLC'S - once companies like these get their feet wet all morals go out the window, it's nothing new and it happens in most industries. Without having looked any of this up (please let me know if there were mentions of teleporting space whales in the game back during the EA phase), I still find it very hard to believe that Wildcard would have this grandiose plan for the future, without having any idea of how well the game would do during its inital release and up until now. I personally believe Wildcard came to the conclusion that the strictly-prehistoric theme was gonna be too niche to expand on, and not offer large enough sales in their eyes.
  10. Hope this means I won’t lose my inventory while using climbing picks on tribe owned structures anymore
  11. It does not matter if ypu release it tomorrow or feb 25, or Dec 31, its still going to be plagued with bugs and glitches, so unbalanced that it will destroy the clusters just like Extintion did So cut the poop and release it now, that way at least we can help to provide feedback for you guys to ignore for a few months
  12. NukeTown ps4 25x freshwipe rag 25x server freshwipe insta levels extinction dinos and custom drops come drop by https://discord.gg/TD3rD7j
  13. Vicious Circle 5xRates/3xXP New Cluster New cluster starting. Less than a week old come and stake your claim on the server. MAPS/Mods Mods: No mods as of right now may change in the further Ragnarok, Aberration, TheIsland, Extinction, Valguero_P, TheCenter for now will be replace with Genesis RATES: Experience: 3x Harvest/Gather: 5x Taming: 5x Hatching: 10x Maturation: 10x OTHER SETTINGS: Admin Command Logging: Enabled Tribe Limit:15 Alliance: Disable Friendly Fire: Enabled Floating Damage Text: Enabled Gamma: Enabled Cross-hairs: Enabled Structure Clipping: Enabled Discord link: https://discord.gg/EnQ25jU Steam connect info: Ragnarok: Aberration: TheIsland: Extinction: Valguero_P: TheCenter:
  14. My basilisc killed me underground (Full oxygen)
  15. "Simultaneously on all platforms.******" ******(except Crossplay PC, which will have to wait an indeterminate amount of time for certification) That's okay, we appreciate the new content and all your hard work, even though we get an 8 day late start on it.
  16. boy miss dates much how many times since alpha like wholly cow get your things in order o way only one more dlc and the game done -.- just keep the track record
  17. I hope they run the valentines event for a few weeks versus the one week since we are waiting on the release a month longer then expected. So many duplicate chibis during xmas. Never did get any of the special ones. Nice to get a second shot at them.
  18. Well at least I was right about the Tuesdays being an ARK release day Good news here is that we actually now have a date to HYPE for! A delay is never fun but OMG those pictures looks AWESOME!!!
  19. I know you ARK Devs get a lot of backlash when you have to delay the launch of another DLC, but if that means that we get a less buggy release AND simultaneous launch on all systems, I believe that it is worth it. Did we foresee another delay coming after the silence about Genesis this month, yes. But this doesn't mean we should tear apart these devs all over social media. At the end of the day, they've made a great game that we can all play and enjoy. Moreover, nobody wants to see more delays in the future. Not the players, and not the devs either. But things pop up, something goes wrong, other events outside of Genesis get in the way. That happens to everybody. I just hope that we can expect more accurate release dates beforehand when going into the launch of DLCs. And when things are going awry, I hope we can get the delay notice sooner rather than later, because then at least we're not so close to the release date with so much hype just for it to be yanked back even further. A message to the Devs, thanks for making such a great game and putting so much work into it. I'm sorry that you guys constantly have to deal with backlash from this kind of stuff, but we all love this game and the community built up around it. May we all hope for a great Genesis launch in February and more success with this stuff in the future. Thank you!
  20. Hi ... about this mesh have around 10 15 minutes i was with a desert titan tamed in my server and when i stay in my base to get some items i got dismonted and teleported from the desert titan ... i jump in it again to get some items inside it and game killed me ( im playing a official pve server ) and not was inside or trying do a mesh i think we can get more problems future...
  21. - Breaking news on the Release Date - Hello Survivors,Jesse and Jeremy here! We know things have been a bit quiet on Genesis news for the past few weeks, even though there is much more to show you, we’ve been deeply immersed in the pre-release development process. That being said, we’re writing today to tell you that the final release date for Genesis Part 1 is now February 25th, 2020 simultaneously on all platforms. Thoughts and Concerns below!
  22. I'm really glad there is a delay honestly. Really don't need a repeat of the utter chaos when extinction was released. Extinction content is disgustingly OP and broken even today.
  23. I un then reinstalled, verified integrity and had to add mod packs back 1 by 1, and this worked for me somehow. Hope this helps
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