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  2. Mami

    Great job devs!

    Si. Juego. In. Dita
  3. Wildcard must know by now if the console version is ready to be released? It's 24 hours away and if there was a problem with the Microsoft or Sony certification they would know? I'm staying positive that it will land tomorrow, but some sort of confirmation would help massively
  4. Mami

    Great job devs!

    No. Juego
  5. Note im on solo play (Offline). I spent quite some time killing,collecting,searching and ascending all for Skins obtained throughout the game, i just completeD my final achievement (Taming all domestic animals on the island) SO after finding the dossiers and taming i put the skins in an obalisk and exited to main menu to "save progress from crashes" and when i reloged my skins were NOT in obalisk and after killing my character to see if i respawn with all my skins they didn't appear. Also lost all my dossiers as if i never collected a single dossier. This is not the first time ive put this effort into the game for these skins. I would like those skins back please. Im tired of fighting the glitches of your achievements, ive put im more time an effort then id like to admit an NOW i have nothing to show for that time an effort. YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. What time(PT) comes out for ps4?
  7. Martellus

    The devs just killed Ark!

    All this is actually is making me want to play more Ark... hummmm, curious. I am really in love with this new Mek, I like what I am reading so far. Can't wait to build mine! 😁 Cheers!
  8. ArkRage

    Dino Colors

    Anything but the red!! I'd have a breakdown if there were red dinos all over again.😂
  9. chancho33015

    Veins destroying bases on corrupted zone on PVE

    true true, i agree! People shouldn't expect to build on corrupted zone for more than a moment. I dont understand how isnt that they were expecting to build bases there. NOw we have to farm element the hard way, that is a huge disappointment! Not to mention how there are physical holes in the map that people can just walk under the map....this is a big embarrasment! I am proud of them on making the release for the first time on the deadline but this many issues....is something special.
  10. Xenithar

    Dino Colors

    I believe you just said it perfectly. When we used to find a red, black, or white dino we really were in awe. Now it's like "Oh look, ANOTHER red dino which isn't an alpha" and we move on. In other words, that which used to be rare is now common and boring.
  11. DarkSoul996

    Great job devs!

    I would say it was just as much of a grind for element if not more. Element dust is a PITA to grind. OSD need a lot of people or very strong dinos for the upper tiers as does the element vein if / when it gets fixed. Having spent 90% of my time on Ark as a duo, we've managed to complete nearly all content but extinction is going to be a real struggle.
  12. Xenithar

    RTX 2080 BSOD in Ark

    Actually, GeForce Experience attempts to configure settings for you in games and does other dopy things, like updating drivers automatically. You know, drivers which are working FINE as-is. It causes way more problems than it solves. I'll control my drivers and settings, thank you. Also, for those stating you need drivers below 400.xx, stop spreading false rumors. As I have stated for ages, I am on 416.34 and have been for a while now. Two 1070's in SLI. Zero crashes since disabling the RHI thread. I have played all day a time or two on the weekends. No issues. I even have TrueSky enabled. Blaming the drivers is just plain wrong. Now for a lesson in BSODs. Did you know that a BSOD is triggered by a hardware error? That's right, kids! No game can tell Windows to blue-screen! This takes a low-level driver which has detected an error, such as low voltage, high voltage, or some other physical error somewhere on your system. This is why I recommended checking the power supply. A single 450W PSU may not be enough to run that shiny new 2080 in 4k with max details. My rig required a 600-650W PSU, so I bought a 750W PSU. Low voltage can cause a BSOD just as fast as an overheated CPU or GPU. Again, drivers above 400 are fine. If not, please provide solid evidence and don't just throw around a theory you have. Plenty of us are running above 400 with 1070's, 1080's and even the 2000 series without a problem. If the drivers above 400 cause an issue on your system, then you need to figure that out first.
  13. zeddybear777

    stuck at 70

    HI i am running a game in singleplayer and have finally hit lvl 70 but now my xp has stopped there? anyone else have this happen? there isnt a cap in the centre at 70 is there? i am running a few mods. The ones i have on are engrams and levels, better pve v 1.36, spoiling bin and pet finder. I just added the engrams and levels to see if that one would help but so far havent seen any thing different there. i really dont want to start over and find that the issue happens again. Thoughts on this one?
  14. GameZones

    TEK Dodo

  15. Currahee

    TEK Replicator in Extinction

    So , just to confirm - As of right now the tek replicator BPs in the orbital supply drops do nothing? And if you want to build the replicator you have to transfer to another map, beat a boss and unlock it first?
  16. Still a few hours left on our Level Up! event with x2 Experience and x2 Resources!
  17. Mctoozle

    Extinction A pointless Expansion.

    Absolutely childish post imo. You obviously haven't given anything a chance and will probably regret this post. This map is awesome and I can see a tonne of potential for both PvE and PvP.
  18. steelshiv

    Great job devs!

    Yeah, once some of the bugs get ironed out and things get polished it'll be great.
  19. dragolex


    Hola Llevo mucho tiempo jugando al ARK en PS4 y tengo todos los trofeos por lo que conseguí todas o la mayoría de las skins. Pero desde una actualización que hubo hace un tiempo, se me eliminaron algunas por ejemplo la silla de montar con gafas para el Rex y la skin de Giganoto biónico. Quería saber si me las podéis devolver a mi cuenta ya que me costó mucho tiempo y esfuerzo conseguir los trofeos para conseguir las skins. Mi ID es dragolex_01. Gracias
  20. @AmericasTopBaca Let me explain the Mac / Linux client problem. User with Mac / Linux clients have to share the servers with windows client users. Now nearly all official / unoffical server were updated to v286.xxx. All windows clients are able to join. Since Nov 6th no Mac / Linux user is able to join ANY server with v286.xxx ... no TheIsland, no Scorched Earth, no Aberration ... Therefore we are not able to defend our bases, feed our tames, refill the generator ... for 6 days now!!! And now we should chill?? 😡😡
  21. GameFreak

    just a few suggestions

    - add a count down timer for maturation like how there is one for hatching. it would just be nice to know exactly how much time is left. (this would also be nice for torpor as well) - an option to color code the stat meters (hp, stam, etc) instead of them all being the same color blue that blends in with the background on occasion making it difficult to know whats going on.
  22. KingGalahad

    The devs just killed Ark!

    I miss those days of ark too. long before the flyer nerf, when ark truly was great.
  23. MrUnknown13

    Hey, whats the point from here

    thats ok, i'm gonna find a new game now. it sure was fun playing this game for months. so this will be my last comment lol. i was hoping that the devs fixed the cave crashes issue before i really quit the game. maybe i'll be back to visit the game after awhile. so this is just a temporary goodbye.. maybe..
  24. Wazzamaniac

    Veins destroying bases on corrupted zone on PVE

    Dont forget, corrupted dinos attack and can destroy any base of any material, and are also part of the cleanup crew!
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