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  2. Does Boss Fights Health Change based on tames health you take in? When i go in to boss fights does the BOSSES HEALTH change Based on : Does it change if we take in high health Does it change if we take in more players ? Does it change if we take in high melee ? Does it change if we take in high levels ? Or Does the Bosses just have a static Health based on Gamma , Beta , Alpha ?
  3. You can drag survivors if they are not over encumbered. Body bags were patched
  4. Your ideas make things a little more palatable to the PVE community. As a little more info though--I use the heal extensively during taming, especially on squishy low level event dinos that just want to feed themselves to wolves than be tamed by me. Your changes will still hurt (but not as bad) unless they make the wild dino tribe also unaffected by the changes. That said, I do understand how these are good and beneficial changes to the PVP community.
  5. Valguero PVP 5x with a twist Valguero map -PVP with ORP and purge weekends Admin shop at blue Obelisk has 3 deals active for each week( Billboards at shop) Shop currency is berry bush seeds youll find in green drops Max player lvl 120/Max wild dino 270 3-5x player stats(except weight is 1000x) Dino stats mostly vanilla except for boosted weight/stam/speed Faster taming and imprinting ~roughly 25 minutes to raise a fully imprinted ptera 20x stack mod(bullets/shards reduced to prevent impossibly full turrets) Modded drops(not outrageous) Craftable element 1k dust per element, harvest tek dinos Aberration zone dinos added back into aberration zone! Rock drakes in trench drop a fertilized egg. Stats of tamed drakes increased to compensate for lvl 1 egg. Added dino spawns to winter areas: Mana, gacha, snow owl, corrupted Wyvern(added to scar) Added dinos to chalk hills: Gasbags, griffins Added dinos to beach: Zombie dodos Added dinos to various other regions: glowbugs, scouts, corrupted Pteras, basilisks,velonasaurs, and very rarely nameless and deathworms Why go through the hassle of traveling between the maps when you can just travel across the map. First event in September will be “Beastpocalypse”. Default dinos spawns reduced and corrupted/aggressive dinos added. September 6-8th. Open to suggestions and will implement QoL improvements asap. Server was established to escape admin abuse. Im working to find a balance between grinding and fun. Mostly chill regulars but PVP is not frowned upon. Try not to overdo it. Check it out!
  6. Well, if your beds are in the scar then yes that seems risky... but if they are in safe outposts there should not be any risks. De rien.
  7. Good point, however traveling from bed to bed, re-spawning naked in Hardcore mode? Ouff that's a gamble I'm not willing to take lol. Merci
  8. Based on the wiki, it should be Y on Xbox and triangle on PS4.
  9. Try to avoid walking close to horde of idling tames. For some reasons it seems to happens more frequently when you run past an idling creature that is playing their laying/pooping animation. It also happens a lot when you close the new "double doors" while your character is still too close.
  10. Mesh protection So has it gotten to the point now where the devs just don’t care they are losing players daily due to meshing? We lost 2k tames to meshers and we submitted tickets for months with proof. Also Tobida came on our server WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING! And yet nothing was done...Hundreds of hours lost. And now our new allies just got meshed and lost 1600 tames. If your not going to fix your game WC at least let us set up our OWN mesh protection without consequences.
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  12. Will go through point by point as I'm on the Beta Branch: Everything DVSR has posted is good, with some added things as I'm on the Beta Branch: Mek Shield Debuff should not be 30 seconds, but maybe 10. 30 Seconds is still way too long for anyone to possibly ever get away from a Mek. The purpose of the Mek shield should be to protect allies and give a *minor* damage increase debuff to the enemy. IE: 20% extra damage instead of 50%. Honestly the slow should just be removed all together from Mek Shields. Snow Owl Immunity should only apply to ENEMY Dinosaurs and Players. The immunity to being frozen for allied dinos doesn't make any sense. See if you can flag this as a priority, that way PvE players are happy. Snow Owl Immunity should also apply to the slow debuff, that way people can't spam dive bomb when they are chasing someone down. As far as the Tek Tapejara nerfs, I agree with what DVSR has stated. I believe the proper way to Nerf Tapejaras is to take something away and to give something. IE: 50% reduction in their damage to structures, remove the 30% projectile nerf, but then up the range to High on Tek Rexes and Tek Rock Drakes OR give C4 Platforms back. The only viable saddle currently IS the Tek Tapejara Saddle. If you nerf it to oblivion, then we are back to a soaking meta, which is bad. Another viable alternative is to just increase the Tek Turret Health from 3000 to 20000 and do not nerf tek tapejara at all. That way, it is 40 Tek Tapejara shots to destroy a Tek Turret instead of 6. Plant Z Weight is currently 11 on the Beta Branch. Also, remove the Flash Bang effect. Noone wants it.
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  14. You can still use beds to fast-travel around the map.
  15. Tek suit, dust, and you can fly to a base no problem. Maybe come over and drop a bag on an ob so you can fly over to their base. Allies are your worst enemy. We cut all of ours months ago and only have internal alliances for offline gates on extinction.
  16. HardCore quick question Hi I'm testing my server on that setting for the first time. Besides dying for real each time, (recreating your character) any benefits? I mean, I imagine making beds now are useless? I'm on PS4, Is there any active players on that mode? Any tips? Thanks PSN: Moose_Cdn Server: BadaBing
  17. WILD SOCIETY - 6 MAP STEAM PVE w/ RAID SERVER Are you looking for a fresh, active, helpful, and mature PVE community? Are you tired of always joining a new server and playing alone? Looking to complete the Ark story and don't want to be done everything in a week? How about unique exclusives, events, and a rotating PVP raid server?!? Then you are reading the right post!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We welcome you to join our 6 Map Steam PC PVE Cluster, called Wild Society – hosted by two friends who are very active and dedicated to the game. We have a small community center on every map where you claim starter pack, and we offer The Island, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, Valguero & our brand new TCC Event Map with Bi-Weekly Raids! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our mod lists and server settings have been hand picked and selectively chosen to ensure stability and longevity with our community. We are a tight knit active community, who are very helpful and friendly and we are looking to grow! Our servers encourage teamwork, trading, & bartering with tribes. Our rates are set for longer lasting game-play experience. Don't be shy! We have lots of tribes recruiting. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have server currency in TC Arc Credits, which are used for player trading, Raffle Purchases, and Reward Packs. You also gain 5 credits per 30 minutes logged on our cluster! 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  18. Desync on official. I'll be playing for a decent amount of time and all of a sudden I can't access anything. On my screen I'll be standing in front of a smithy, let's say. But on my tribe mates screens I'll be somewhere else entirely. I've tried logging out and it fixes it temporarily. Also killing me works, but it keeps happening every day. Any ideas or suggestions?
  19. Servers are still up and running and we are expanding our community day by day come by and join us!
  20. EternalEclipse Cluster Fresh Start Starter in white drops Pvp 6 man tribes 6 maps 10x taming harvesting and 8x Exp Stack mod / Custom drops https://discord.gg/yNZyAKD
  21. Valguero HIDDEN LOOT CAVE!
  22. PVE does not want the snow owl 10 second immunity or the 2.6 second freeze ramp-up. It makes it much harder for people to tame Manas, Quetzes and other tames. It also makes purple OSD healing even more tedious and take longer. The no dismount on freeze thing is awesome though. That can stay. TLDR: Split PVP balances from PVE. Thank you.
  23. pls add me on disc if u havent already!
  24. hi pls add me on disc if u havent already!
  25. pls add me on disc if u havent already
  26. Tbh i am happy they are nerfing tek tape as hard as they are. Not because i want it to go to live but i genuinely believe that players will not give quality feedback that WC can actually use with out doing such a heavy nerf at first. Personally i see tek tape damage staying as is at 30% nerf but i genuinely believe that structure damage will be changed to something like 20% rather than the current 75%.
  27. There’s a thread somewhere around here... that might tell you exactly what you wish to know. Might even be pinned at the top to get your attention.
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