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  2. never been at start of a new map so does that mean you cant transfer anything at all including chars?
  3. 1. Higher rates- 4x harvesting instead of the weekend boosts and more breeding events would make me SO happy as I cannot always raise things for long periods of time (I just got my hand in stitches and can finally start playing again after a while) 2. More colors- red and green for christmas is nice, but can we get some whites and extremely light colors like light blues as well in there? 3. Maybe some creatures could spawn on maps they weren't intended to during events (i.e. a griffin on scorched, with a 100% event coloration).
  4. Us xbox boys are still very dissapointed, but ok then
  5. Then go for 3/4 players, with x2 and x3 in week-end, nerf tek and x2/x3 offline turret ? Honesly, everything can be modified, cuz anyways it will be greater.
  6. I seriously doubt anything is going to be coming to Switch at any point. Ark can barely run on Switch.
  7. Very happy about this map (I've been playing it for months on the Workshop... I still can't tell what my favorite biome is) and this new d(e)ino. And I'm so happy it's breedable, the color regions look cool af and getting a few mutated puppies might look really awesome. Hoping we get to hear the "making of" for its sound effects !
  8. @Cedric Dates are wrong for evolution event & will Valguero have Karkinos?
  9. Lol missed them Dates again on evolution event did somebody just copy and paste
  10. Why don't you have the gut to talk about the Nintendo switch and also update the game. If you not going to support it give us a refund
  11. I cant wait for the new map tomarow im going to watch alot of videos on it tomarow
  12. Because Wildcard has always released to PC first due to the less stringent requirements and also a bit of a test environment. It is what it is. Console will be delayed anyways, so don’t get excited for July.
  13. 50% CrossArk Enabled and 50% CrossArk Transfer Disabled on new or existing maps CHANGE MY MIND ”New ark maps should come with 50% CrossArk Transfer enabled and 50% CrossArk Disabled” Let me keep this quick and simple i myself have been a part of some very big tribes who took part in boss fights, breeding and ultimately being unable to feed the vast animals of animals that we had. However as of recently I have also been a very small tribe due to a lack of active members and have found it virtually impossible to play without being wiped whatever that reason may be, I.e Meshing or mega super tribes. I am coming at this from an objective standpoint based on my own experience with over 120days of playing time. The argument positioned here by me is as follows: For NEW ARK maps only CrossArk transferring of dinos and structures and any general inventory should not be allowed, with the potential exception of just character progession(TBD). The compromise could be that new ark maps are released with 50% CrossArk enabled and 50% CrossQrk Disabled permanently. And the points to support this argument is as follows: -On ark megatribes and general big have essentially monopolised ark on a global level. Which is fine they have worked hard and have been rewarded accordingly, after all ark is a very high reward for grinding. -However for new players this represents significantly high barriers to entry. This means for new ark players, especially those with a limited amount of friends to tribe up with, will struggle to compete and as social dwarnisim would have it - will simply die out due to the wraith of highly advanced established tribes -On new ark maps like the upcoming Valguero map. CrossArk transfer for dinos and structures or any inventory should be banned all together not just for an introductionary ‘cool-down’ period, as this will allow new entrants to join ark and build up without the potential threat of tribes in other servers who can simply join the new valguero servers and simply place down their advanced stronghold with ease and if they wanted to wipe or grief all other players who have come to play on the new map -A new map should represent a fresh start for all ark players, it should level out the playing field and create an equal meritocracy where the ‘wealthy’ built up tribes do not join new maps with an inherent ‘societal’ advantage over others. Also one could argue that if these big tribes have been able to become big then it shouldn’t be Hard for them to do the same again the new maps -It is no pragmatic to say to ban CrossArk transfers all together as maps that are already in the game have already been globalised in this way, it would not be reasonable to remove this feature whilst it is already being used by ark players -I completely understand that the key arguments against my argument would be things such as it will create repetitiveness for existing players who would not want to go on a new map and have to tame a new giga when they have already bred a 6th gen giga. This is why I propose 50% CrossArk enabled and 50% CrossArk permanently disabled for new maps as this should satisfy all players of the ark community if you agree upvote, if not voice ur counter-arguments below. Thankyou
  14. Yet Another Creature we need post Hi so I've been here since... like day one of beta before we had more then maybe 20 creatures. So I wanted to say thanks for all the years of fun and for more to come! Also I know you likely get this, like every 2 seconds, but I have no programming ability or any skills with computers but I do have a massive encyclopedia of a brain on prehistoric animals (animals in general really). I have always since first playing wanted to create just one creature for ARK or at least make a pitch for one specific underrated creature to join the many beasties we need to run from. Creature in question is from a little discussed or acknowledged lineage of Archosaurid who is flat out the most ridiculous creature ever to be concived by nature until you remember it was THE apex predator of its time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erythrosuchus Sorry about being one of those messages but thanks for your time, and thanks for a fantastic game!
  15. Valguero for Hardcore Will we get the new map on official hardcore?
  16. The update only set back the game. Server restarts every minute or so. I gave up and probably gonna die in there. Please fix as soon as possible
  17. @Cedric Y does valgeuro come earlier to pc than console because that’s not fair to us console player for having to wait longer to play a map than pc players to fix the issue have the game come out at the same time for all platforms
  18. This is basically a PvE directed post. I do not PvP, therefore I feel like I have no right to say what PvP needs. I agree with what most people say about Legacy. They should know that it's only a matter of time before legacy is gone. It would free up more servers for more useful applications. We need more events. Waiting for a holiday to do events isn't the move anymore. I think there should be a special event (not the evo) every month . I'm not saying it has to be a breeding event, but something different. Colors, breeding, boosted XP and taming rates like 3-4x. Change it up. It is REALLY getting stale. Where do we stand on pillar spamming? A while back you guys had a plan, the community freaked, and you guys retracted. You guys announced the new map. Showed it to us on your live stream. Everybody was thinking "omg it looks so beautiful" "so many different ways/places to build" You know what I saw? A map covered in pillars. Now that legacy is nearing it's extinction, I think some of the scorched earth and center servers should be looked at. Tons of scorched earth servers have like 5-6 playing at a time. In my opinion, it's a huge waste of servers. Same goes for the center. I think some of these servers should be combined to free up more servers for maps/game modes that need them. Just a few things I think about when I play this game. Just my opinions.
  19. really, i swear at one point they were able to be bola. might have been a while ago. i do remember when they first came out we bola them and kill the for XP, might be because to many people were killing them, anyway they need a few cool new abilities. like maybe they can call their own kind to fight for them. that would be cool
  20. Can we Transfer chars to Valguero ? hi, never joined a map at launch so not sure if we can transfer chars and not dinos or items? anyone know pls?
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