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Talamh i lár

Talamh i lár




Welcome to "Talamh i lár" the country from the middle.

I want to tell you about a country. Once upon a time there was a beautiful country where war between good and evil dominated.

The humans and beasts did cruel things, until "Toborin" the god of this world put an end to all and sent this world back in time. There, shipwrecked people should find shelter, but if one enters this world it will be hard to escape again. Still, this world is marked by many ruins where one can imagine what had happened.

Nevertheless, you can build a very nice home there. "Toborin" has not forgotten the shipwrecked and sends Loot boxes down.

"Orbital Supply Drop" but also "Element Veins" appear but can also be attacked by mutated animals.

There are redwood, desert, jungle, spring forest, red forest, volcano, snow bio-me, palm islands and beaches. In a valley the spiders live with their brood and kill without mercy everything they can find. In a part of the desert live mutant animals that know no friend and attack everything.

But there are also caves where dark creatures can be found, such as the "Rock Drake Cave" on the volcano, the "Halloween Cave" that continues through a labyrinth to a giant monkey in its ruins.

The desert has the largest cave of all, there are beings who still build houses, they have also built a "Hall of Heroes". I know that "Toborin" will not let it down so long down there. "Wyvern" will build their nests and protect the dragon and the dragon will occupy his throne

The underwater world will continue to grow in beauty in the future.


It's my first map and I've been working on it for 1.5 years. I bring updates today and regularly and take care of mistakes quickly.
the map is 98% finished in the countryside
under water 20%
Caves 50%

Additional content from the unreal engine shop

Free Mods

Paragon: Agora and Monolith
Infinity Blade: Grass Lands
Open World Demo Collection
Infinity Blade: Ice Lands

bought mods


Cliff Tower Ruins
Smart Ancient Trees
White rocks


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