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RP Visual Storage

RP Visual Storage



RP Visual Storage
47 (and counting) resource specific storage containers. 6 generic item storage boxes for all the odds and ends. Weapon cabinet to visually display your guns and weapons. Tool rack to visually display your tools. Bar refrigerator for all spoilable resources. Customizable health and storage slots for all structures. Manually set the visual inventory for aesthetics if so desired. 100% clean and stackable. Bucket structure for storing paste and other liquids. Revamed weapons/gun cabinet! A new display rack for guns. Large crates - Like the small crates only holds more. Barrel will revert to allowing all items to be added after a restart. Some of the materials for the "tribute" items that show up in the small tribute crate don't load their materials properly resulting in a gray "world texture" for those items. If the floor shelf is destroyed some of the crates that are snapped to it may appear floating. Snap points can be a bit wonky on the shelf and cause crates to snap into each other - They won't be destroyed but will result in 2 placed on the same location. Weapons cabinet won't display modded ammo or accept modded guns. Tool rack won't display modded tools. Barrel will no longer reset to generic on a server restart. Barrel will correctly be a generic barrel on placement rather than a quasi generic/sand barrel. Barrel will no longer lose the contents material (fixes gray world texture issue) New structure - Barrel: A multiuse item that can be set to any of the following type: Charcoal Gun Powder Salt Sand Spark Powder Sulfur Generic - Accepts all items. New structure - Floor Shelf: A shelf with snap points for crates, to help aid in organization. Middle shelves have snap points for the new small crate. Bottom shelf to be used for the upcoming large crates. top shelf to be used for other upcoming items. New structure - Small crates: A multiuse item that can be set to any of the following type: Gems - All Aberation and Extinction gems. Electronics Regular polymer - Doesn't accept organic or corrupted, those go in the bar refrigerator. Deathworm horns Woolly Rhino horns Water jars Water canteens Tribute / boss items - Doesn't accept flags or trophys. Generic - Accepts all items. Bar Refrigerator Changes: Added honey to the list of items accepted by the bar refrigerator on the inventory UI. Updated Allowable item classes for bar refrigerator so pulling in S+ shows the correct items it accepts rather than all edible consumables. Removed electrical cable wire when connected to an electrical outlet. Tripled the distance the bar refrigerator can be away from an outlet and still receive power. Fixed wood shed not accepting more than 300/500 inventory slots if not using a custom WoodShedSlots entry in the GUS.ini Changed name of hay bale to hay pile to accomodate a future hay bale. Fixed bar refrigerator not accepting modded items. Fixed missing texture on wood holder since the homestead update. Fixed thatch cart resetting its inventory when inventory contained 1 stack of thatch. Fixed Wood shed inventory capacity sync between client and server. Optimized wood holder model and textures. Optimized door open and close logic on bar refrigerator. Added honey to the bar refrigerator.


RP Visual Storage - Don't let the name fool you, this isn't just for RP servers. 

Does the lack of storage options in Ark, erk you? (Pun intended)  Then look no further - RP Visual storage is a complete storage overhaul that adds resource specific containers that visually update based on their contents.  Most of the containers can also be used as props and as such can have their visuals manually adjusted.

Purpose of this mod: 

  1. To add resource specific containers that are visually appealing.
  2. Aid in the organization and visual appeal of your crafting area.
  3. Where possible, add automatic visuals based on how full a container is to add in knowing how much of a resource you have at a quick glance.
  4. Allow manually setting of those visuals if so desired (more common on RP servers or high stack mod servers.


  • 33 (and counting) resource specific storage containers.
  • 6 generic item storage containers for all items.
  • Weapon cabinet variant to display your weapons.
  • Tool rack to display your tools.
  • Bar refrigerator for all the spoilable resources.
  • Shelf units to aid in resource storage organization.
  • Crates that can be customized to accept any of 7 types of items and resources.
  • Barrels that can be customized to accept any of 6 types of resources.

Overview Video:










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