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Exogenesis is a sci-fi mod for Ark, focusing heavily on exploration.

Explore Station One, uncover it's secrets, and loot what you find for high-tech crafting materials and equipment.

Bring sure to bring your grappling hook!



-New alien biomes with unique foliage and new resource sources

-explore Station One, a proto-ark shaped as a massive ring space station and uncover it's purpose

-map design focused on rewarding  exploration and fun navigation

-delve into the stations water reclamation system, in the maps first '"cave." (Coming in July!)

-awesome base building locations with great views and defensible locations

-terminal for connecting to other servers as part of a cluster

-hand-picked selection of Ark's creatures from across all DLC's,  with a emphasis on the alien and weird

-biomes (currently) include alien forest, alien temperate, vibrant wetlands, redwood, and work-in-progress abandoned urban

-special resource nodes such as gas geysers and power nodes




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