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We are a tribe that is starting out on rag and we could use more members to establish ourselves. We have good trade partners and don't require much experience, all you have to do is to be willing to grind. We already have some decent items so you won't be starting with nothing. Please just post some info about yourself and please include your discord.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Epic Games ID: e2e5f0da6b7344ce86dc293b38faf751 Am played a lot of game on ARK Ragnorak, played so many hours I am tired with single player gaming and always loosing in raids as am 1 vs Many. Fed up with that, just want a good tribe, even if it staring now, I just need a very good tribe mates- in terms of not wasting the resources we have and not loosing dinos carelessly, thats it
  3. Steam ID: 76561199112825166 : Numerical Order#7922 i have 6k hours on ps4 and xbox im looking to join a tribe thats is active. i play for about 4-6 hours a night longer on my days off
  4. about me: 18, just switched from ps4 to pc and want to grind and get more exerince on pc, lvl 74 what i offer: im willing to do anything from farming to pvp,
  5. Level 73 official pvp steam age 22 hundreds of hours on ps4 just switched to pc and looking for decent tribe
  6. Hello i want to join your tribe. - Character Name & Level:I dont have any one - Timezone:GMT +02:00 - Steam ID:76561198253664649 - Age:15 - Your Role: I can do everything but i love breeding - Daily Activity: round about 6 hours - Why You want to join us?:because i want to help you and i heard you guys are nice - What You can offer us?:Good Pvp experience and a nice grinder - Some short info about You:I am impatient and don't talk so much -Total hours:800 on pc and 600 on PlayStationxD my discord :BoxReady#9847
  7. I have about 2.5k hours. Can build, breed, really good in pvp,tame, i like to get slot caps of metal ;), i'm ready to grind. My discord: L1utz#9195
  8. Looking for a tribe on Official megatribes for myself and another longtime friend. We're starting fresh on Official with no links or contacts, just finished a note run so now we're just looking for a place to call home before committing to the cluster. We come from 2k hours of unofficial experience and we're willing to grind, tame, pvp, bossrun, farm tributes or caves, build... you name it. We're both 30+ yo, and with plenty of free time to invest. Add me on discord Zanmato#2703
  9. I have over a thousand hours played on the playstation on The Island, The Center, Scorched Earth and Ragnarok. I have recently moved to PC and have started playing on Ragnarok again. I can do it all from taming to caring for babys, grinding, Exploring, an excellent wyvern egg stealer I have 3 already. I know the map very well and am ready to start now. discord is larpo#4913. Please give me server number and I will move over.
  10. Pretty new to this game. Played a lot of Single Player on Ragnarok. I'd love to play and learn from you . I can play 3 hours every day. 17 years from Europe. discord : .Gabriel#6666
  11. ich habe viele ARK pvp Stunden kann gut breaden und kämpfen bin sonst sehr aktiv DC: Ex_Hxpnotic#5915
  12. Mostly experienced in single player not alot of it on PvP servers hours(3weeks). I understand breeding, good/bad stat mostly. I grind hardcore, just loosing it within 24 to 48 hours is not allowing me to progress or have much fun, a tribe is much needed and appreciated. Im older dude, and from southern US. A bit wild but I am respectful. I like to laugh and make others as well. Best Ive done yet is 3x3 metal best with turrents within 24 hours on offical. But its never enough to stop raiders solo, so Im looking for a the bigger tribe experience. BWorld#4928
  13. Experienced player with 5k hours on Steam. Will tame anything ! Grinding mats as needed. Rebuilding my pitiful remnants after a giga attack on my base. Cant wait to start grinding the bosses again. Discord : CR33D#3524 Steam ID: 76561198104539072
  14. I am new player to Pc, I have only had it for about a month now and I am looking to get into ark. I played on Xbox and have around 800 hours and I am really experienced in breeding and taming. I would like to join your tribe so I can meet new people and get my Pc experience underway. Z1nc.OTG#8350
  15. Looking to start or join an official server on PC. I am 23 from Brazil and have a mic and put in 1400+ hours into ark I don't any of the dlcs. I have a lot of experience in building, Farming, and a little pvp. Able to play at least 1-4 hours during weekdays, and most of the time during weekends.
  16. I recently became a "PC gamer". Ive played a ton of ARK on PS4. Ive been in alpha tribes throughout many years and love to support my team with my skills. I over work myself in real life and tend to over work myself on ark as well. Just looking for a tribe to join on PC. My Discord: StoneProjects#9800
  17. i am a experienced ark player with around 2k hours, i am good at breeding, farming, and building. but by far im better at breeding, can i join your tribe? my discord is nunanunabatman#8168
  18. Me and my 3 friends looking for a tribe , each of us has around 1500-2000 hours of experience , we are experienced pvp players and can do anything from farming to raising , were okay with playing on any map , we mainly speak english , all of us have Discord as well as headphones and microphones.Were online up to 10 hours a day. My discord is Radiio#6023 please contact me.
  19. I have about 750 hours combined from ps4 and steam, can be on 4-6 hours a day, can grind and raid and have a great time. DreadfulGrin#9044
  20. im looking for a tribe me and my brother is looking for someone big we're here for the grind looking to play with ya'll can play everyday 4-5 hours but could play longer on the weekends Sethfiel1#8455
  21. Im really active i just started playing 2 weeks ago and i already have 206 hours, i play more than 8 hours per day, i love to farm and be active, i love to breed im learning a lot on that, im right now part of a mega tribe on xbox with some friends but its way to laggy on xbox so i want to play on pc, i have also some friends that play alot like me, they probably have way more time that me, i watch all day ark videos to learn and im really open mind to keep learning. I would love to join a big tribe on pc with my friends Discord: Drixter#9842
  22. Hello, I'm Fluff and I have 205 hours on ark so far. I mostly play solo but recently I've been looking into finding a tribe to join so I can have other people to play with! I'm mostly good at taming and farming. My discord is KuromiFluff#1923
  23. Hi, I have 750+ hours on ARK in total and about 500+ hours in Official PVP. I'm getting tired of solo playing and get wiped out after one week of hard farming and building time. I don't have DLC for other maps but i do love Ragnarok. Is this tribe still being active on classic Official PVP?
  24. Me and my friend wish to join a larger tribe on offical , she has played a lot on official small tribes servers and i have played pvp on unoffical through mts and bloody ark.we can level fast with a note run and then come join you on the map you are on. i am 34 and have 500ish hours on she is 26 with 3.3k hours if you choose us add one of us on discord Moiraine#4144 or inkie#8602 if you need to know anymore about us feel free to ask

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