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Hey there! About four months ago when we were playing on an official ORP server, we got to the end game with tek base, weekly boss runs and giga mutation breeding etc but there was no PVP involved and things got stale after a while. It was also the fact that we were a group of 4 with a few huge bases across the cluster and it was a hassle tending to them with work, family life etc. This time we're looking to create something much bigger and no longer ORP so we can enjoy some PVP alongside getting back up to tek and preferably before the christmas event starts so we can load up on a lot of the event blueprints from raptor-clause. I'll be making a discord, spreadsheet and a few other things if we manage to get enough. I doubt I'll go ahead with it if we can't break a minimum of 20 people but ideally it would be good if we could get 30+. Rising to tek wouldnt take too long with those numbers and I havn't been a part of a huge tribe since were alpha back on PS4 a few years ago.My current play hours on PC is 1800+ and back on PS4 it was around 700+. All on official PVP ofc. If you'd like to be part of something like this and have always thought it would be cool playing with a lot more people, maybe was too nervous to join official PVP alone or just want to start from fresh and race to tek/boss runs then feel free to comment or dm and lets do this :D Depending on replies/influx of messages we'll be scouting best choice of server very soon, there's a couple in mind already. We'll probably be starting on Val/Ext based on build/tame efficiency but we can always discuss other options. In terms of requirements to join: Preferably 16+ 300+ hours played, ideally I'd like a lot more but this whole thing is a long shot so some req are lower set. English speaking. Be able to put in some work, whether it's gathering, taming, building, breeding etc. Have understanding of tames and responsibility of "if you break it, tame another of equal or better level" :p Anyways let me know what you think and if it's something you're interested in, if you don't meet the requirements feel free to comment or message anyway and let me know why you'd like to try this out! Thanks for your time.


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