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Friendly Fire
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Welcome to 'Friendly Fire'! Server Name: Semi-Official PVP Server | 24/7 Online | No Admin Abuse You can find this server under UNOFFICIAL PC SESSIONS (created on 17/10/2019). I am currently trying to build up a community so everyone who wants to be a part of this, - FEEL FREE TO JOIN!!! :D - Server is being hosted by G-Portal and currently has 20 slots, but if the community grows i'm more than likely to increase the player slot capacity and RAM of the server. Simplified, the server stats are: 2x XP Rates - 2.5x Harvesting Rates - 3x Breeding Rates - IncreasedDmgInCaves 6X - Dino & Player Stats are the 'Official Stats' - NoAdminAbuse DisabledStructureCollisionPlaced - 50% Slower Player Food & Water Drain - 75% Slower Dino Food Consumption - FriendlyFireDisabled 25% Slower Stamina Drain - AllowAnyoneBabyImprint - ForceFlyerExplosives Enabled (Flyers are slightly encumbured when you place c4 on them) AllowMultipleAttachedC4Dino - Day & Night Cycle: 66.66% Day - 33.33% Night - ForceFlyersCave Disabled (Can't fly in caves) I'm open for suggestions from players who dedicate their time on the server. I hope everyone enjoys their stay on the server and has a blast!! Be nice to each othher, but be ruthless while raiding at the same time! :D If you get what i mean haha :D Looking forward to meet you!!


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