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About This Tribe

We are currently a 10 person tribe with 6 long term tribe members and new ones joining all the time, we play a PvP official Server that is a CROSSARK meaning its one of every map, and everyone knows everyone, the CA tends to be a community with a CrossArk Discord as well as our tribe discord, please add me on discord Dr.Grant#6555 and ill bring you in and introduce you to the tribe and we can see if its a good fit. we grind and raise babies do boss fights and our already mostly built on all maps. Send me a message and lets grow this tribe.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Still Recruiting!!!!!!****** Please come join us in our discord so we can talk about you joining our tribe! Brief interview and we will go from there, we now have 10+ members and our built across all maps along the cluster, we do boss fights, drop/cave runs, and are currently getting dug in to our respective locations along all maps! please send me an andd on discord ( Dr.Grant#6555 ) we are looking for mature players that can play on a server were being political in our activities will make or break the tribe, we tend to keep our nose down and just grind tame and raise babies, it is still a PVP cross ark so it makes it a bit tough as everyone is familiar with everyone else. if this sounds like something youd like to try please hit me up so you can talk with the tribe! thanks for reading hope the holidays have treated you well!!!!
  3. hey hey im NDSTF my discord is NDSTF i have a bit of expirence and am looking fior a good tribe
  4. Hey im new would i be able to join Hey InGen i was wondering if i could join i am level 71 from australia i just recently finish school and i have time to grind
  5. Can't link my account Hey, I can't link my xbox account so maybe we can meet in any zone in your tribe server map to add me :)
  6. hey a litle info hey my name is Donny im 16 and I switched from consol to pc a month ago. I've been playing ark then since the beginning. i have around 900-1000h of gamesense and watch a lott of videos. the only problem is i will have to start with a new character and have to learn a bit of the controls. i would like to be in the tribe and talk some more in discord if you want to so. if you read this have a goodday and heres my discord: Koi-Ryu#4419
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