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Greetings Survivors, after a long while of Ark-Abstinence due to pain and child birth “It’s Always Sunny in Ark” is back. We’re 2 friends who don’t share the same qualities and gender, but lots of passion for the game and mutual interest in banter. We hope to share that joy with you as well. We’re looking for a couple tribe members who like to join us on our adventures. Being a folksy companion is more desirable to us than your 3000 k hours on X-Box! :D We got a few hours into the game ourselves and are somewhat experienced. Beginners are welcome as well. So if you can show us the fun side of 30 or the mature side of 20 you are the right fit. The Server we play on hasn’t been decided yet, it’s gonna be a PvP-Server though, since PvP makes the game interesting to us (Small-Tribes or Unofficial are both options). We aiming to start on Saturday afternoon. Message me on Discord: Hiralph#7745


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