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Hello, Im searching members so we can become a big tribe we are starting from scratch at a official server. Everyone can join but it's a extra + if some high lvl's players would like to join. If you are interested to join then you're welcome but you have to be active.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Rockwell#7299 discord- Rockwell#7299
  3. Hello Goodday My name is Niels and i am 18 Years old i speak Fluently Dutch and English and i haven't been playing this game for a decent amount about 200-300 hours but im always open to learn Kind regards Niels
  4. Recruitment Heya, I would like to join the tribe! Added u on discord
  5. Tribe Recruitment Tribe Recruitment Hello, my names scott. Im 24 years old and would like to join your tribe. I have 4000 hours on ark. I like to farm, breed, organize, build and pvp! my discord is Scottyboy#2730
  6. Joining I would like to join, I have 1000+ hrs on Xbox and pc
  7. Farmer Mo Looking for a chill tribemates to play with. Im totally ok with being given tasks and can grind. I dont have a lot of experience but I have enough. Im 28, I live in AK so its cold and dark and I play a lot of video games in the winter.
  8. I'm looking for a chill tribe I own a server and it got boring after playing that so I have a level 62 character on offical and I'm looking for a tribe to play with
  9. GAMERANGER HIS INTRODUCTION Introduction Hi, I played ARK for 1457 hours, most of it was smalls, but now I want to try official. I am interested in breeding but i dont mind grinding ressources or taming too. Im also good at defending and i am level 90. i played also on ext/rag/center/abb Discord: GAMERANGER#9068
  10. a long term player hi ive been playing ark since it came out but now im going to start on pc and i can do anything you want because ive spent hours doing it all before ill just really like a tribe to be with my discord is Yeah Man#7415
  11. high level player hi. im an old/highlvl player whom is trying to have casual fun on ark since i don't have as much time as i used to. looking for a tribe to share the fun with. my discord is NoobSquad#0653 . get in touch with me through discord if you are intrested.
  12. Would like to join server please :D ive been playing for quite some time bought my own server and ruined it for myself lol need to start fresh without creative mode
  13. Active Player Looking For Tribe I recently transferred from PS4 which I played on for about a year, and I am active and can do whatever is asked of me. On PS4 I had thousand of hours and on PC I am near 70 hours, and I know a fair amount about the game. I play Ark for about 6-10 hours a day (sometimes more)
  14. Old player old player , playing since realise july 2015 , i stopped to play and starting again lot of times , been in small and megatribe , good pvp player , (2.7 k hours) all in pvp official servers , im 26 from spain, if u are interested let me know , discord : Pink Bunny#8245
  15. I played ark like 1500 hours. Really wanna find a good tribe to play, I can do almost everything. I could be active in ark between 3p.m. to 9p.m.. Discord: SupperPiggy#6515
  16. I would like to join Hello. My name is Ian. I am a long time ark player since day one and would love to join you on this journey. I find some o the earlier to mid game to be the best experience of the game and would love to take part in that whit you guys. I dont know if you guys use discord by here is my name on discord BigRed{CRACK_HEAD}#8964 sorry for the childish name
  17. Active Player Looking For a Tribe Hello, I'm a decent ark player with experience with The Island, The Center, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, and Valguero. I quit Ark shortly before Aberration and Extinction came out and I would like to start actively playing again. I have more than 900 hours of experience in ARK across several accounts. Discord is Ehfaz#9715.
  18. its je boy if you mean main official cluster, im level 131 as far as i know :d you need me or nah
  19. I came from Xbox one and just got a new pc installing ark an led looking to play on some servers to help out and I’m an editor so if you guys make a channel I can edit the videos discord: dart#6905 YT: jason gamingg
  20. Came from ps4, new to ark on pc, but got a few years of good activity going on this game. would love to join a cool group of guys dont know anybody in pc community and been playing solo on abb. discord: knightkasho (ALL FUBAR)#9050
  21. Wanna join Hello im 23 years old and im looking to join a big tribe. im lvl 83 on official i have 800 hours experience i also played a lot on unofficial and reached max lvl and tek stuff contact me on discord ASY#7212
  22. trying to join i im 20 yo, can play all day, i have 700+ hours .W00Zi3.#0720
  23. Trying To Join i have 8 hours on pc but ive been playing on ps4 for years on ps4 i was in VVV, SC, and Unknown so im not new and i have a lot of experience
  24. Im in i am a 12 year old BUT CAN ONLY PLAY ON WEEKENDS(if not grounded:) ) disscord boy550#9204
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