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Hello, Im searching members so we can become a big tribe we are starting from scratch at a official server. Everyone can join but it's a extra + if some high lvl's players would like to join. If you are interested to join then you're welcome but you have to be active.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Tribe Application Me and a friend of mine are wanting to join this tribe. We are both above the age of 20 and American's. We both have over 3k hours on xbox official servers and were part of a megatribe that was in a mega alliance. We swapped over to pc and we are currently above lvl 65 survivor's with tons of experience from the game itself. We both are very experienced with breeding, pvping, hard grinding, active over 8+ hours a day. Currently have all dlcs but Genesis and willing to play any map besides Genesis. If you have any questions please add me on steam at http://steamcommunity.com/id/TracerCavalrys/ or message me on discord Tracer#7847 Please respond and thank you
  3. about me hello looking for a tribe that can become one of the top on the server... I normally play solo but would like to be in a tribe. Im 27 from the UK and have about 400 hours on ARK. Discord Smallkidney#1897. Only like Official servers pvp
  4. i could also like to join the tribe my disc is 3v1ed#6914
  5. about me 3v1ed#6914 my name is Nathan and i am 16 year olds i only have 172 hours on pc but i played on xbox before i moved platforms i am from london i play alot and i am willing to grind
  6. Looking to join the tribe im looking for a big tribe to join, i can either bring one survivor or build new one discord : haman#9824
  7. Looking to Join Tribe Hey, I am looking to join the tribe. I have 2000 hours with all expansions.
  8. Application For the tribe Looking to join the tribe, My name is pete and im a very experienced player i have around 2k hours and am a very active player. I can play for around 10 hours per day. My discord is PeTe#2155
  9. looking to join the server hello, i am sofian 18 years old and come from holland. i am a good farmer, breeder and pvper. i realy like to join tribe on official. add me on discord for more info Sofian2002#9998
  10. looking to join the tribe Hey, people call me roblox, I play ark for 4 years now. I have close to 1k hours. I speak English, Dutch and some German. I've only played on pvp. I havn't joined a big tribe with more than 10 people in it yet so I'm pretty exited. You can contact me on my steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198290268944 and my discord: RobloxPro2010#6805
  11. Rinsha's Application. Whats up, i go by Rinsha in game and on Discord. I have a lvl 100 character on official with most the tek engrams. Although its currently on a OC server that is offline waiting on it to come back up to transfer off. I have 4,916 Hour in game. So im very experienced. Just looking for a tribe to get going. My discord is Rinsha#4092 So add me if accepted and tell me when and were to go. Also im almost 30 so my maturity is not an issue.
  12. Aplication 4 membership Hello everyone, im a medium-experienced player and i love the game, im 24 and willing to play for many hours. just joined the tribe but i got no clue what is the srver i should go to. Hope you can help me with the server thing. Discord: asudanceturix4#1736
  13. looking for tribe Have 3k hours,all DLC from uk bighag#3545
  14. Application Hi, i am looking for a tribe, i´m willing to farm and etc. Discord= micaelzudo#9368
  15. Application Hey, Ive been playing ark for 50 hours on PC, but had 250 on xbox beforehand. Was just playing with friends but am interested to see what it would be like to play with a larger tribe. My discord is Bandit#3210 I hope to hear from you soon.
  16. Application I'm 23 years old. 633H on steam PL Interested in raids/grind/building Discord:bansze#8056
  17. Application I am 17 years old 1.1k hours on steam 2.5k hours on ps4 uk i love to go on raids grind and breed. discord:Georgehilton#5766
  18. APPLICATION I have 800+ hours in ark and have a level 70 character. I can help with anything that the tribe needs. I like to tame and i'm in NA. I want to join this tribe because I wanna have fun with friends playing this game. I have all the DLCs except Genesis. My Discord is ScanixZ#1926.
  19. I want to join the tribe. I do not have a high level character (would have to start a new one), but i can farm or do anything that needs to be done and I am very active. I have 600 hours on Ark which is not a ton, but I know how to do most things. I have every DLC map except Genesis. My discord is Apex Predator#9641.
  20. Looking to join the tribe You should let me in the tribe because i can play around 10 hrs a day, ive got a lvl 70 character (lost many). i have around 2k hrs in the game between platforms. I am 15 years old and my discord is: PeTe#2155
  21. Application Morde#5293 -i can PVP -i can farm -i can follow orders -i can be chill and have a laugh with
  22. Just got insided I'm high level I got 1800 hours discord is NadAttack2350
  23. looking for tribe pc w10 hello I probably 2000+ hrs on official ark but quit at end of 2017 on xbox when they hard nerfed my flyers (I took it to heart lol). Ive come to realise my old alpha tribe is on servers that can only be accessed on xbox so im poop out of luck. im playing on windows 10 version and am looking for a new community to be a part of im a diecent breeder and good at rare engram hunting. I hope I can find some cool ppl to play with soon im in full relapse and need to get into the meat and potatoes lol
  24. Introduction Introduction oi mate, me and my friend would like to join the tribe. My discord is SumoTheStronk#0613 and my friend's Leached#5100 I have 611 hours in ark and my friend has 288. We work great together and are good at farming, building/defence, taming and relatively good at breeding. My friend is also quite good at PvP. We are from sweden (GMT +1) and good at english (We can talk on discord). Give us a call :3
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