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About This Tribe

Hello, Im searching members so we can become a big tribe we are starting from scratch at a official server. Everyone can join but it's a extra + if some high lvl's players would like to join. If you are interested to join then you're welcome but you have to be active.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Played from early access to ragnarok, then took a break till now. Looking for a Tribe to get back into the game. I'll tame, grind, whatever to help out.
  3. I'm 14, i can play Ark around 6-7 hours a day, i have 3k hours, ive been in some pretty big tribes and im looking to start again, i dont have any tekgrams since i lost my old character
  4. Hii your discord link is expired and I will like to join please and thank you.
  5. Are you guys still recruiting, have 7.5 k hrs, have played in a couple of megatribes. Looking to join a tribe i can farm for
  6. we are currently 2 or 3 ppl who wanna play ark offical. we still try'd to start as trio and looking for some beta tribes or so but get everytiem raided. i would preffer to talk about more details about our self in discord. you can add me " qtarndt#1506 " i got 6k h+ on ark and a lv 135 char (and much more). feel free to contact me.
  8. still looking for 2 active players ?
  9. The owners discord isnt working for some reason. I also need to know the server were in, and also invited to the tribe ingame
  10. hi 20 years im from Puerto Rico i have more than 2k hours in ps4 but in pc im a mts player
  11. Can provide steam Id given google again, very tired of getting wiped. and dont want to play classic. In need of a stable clan. I can play an hour or two guaranteed every day and some days ill play like 8 hours, depends on the day. I farm hard, and have patience. I like shotguns and fabricated sniper rifles. Please recruit me, I am a cautious and somewhat seasoned player.
  12. Hi, im 24, looking to get back into ark. left about the time genesis came out. fun player and mainly just enjoy playing the game. discord if interested Lon Lon#7758
  13. hello, im looking for a tribe on eu ark official pvp small tribes (wouldnt mind a fresh tribe as long as it is 3+ members and not on lost island) i have 2k+ hours on the game i can do almost every task.
  14. a friend and i would like to join your tribe. we both have 5k+ hours most of it in pve. we are looking for new challenges and are not completely inexperienced in pvp. we both have character on official server over lvl 100 and also both have done the alpha dragon already. please contact me via discord --> TonySunshine#1392 and discord from my friend is --> Len#3604
  15. Hello, I'm looking for a big tribe on the official X1 servers. I ran into limitations while working alone, and while recruiting members, I lost everything because there was an insider among the members.I want to gain experience, so I want to join a large tribe this time.To introduce myself, I am 19 years old and my nationality is Korean. I'm not good at English, but I can understand almost everything. I play 4000 hours and have quite a bit of war experience. If I do everything positively and accept me as a member of the tribe, I will not have any regrets. If you are interested in me, please contact me on discord: 050607#8312. -thank you-
  16. lookinng for tribe to join my lvl is 96 discord : slnmola#3049

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