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Hello, Im searching members so we can become a big tribe we are starting from scratch at a official server. Everyone can join but it's a extra + if some high lvl's players would like to join. If you are interested to join then you're welcome but you have to be active.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. i have 6k hours between xbox and ps4. im newish to pc which is good because i was burnt out. i am able to go anything tame, breed, farm, caves, pvp is also very fun. im not trying to be a beach bob so hopefully someone picks me up
  3. We played official and no official servers we have a lot of experince in Ark, we're good farmers, breeders and pvpers. We have all dlc's less genesis, dm me in discord if u need more inf Medusitaa24#5625.
  4. Lets join forces then! make the tribe as big as possible as i am also super active with hundreds of hours on the game but have more time now mist of my coursework is done, just 2 exams left for the year
  5. Hi I am an experienced player with hundreds of hours on this game. I play the island map and am looking to expand my tribe as big as possible. Experienced players needed, players who have all different skills so we are able to work as a team to make a tribe on an official server successful. I only try to play on official servers to battle other people rather than creating my own server.
  6. Hello i want to join your tribe. - Character Name & Level:I dont have any one - Timezone:GMT +02:00 - Steam ID:76561198253664649 - Age:15 - Your Role: I can do everything but i love breeding - Daily Activity: round about 6 hours - Why You want to join us?:because i want to help you and i heard you guys are nice - What You can offer us?:Good Pvp experience and a nice grinder - Some short info about You:I am impatient and don't talk so much -Total hours:800 on pc and 600 on PlayStationxD my discord :BoxReady#9847
  7. Hey i'm a 27 year old guy that plays the game on pc for about 2 years. Mostly solo on pc. i'm in a bigtribe on ps4 but dont like it anymore cause i'm used to pc now. I have a lot of free time now for couple of months so know i think its a good time to join a big tribe. If you are want to talk to me you can always add me on discord. ( 𝒥𝑴 | Screeder#0193)
  8. What's good guys, I can do everything thats required in a tribe (especially pvp and farming). My discord is $ybil#7486 .
  9. Haduuken2010#6952 I’m on PC. 5.7k hrs. I’ll bring over what gear I have. Let me know where, good to join . I just liked the name of this tribe.
  10. Buonasera io e un mio amico stiamo cercando da tempo tribe su official non abbiamo molta esperienza su official ma ci riteniamo dei player molto utili ,volevo saperne di più
  11. Discord Tag: ! 𝗔𝗹𝗮𝗯𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘂#4580 PD: Letters are not normal characters, so you need to copy the name as it appears above.
  12. I'd like to join your tribe, I played arkadia before this wipe, an unofficial server, of which I was the owner of the second largest tribe. I've got more than 750 hours on pvp and I'm very good at it, mostly with griffins and flamethrowers. I'm very active as well. I was surely the best one on my last tribe.
  13. I saw you guys are currently looking for new Members for OfficialHello, I´m ariba or Jan however you wanna call me, Im 15 and I come from Germany. I have 1.1k hrs on Ark and im an quiet experienced player. I consider myself as a good pvper and as an good builder. Im able to farm and breed or hunt for bp´s but I hate Gen missions :0 I am looking for a new Official Tribe because I left my old one due toxicity. At the moment I am not that active because i am currently maiking my Graduation. Usually Im online almost every day for at least one or two hours in he Week and at t
  14. Hi I am looking for a PVP tribe to join on official servers. I am experienced in ARK and I can do all the grinding and all stuff. Looking forward to be recruited for friends to play together and create some memories
  15. um genau zu sein bin ich ein Deutscher Spieler der sehr viele Spielstunden hat und ich such nach einem Tribe dem ich in pvp oder auch beim bauen/Farmen aushelfen kann. Würde mich auf eine antwort freuen. Discord ist Ex_Hxpnotic <-Uplay#5915
  16. Hey bin ein ARK SPieler mit viel erfahrung und würde gerne mit in den Tribe
  17. yo, i want to play 1x, i am good at pvp farming and breeding, im playing about 3 years and got like 4-5k hours in ark. hmu on discord if u interested minTy#7808
  18. Hello, I am a new to ark on Pc but have had many hours on xbox. I like to breed and tame but i can also help fill quotas if we need. I would like to start my ark Pc ecpieriance with you and any tips you can give me will be great. My discord is Z1nc.OTG#8350
  19. I recently became a "PC gamer". Ive played a ton of ARK on PS4. Ive been in alpha tribes throughout many years and love to support my team with my skills. I over work myself in real life and tend to over work myself on ark as well. Just looking for a tribe to join on PC. My Discord: StoneProjects#9800
  20. Looking to start or join an official server on PC. I am 23 from Brazil and have a mic and put in 1400+ hours into ark I don't any of the dlcs. I have a lot of experience in building, Farming, and a little pvp. Able to play at least 1-4 hours during weekdays, and most of the time during weekends.
  21. Hey, i'd like to join ur tribe! Staff about me: Im 13yo(after voice mutation) 2850h All dlc's 10/15h per day Speak Polish/English Time zone CET if you are interested or need more info, there is my Discord: VanerZZZッ#6532
  22. Switched to console have mega experience have been playing since release but took a break when Gen came out so im rusty on that and crystal isle thats it
  23. looking to join your tribe, i am good at breeding, pvp, and building.
  24. 24 years old 2k+ hours looking to get back into game. discord is Mrbaddy100#4158

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