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Hello, Im searching members so we can become a big tribe we are starting from scratch at a official server. Everyone can join but it's a extra + if some high lvl's players would like to join. If you are interested to join then you're welcome but you have to be active.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. I would like to join Hello. My name is Ian. I am a long time ark player since day one and would love to join you on this journey. I find some o the earlier to mid game to be the best experience of the game and would love to take part in that whit you guys. I dont know if you guys use discord by here is my name on discord BigRed{CRACK_HEAD}#8964 sorry for the childish name
  3. Active Player Looking For a Tribe Hello, I'm a decent ark player with experience with The Island, The Center, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, and Valguero. I quit Ark shortly before Aberration and Extinction came out and I would like to start actively playing again. I have more than 900 hours of experience in ARK across several accounts. Discord is Ehfaz#9715.
  4. its je boy if you mean main official cluster, im level 131 as far as i know :d you need me or nah
  5. I came from Xbox one and just got a new pc installing ark an led looking to play on some servers to help out and I’m an editor so if you guys make a channel I can edit the videos discord: dart#6905 YT: jason gamingg
  6. Came from ps4, new to ark on pc, but got a few years of good activity going on this game. would love to join a cool group of guys dont know anybody in pc community and been playing solo on abb. discord: knightkasho (ALL FUBAR)#9050
  7. Wanna join Hello im 23 years old and im looking to join a big tribe. im lvl 83 on official i have 800 hours experience i also played a lot on unofficial and reached max lvl and tek stuff contact me on discord ASY#7212
  8. trying to join i im 20 yo, can play all day, i have 700+ hours .W00Zi3.#0720
  9. Trying To Join i have 8 hours on pc but ive been playing on ps4 for years on ps4 i was in VVV, SC, and Unknown so im not new and i have a lot of experience
  10. Im in i am a 12 year old BUT CAN ONLY PLAY ON WEEKENDS(if not grounded:) ) disscord boy550#9204
  11. im in hey i got 1k time play im an intense farmer breeder and builder also tamer i play the game alot and put lotsa time on it i wish to be in the tribe if u like me to join or wanna talk herse my discord: anthisi#2936
  12. Hey im new would i be able to join hey i recently got back into the game i am level 71 from australia, recently finish school so i will have lots of time to grind. my discord is Yue#4330
  13. Wanting to have Fun I am a 22 old male. Wanting to join a tribe to have fun and to also be able to pvp. My discord is PolishLife22#7499
  14. we have a server? So we have a server? I wanna ask something but I just remember that the other type of server is where you have to stay close to the host. do you have a valguero server? I love that place!
  15. How I see the ark I see the ark as an opportunity for young men and women to discover stuff about dinosaurs, and other prehistoric creatures and what they eat, and how to survive if they ever come back from a REAL jurassic park. and not just an opportunity but a fun way to express yourself. if you like to be a evil guy who kills everything then you can, but in creative. I see ark as a useful game. I hope you think the same way about ark.
  16. Something about me Hello! im 13, have 900 hours,GMT+4 timezone,level 104 character, beat hard rockwell I like building breeding and pvp! My discord is KindaHomicidal#7735
  17. Solo sucks I just want friends to play with Discord:arkguy#1812
  18. Introduction Looking to join Male : 18 from Thailand . I have 5900+ hours on PVP server . im an active Player almost every day dafuq#8414
  19. hi there hello im 30+ yrs old and i have a 1700+ hrs mainly on solo pvp smalltribes. This period i played a few arkpocalypse seasons and now i would like to join a tribe to do big stuff. I mainly do pvp and raids and really know how to hide. I have never been fully wiped. ofc i can do anything that is needed for the tribe. Let me know a few things about you as well. cheers
  20. yes litterly my life Yo My name is Donny. Im 16 years old but sound like an adult for some reason. Im from belgium but will speak english of course. I havent played ark on pc yet. I switched from xbox to pc 2 weeks ago and already get the hang of everything. i had around 800-1k hours on ark so my game sense is very good dont worry. I do need to learn the controls on pc but that wont take long if sometimes you guys help me out. Im here cause ive always wanted to play ark on pc. if you guys are kind enough to let me in the tribe that would be nice i dont need admin or anything. I will have to make a new character since im new to pc so sorry i hope you understand. well that rounds up about everything my discord: Koi-Ryu#4419 in case you want to talk some more or need more info ;).
  21. Looking to join I have been trying to find people to play with for a long time. I have played the game since it came out but i changed platforms 2 months ago. i a very excited to start a new journey with you guys. I like taming and breeding and pvp from time to time is always good. PS: i have added you on Discord Morten as CarlMage123
  22. looking to join Hey i have been playing ark consistantly, have over 1k hours lv 70 character on official i have a fair amount of knowledge with breeding,pvp and building, what not, my discord tag is Mercury#5003 for more info
  23. wanna join i am 20 year old from eu have like 2500hours looking to get back on officail grifster #8341 is mine discord
  24. Looking to join Hey looking to join a new tribe on official. Took a break when exctinction was released. Have 6000 hrs on official pvp and a level 131 char. Message me on discord if any info Will#0333
  25. A little about me A little about me I have played quite a bit, i took a long break right before extinction came out, I have a high lvl character and im looking for a new tribe to join. Contact me on discord; Mentality#9105
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