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Hello, Im searching members so we can become a big tribe we are starting from scratch at a official server. Everyone can join but it's a extra + if some high lvl's players would like to join. If you are interested to join then you're welcome but you have to be active.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Hey, I wanna start again on official pvp after a short brake im a good builder , an experienced breeder and an really good mana and guerilia pvpler would like to talk about joining and that you can background check me Add Discord: Soul.GM#0038
  3. hey i want to join into your tribe ive been playing ark about 4years in ps4 and i want to play in pc from now on discord: abolfazlp5560#7672
  4. Hey, im new to ark only have free dlc but would like to join Disc: Tide#8886
  5. I played ark ever since the first beta's back on xbox one and watched it evolve over the years and loved the game just never had anyone to play with once my friends fell out of playing the game and it was just me. I made some friends but they never stuck around on servers long. I'm looking to join up and pvp and have some fun I have over 1100+ hours in game overall and love to pvp and raid but I haven't played it since they released extinction so I know I'll have a big learning curve as far as new pvp and raiding methods.
  6. i have been recently playing ark again, getting tired of Solo PvP. so i want to join Your tribe so that i can socialize more, i can contribute to taming and grinding. if you want to use me as a suicide bomber that is okay also :). i have 586 hours on Ark, i used to play it a couple of years ago in a Alpha tribe. im a pretty chill dude, so just ask me anything if you have any questions. Age: 22 from Norway. UTC +1 CET Central European Time. Languages: English, Norwegian and Thai Play time: i play about 3-5 hours every week, in the weekends i play probably more th
  7. LFT Official main cluster (PC) -2K hours -15 Years old (i am pretty mature) -10 Hours a day -Fresh character (Level 72) -All dlc -I like to grind -I am from the Netherlands (Not bad in english though) -Time zone= UTC+1 -Dc: WypaXGonk#1980
  8. Hello, I am 20 years old and have 1.4k hours in the game. When it comes to playing games I play mostly at night if I have work. However, all of my hours are from when I played on Xbox and I have decided to get into it on PC. If you have any questions for me contact me at Bleached Sharky#8482
  9. hi i'm 14 years old, i'm a french guy with 2.1k hours on game, I can pvp and farm, can play 4h per day, i'm mature and can take a joke , i'm serious when i farm and pvp and enjoy playign. My discord: hydra#5066 #5066
  10. hey I would like to join the tribe, very experienced, my discord is ScoobyJew6996#3034
  11. I have 1200 hours gameplay and a lvl 103 character with several tek engrams. I have played in mega tribes before and would like to join yours. my discord is Allie-the-Aries#4683
  12. Hello im russian i have a 1.5 k h and free dlc and gen 1 gen 2 and ext. discord: after
  13. I would Like to join your tribe I got all DLC and 2k hours experienc on small tribes. My Discord Tag: Patrick575#7622
  14. I have 6000 hours and I play 10+ hours a day, can I join your tribe?
  15. been on this game for a few days from a long break from xbox, saw your post for needing people for the tribe dont know much of pvp but know most of the crafting and taming methods at this time im doing a non dedicated server by my self to get back into this game, but im willling to learn for pvp if needed to be, def need to get back into the swings of things as well but hopefully doesn't take me a long time
  16. I have 5k+ hours in the game and am experienced in PvP and tribes on official. I recently took a break on unofficial servers but want to start on offical again and help in a bigger tribe. If you are interested you can add me on Discord: EnjoyMyAim#1987 (Languages: English and German)
  17. hey man i seen ur post about needing members for ur steam tribe on official and ive been wanting to get back into the grind and pvp of the classic official life. I am a co owner of a dedi server and have been playing this game for 6 years and know all the metas, since i usually deal with people exploiting certain methods that are on my server. i have a few other staff members trying to start up on official again but we want to join a bigger tribe so we will have power in numbers. My discrod is Cowboy Key#6706 hope to be hearing from you soon. The server i co own link is here https://d
  18. What is your steam name: Krave.exe what timezone are you in: Us Easter (EST) What is your Discord #ID?: ~๐™‹๐™ค๐™ ๐™ž ๐™ž๐™จ ๐˜ฝ๐™š๐™ฉ๐™ฉ๐™š๐™ง~#7188 how old are you?: 16 do you have experience? (don't need a lot): yes i have 12k+ Hours how active can you be per day? (1-2 hours minimum): if im not on im sleeping so like 10+ hours what makes you a better player than other players applying for this tribe? have alot of experience and knowledge of the game, on all the time can be grindy if needed are you a Taming Person or a Farming person? all a
  19. hi im 19 years off age and i am looking to join ur tribe i have around 5k hours on ps4 and i am just shy off 1k hours on pc i have ben looking to join a tribe on official for a while i have been playing small tribes or low rate unofficial but my friends are getting bored off low rates and want to go on high rates but i want to stay in low rates i play between 10 to 12 hours a day i am in eu times i like to grind and breed and my goal would like to be in a big/mega tribe
  20. Hi I really want to join your tribe please accept me I have 3300 hours of gameplay And I can grind or taming everything else
  21. Hi I really want to join your tribe I have 3300 hours of gameplay on ark in pvp please accept me I can grind or whatever else
  22. Hi, i'd like to join the tribeI got almost 1k hours of the game exprincei was playing in smalltribes 600ofhours was only of smalls. I can do everything - Farm. PVP. just became a memberand i really do like to join the tribe bcuz im lonley i got all mapsShivoksutafim#9949my discord i will really happy if u let me in
  23. Absolutely no hate to the leader but on the chance that he may be inactive, anyone who wants to start a tribe and has good experience and preferably adults (but no hate to kids if youre mature) can add me on discord @Rooster#5619 once Ill make a discord when ppl start adding me and when we have more we can discuss what maps we want to play on, will be official pvp though.
  24. Hey man Iโ€™ve played the game for a couple years and Iโ€™m about level 100 on this new character and Iโ€™m really looking to join a tribe, I love this game but it just isnโ€™t as fun solo, and Iโ€™d love to have a fresh start with a big group of people I can just chill and grind with. Iโ€™m slightly unsure how this platform works so if you could just add me on discord (Rooster#5619) and we could talk about it idk how you do recruitment but Iโ€™d really appreciate it

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