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I have played for 2 years, mostly solo, but tired of having trouble defending by myself. I am a hardcore grinder, and already have a nice base & dinos for us to start up with. My goal is to have a good group of players work together and us start a new base in Extinction, and continue my old base in Valguero (quite a large base with everything needed already set in place). We are currently based up at Ragnarok, but I would like for us to start off in Extinction to gain tek status quite quickly. Requirements: must be 18 or older, mature, loyal, and help work as a team and gather to build up as quickly as possible. I am willing to teach new players all I know, I have alot of knowledge to the game and am quite successful, even as a solo player. If interested, feel free to join the group here, I will be checking this post every 1-2 days. Any questions, feel free to ask!


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  2. Hey everyone Taka Tribe is recruiting for PSN Official. If you are looking for a tribe, active often, a mature player over 16, and are serious about making it to the top as alpha and willing to put in the work, we will be recruiting add me on PSN: atotheizzzo_
  3. Hey all, we’re looking for a select few to join our tribes that are now on official servers. We need MATURE, Active people to join our drama free tribe. We’re Very very well established. We looking for all time zones. Must be willing to join party chat at all times when online. (You can be muted but must be able to hear during playtime). Hit us up on PSN: GKoski22
  4. Hello, PSN is JacobsWFM, I'm 32. I have about 2 years solo experience. Always been solo. Till literally two days ago i started looking and trying things out. you're tribe overview and back story is like a copy paste of me Right now. It's almost identical. Haha. I'm sick of playing alone and wanting to join a community that is friendly and loves this game as much as I do and likes to work together. Honestly it's exactly what i've been looking for. Haha.I'm sure I could learn a few things from everyone as well. Self taught solo here, so I'd say skill level high low to moderate skill level. I definitely know how things work and understand what's going on. And how to grind and navigate ark and get what's needed. Best quality I could bring is, I'm really good at helping others and the team as a whole in whatever way needed, grinding is what I do as well. Sorry for the long message kinda got excited, My apologies. Hope to hear from y'all soon. Thank you for your time JacobsWFM,PSN Discord: jacobsjo#5800. Still figuring this out. Got it the other day just for ark.
  5. Ewoknola is PSN Started playing ark when it first came out. Took a couple year break and back at it for a few months now! 29, I'd say medium/high experience. Thanks!

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