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I have played for 2 years, mostly solo, but tired of having trouble defending by myself. I am a hardcore grinder, and already have a nice base & dinos for us to start up with. My goal is to have a good group of players work together and us start a new base in Extinction, and continue my old base in Valguero (quite a large base with everything needed already set in place). We are currently based up at Ragnarok, but I would like for us to start off in Extinction to gain tek status quite quickly. Requirements: must be 18 or older, mature, loyal, and help work as a team and gather to build up as quickly as possible. I am willing to teach new players all I know, I have alot of knowledge to the game and am quite successful, even as a solo player. If interested, feel free to join the group here, I will be checking this post every 1-2 days. Any questions, feel free to ask!


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  2. Ewoknola is PSN Started playing ark when it first came out. Took a couple year break and back at it for a few months now! 29, I'd say medium/high experience. Thanks!
  3. Looking for a tribe to join psn evildead__0

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