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      ARK Sales!   12/20/17

      For those who've yet to experience the joys of ARK, nows your chance to get in as we have a huge host of discounts across various platforms and regions! The discounts and sale length may vary so please continue reading for further sales information! PlayStation 4 (EU) Winter Sale! ARK will be participating in this year's PlayStation 4 Winter Sale! Discounts may vary based on region, so please double check to ensure you can get it in time! ARK: Survival Evolved ARK: Explorer’s Edition ARK: Season pass ARK: Scorched Earth Humble Bundle Sale! ARK: Survival Evolved ARK: Scorched Earth ARK: Season Pass

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We were once large.... 12 people.... Howevre, due to the activity of certian mega tribes, we lost member swho became discouraged by loss. A few of us have remained, 6 I believe. We are looking to recruit some new faces for our Ark adventures. We dont give two rat donkeys about age, we just want dedicated individuals. Message me or comment if you would like to join.

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