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About This Tribe

Welcome to The Gamers ARK This tribe is dedicated to the protection of all Dodos and Jerboas. All are welcome to join the tribe, but please make sure you introduce yourself here in order to receive an invite.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Hello Hi! My names Soysauce but you can call me Soy for short. I absolutely love the Dodo because they help me train high level pteranodons and are so cute when you set them to attack. I want to join because i don't really have any friends to enjoy this great game with and I thought that joining would be lots of fun. My time zone is US Central.
  3. new member hi im new trying to join ive been inactive from ark for a year but i have 1900 hours i have been inactive because i had started college and it was a lot to do so i had to give up gaming for a while but im looking to start back. im 23 respectful and like to enjoy the game
  4. Introduction Hey my name is orbit and I just wanna say that i love dodos, i mean who doesn't? anyways i want to join the tribe because i want to play the new dlc valguero with other people and not just myself. My timezone is US pacific or US west
  5. Broku I am a tamer and breeder and looking to get back into the game
  6. Introduction Daniel Brivce Love dodos Changed platform from ps4 to pc. experienced player IRISH time.
  7. Hello there! Im xLegendKJ. Name: xLegendKJ Do you love Dodos?: Yeah! Who doesn't love dodos? Why do you want to join the Tribe?: Just bought the game and have been soloing for weeks now and its tough growing alone fighting all tribes out there alone. Mainly I want to get into all the fun stuff(e.g Breeding, Taming, Building nice base, Fighting Bosses , Raiding, PvPing etc..) and at the same time I can also help the tribe by going for raids and pvp. Timezone: GMT+8 Side Note Before you reject me! Though I may be new to ark but I am Rust player so there are some elements that is similar e.g pvp, raiding. Additionally, I bought all the maps so I can travel to other maps if needed. That's all for my introduction, thank you for reviewing it!
  8. Oh Hewwo Name: SuppaQ or QDo you love Dodos?: Who doesn't? They are adorable!Why do you want to join the Tribe?: Looking for more people to enjoy ark with!Timezone: Mountain Daylight Time
  9. Hey im searching tribe members 4 smalltribe
  10. Hornet yes i love dodo cause its easy to tame and harvest the meat looking for group of people to play with gmt+7
  11. DinoHunter, friendly dude looking for friendly people to play with and have fun in the world of Ark.
  12. Hello, my name is Jack. Who doesn't love the birds? I want to get to play with some actual people and hopefully make some new friends. Mountain daylight time.
  13. I will join any map OK if noob no trolling/in siding be nice try not to be toxic just looking for people to play with respond if interested
  14. Search about 22 people who can still jojn tribe msg me on discord: Snipzy_2004#8606
  15. Hi I cant give personal info but I love dodos. I am in the west kazakhstan time but know english cause i am a expat. I have 2 dodo peta and i love them. I want to join this teibe because you look firendly and i need some advice in the game. Is it ok that i am mobile player? Thanks
  16. Name: Erik (bobota1 or BK Whopper on steam)Do you love Dodos?: Yes they are very cute and innocentWhy do you want to join the Tribe?: I have no friends that play pc ark or any pc games in general so I figured having a group to play with would make it alot better.Timezone: EDT GMT-4
  17. I'm a 13-year old that is looking for a tribe. Alltho people have told him more mature then they expected so don't judge the book by its cover. I've played ark since the beta I would guess I have 2500h on ps4. but I have recently gotten a computer and I only have 300h on pc. And yes I love dodos. But I would like to join the tribe because im usually solo and I would love to have some tribemates so I don't have to do everything alone. And I have been in a mega tribe on ps4 before but I don't remember the name and I just would love to go to an official server. And play some real ark. And I'm not a leader. Tell me what to do, and ill do it. And im a grinder I just love it. and its the only thing I do... Like seriously only thing... please help... I have no life. BUT ANYWAYS I don't have any DLCS yet but I'm gonna get extinction soon and I hope yall can reply as soon as possible. And my time zone is CET I'm from Sweden but speak fluent English Sry if i reposted
  18. Hi my name is Eric or Tretzy I would like to join this tribe because I want some friends that play ark I have 280 hours on here but I come from ps4 I know all the maps mainly center and ragnarok and I had 2k hours on ps4 I was apart of an alpha tribe on ps4 called computer stompers I know how to breed and good at pvp and a good grinder I am 18 I am graduated and I can play all the time
  19. Hi there, My name is E, Or Mr. Toasty lol. im a 17 yearold who loves ark and i was just wanting some friends who play ark as well. im able to play late at night, and im all down for dino care if i need to be. i hope that we can all be friends and hang out with each other
  20. Was playing with a friend but he ended up quitting so I've been trying to play solo and that hasn't been working out. Thought Id give joining a tribe a chance, I have 700h on Ark and have just been running around extinction. I'm a casual player but I do grind.
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