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About This Tribe

Welcome to The Gamers ARK This tribe is dedicated to the protection of all Dodos and Jerboas. All are welcome to join the tribe, but please make sure you introduce yourself here in order to receive an invite.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Just want to have fun Hello and dodos are great makes tamming pt's allot quicker. I played for almost a year on ps4 before getting this on pc i've been playing the last couple months on offical and unoffical both trying it out i would like to find a duo or small tribe i can join with on classic pvp rag is my favorite but i just play to have fun my game name is Wolf my gammer tag has been Wolfsorrow from my vanilla days of wow lol. i'm older and mellow for the most part i am very helpfull and have ALLOT of time to play hope to hear from you guys soon
  3. I am french i play very much on ARK and i'm good on taming breeding and a little pvp Can I join your tribe ?
  4. Join tribe Hello I'm French but I speak English I play very much of ark i have 4k hours and i'm pretty good at pvp
  5. I would love to join your tribe im not toxic player but my english is pretty bad but im good grinder and pretty good at pvp
  6. I introduce myself First of all i like dodos because they produce eggs faster than another creature and u can make simple kibble for taming so early game dinosaurs . I would like to join this tribe because i like all in terms of big tribes war, i see these videos on youtube and im like HOLY poop I WOULD LIKE FIGHT THERE TOO, but too i wanna join for stay in a good tribe, with members who knows his role in the tribe, i mean someone grins powder, another grinds metal, someone tames high lvl dinosaurs. My timezone i could say its pretty good because i come from Argentina, i dont know if members in the tribe lives on the U.S or u come from England or Canada. But always the timezone gonna be so different, if in U.S its the 5:00 AM and someone wants to raid a base from the tribe without figthing, i could be there because in my country gonna be still day plus, i have over 1600 hours and im pretty good at pvp and doing solo tribes
  7. I want to join this tribe Hi my name is VeryNice also know as Ted but you can call me what ever you want i have grate knowledge about this game. I wish to join a new clan as i used to play back in 2017. I am willing to farm and help tame as long as the tribe is active and is doing there part to help the tribe . Also i have about 250 h on pc but on xbox around 650h.
  8. Introduction Hi! Mi name is Bruno and I loveeee dodos. I want to enter in the tribe because i like so much this tribe and its a hope for me
  9. introduction Name:DariusDo you love Dodos?:awwww <33333 yesssssWhy do you want to join the Tribe?:i want to make new friends, and cooperate with people, and to play with those new friends and comunicate with them, and ofc to enjoy the game with cool mansTimezone: GMT+3
  10. Introduction what's up my nickname is Andromeda, 17years old, and I'm from Korea. of course I love dodos lol. because it is quite cute and I used it to WALKING C4 hah. I wish to join this tribe because I was in SOP Korean tribe this is alpha tribe in official server. before I join SOP, I made PoK Korean tribe and work with my friends. one day, there is one friend invitation in discord. they told me to 'can you join our tribe? we need more tribe member.' I accepted and I learned alpha raid, breeding.. and also they unlocked my tek engram! I was really close with them. However, one of the my tribe member trolled in SOP. He killed most of rare dinos. They was very dissapointed about it. and they banned all of my tribe member(including me). I lost everything and I'm looking for new tribe with my members(excluding troller). call me in discord Andromeda#5463 I want to talk about this tribe very detaily.
  11. Introduction Steam Name: BiG.PeNgUiN.BoI In Game Name(Usually): HaroldDo you love Dodos?: They are the God and prophet of my religionWhy do you want to join the Tribe?: Looking for a decent PvP tribe to join seeing as i haven't found one yet on PCTimezone: GMT +1
  12. Joining tribe Hey I’m Ben generally go by grim, been playing ark on PS4 on single player for a while now, getting use to the game but really want to join a tribe have a fairly good graspe on the island, I can’t say I like dodos but I do believe they are extremely helpful in a fair few ways. Happy to do any role to help out.
  13. Introduction of FinalCountDown Hello I'm Juandré I would like to join your tribe since you guys are alot of people big tribe easy to play and usually a verry fun and active community. I don't have a problem with dodos but they are fun to carry around tho haha My time zone is: GMT +02:00 South Africa Standard Time
  14. I am looking to join a tribe on pc Hello! my name is Manneh, No i dont like dodos, I wanna join a tribe on pc because i dont want to play on the ps4 anymore and so i might not have a high level here but i know what i am doing
  15. Introduction Hello, im buttercup, i like dodo's and i have been playing ark for 1800 hours now and i want to play ark again because i quit for some time because i was bored of the game but i wanna come back for more ark grinding. I can breed farm and i would say im quite good at pvp. I am Cet
  16. Introduction What's up I'm SoggyWaffles (my survivor is usually called waffles in game) I love dodos, I infect them with swamp sickness and drop them on people's bases because it's hilarious I want to join this tribe because solo isn't fun and whenever I join a small tribe I always end up usually doing the work... I would put my heart and soul into this tribe If you guys were to let me join, which I hope is the case! and my timezone is EST on the east coast of the United States.
  17. Hello Hi! My names Soysauce but you can call me Soy for short. I absolutely love the Dodo because they help me train high level pteranodons and are so cute when you set them to attack. I want to join because i don't really have any friends to enjoy this great game with and I thought that joining would be lots of fun. My time zone is US Central.
  18. new member hi im new trying to join ive been inactive from ark for a year but i have 1900 hours i have been inactive because i had started college and it was a lot to do so i had to give up gaming for a while but im looking to start back. im 23 respectful and like to enjoy the game
  19. Introduction Hey my name is orbit and I just wanna say that i love dodos, i mean who doesn't? anyways i want to join the tribe because i want to play the new dlc valguero with other people and not just myself. My timezone is US pacific or US west
  20. Broku I am a tamer and breeder and looking to get back into the game
  21. Introduction Daniel Brivce Love dodos Changed platform from ps4 to pc. experienced player IRISH time.
  22. Hello there! Im xLegendKJ. Name: xLegendKJ Do you love Dodos?: Yeah! Who doesn't love dodos? Why do you want to join the Tribe?: Just bought the game and have been soloing for weeks now and its tough growing alone fighting all tribes out there alone. Mainly I want to get into all the fun stuff(e.g Breeding, Taming, Building nice base, Fighting Bosses , Raiding, PvPing etc..) and at the same time I can also help the tribe by going for raids and pvp. Timezone: GMT+8 Side Note Before you reject me! Though I may be new to ark but I am Rust player so there are some elements that is similar e.g pvp, raiding. Additionally, I bought all the maps so I can travel to other maps if needed. That's all for my introduction, thank you for reviewing it!
  23. Oh Hewwo Name: SuppaQ or QDo you love Dodos?: Who doesn't? They are adorable!Why do you want to join the Tribe?: Looking for more people to enjoy ark with!Timezone: Mountain Daylight Time
  24. Hey im searching tribe members 4 smalltribe
  25. Hornet yes i love dodo cause its easy to tame and harvest the meat looking for group of people to play with gmt+7
  26. DinoHunter, friendly dude looking for friendly people to play with and have fun in the world of Ark.
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