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      For those who've yet to experience the joys of ARK, nows your chance to get in as we have a huge host of discounts across various platforms and regions! The discounts and sale length may vary so please continue reading for further sales information! PlayStation 4 (EU) Winter Sale! ARK will be participating in this year's PlayStation 4 Winter Sale! Discounts may vary based on region, so please double check to ensure you can get it in time! ARK: Survival Evolved ARK: Explorer’s Edition ARK: Season pass ARK: Scorched Earth Humble Bundle Sale! ARK: Survival Evolved ARK: Scorched Earth ARK: Season Pass

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PAY TRIBE PSN:HYDRO-KANE Tribe - PYTHON is the name. We don't talk we do in other words action. Currently we are seeking for new members to join the ranks the goal is to get stuff done, to remain focused and never attract attention. Relations - Our current members have played together and stuck together since ark's release on the PS4  we have been through thick and thin and is the reason why we are very selective in our recruitment process History - Our time on arks been one heck of a ride, we've been alpha and even omega seen huge tribes fall and small tribes  rise at the end of it all  we have been their and done that now is a new start a new beginning for us all and a chance to do it again but better. Vision - Our plans for the future won't be revealed here Sign me up - We have one leader with a chain of command things are organised most importantly we work together like a teams suppose to,  we don't ask for much but for; Requirments -  Experiance    (knowledge of the game within PvP)  high levels of maturity      Good composure     basic PvP skills     Mic     Age 18+    (exceptions here) Language English    (exceptions here as long as we can understand what your saying) Note: reply here with your GT (PS4)  and what you can bring to the table and we will Contact  you.

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