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I'm currently looking for a tribe, I started playing when the game first released for beta on pc . I ended up swapping to ps4 and co-lead a tribe the kept the same members for a few years, long story short some drama went down one of the members kept making threats saying they would trade everything while everyone was offline I asked the other tribe member what they thought about it and everyone thought we should kick them I okay-ed it with the other leader who hadn't been on the game in a while, then 2 days later the guy we kicked was back in the tribe. I asked why he was back and he said he thought it was too harsh then the problem member let one of our best baby gigas (the other leader insisted on letting him imprint) starve to death, and he proceeded to blame it on another member so I left the tribe. That wasn't short at all was it? Lol, anyways I swapped back to PC found another group to play with for a few weeks then they all left me for Fortnite. T.T I'm all alone again. Aside from complaining about the past we didn't do too bad, We were the Alpha tribe of 2 servers, and I worked out a deal with a mega tribe so we worked very closely with them (We helped them with large scale battles/wars/server scouting/farming) and in return we had access and full protection/use of their facilities on any server under their control. I haven't played a ton on PC however, so I'm sure there's plenty for me to learn. Toon wise I have an 80 on official PvP and a 60 on PvP small tribe. I'm just looking for fun people to play with, I'm open to PvP, and PvE on any type of server. Add me on disc ^.^ ChaoticAnatomy#9362


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