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I am quite experienced player, looking for serious, active and experienced 18+ players who would like to play with me on official PVP servers. Currently I play on Valguero but I have also purchased all DLCs and expansion maps(except for Genesis). Have microphone. Contact me on Discord: Marcel#9344


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  2. And now i wonnt to come back with a bit of ark i play on MTS and Bloody Aek Cluster or Just an server where Good PvP is Heppening maybe someone is intrested my written englich is bad becaus i am aktually an German guy but i can speak Englich prettey Good See ya in Game Survivor
  3. Hi I'm 14 so I'm a bit younger I've been playing a couple months I have a world I just chill in Do you guys wanna play in that with me
  4. Name: LunaAlua (On discord as well) I have over 378 hours of play time, I used to play with my boyfriend and his friends but they got frustrated and quit playing but I've continued playing solo. I've never done a boss raid or anything else, but would love to learn. I have tons of experience building/taming/breeding etc. Id love to find some people to start a new server with and play on! I've been trying to play Genesis Part 1 solo and have actually gotten pretty far, it was hard getting started until I read that you should start in the Ocean first. Timezone: Central Time Zone

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