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I am quite experienced player, looking for serious, active and experienced 18+ players who would like to play with me on official PVP servers. Currently I play on Valguero but I have also purchased all DLCs and expansion maps(except for Genesis). Have microphone. Contact me on Discord: Marcel#9344


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  2. I have 1100 hours on ark. A mix of big tribe and solo. Took a break now looking to get back into the game, i dont mind farming or taming with tons of pvp exp. Discord is Basicc#2390
  3. I recently became a "PC gamer". Ive played a ton of ARK on PS4. Ive been in alpha tribes throughout many years and love to support my team with my skills. I over work myself in real life and tend to over work myself on ark as well. Just looking for a tribe to join on PC. My Discord: StoneProjects#9800
  4. i got all but the new ARK EXP im not used to playing pvp but im down to learn i mostly play solo cus idk ppl are kind gay on ark and its hard to find ppl to play wit on pve to so i made a discord sunnydivxx#6347 plz hit me on i like to start playing as a tribe
  5. 30 m USA just looking to gather more knowledge on playing ark. Scuba90Steve#7444 on discord
  6. hey man im well experience at the game ive bin playing since legacy and im look
  7. Hey i’m also looking for a tribe! My partner and I have been playing ark for months now on our own little private server. We have completed everything there is to do on ark and are looking to join a pvp tribe. Please let me know if anyone has a pvp tribe :) thank you
  8. hey man im looking for a tribe as well i have 182 daays of ark on xbox and am just starting out on pc add me back @Dax#4832
  9. my in game name is guilty_cruelty as well as my discord and willing to build with you! i have put months on my personal server with my family but we are looking to join a tribe. we would like to do the story as well to become the alpha tribe. if youll have all 3 of us we will eat, sleep and breath ark!

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