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PvP | Multi-Server | 7 day trial period | https://discord.gg/SJj6XnT


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  2. RECRUITING ** Hello im interested in joining your tribe. Im 20 years old from NY (EDT) and have a level 85 character. I have a method for AMAZING tames quickly! I work well with others and grind daily my PSN- OMblocc631
  3. Rank structure ==[ Captain ]== Description: Captain is the highest current officer rank. Roles: -Wears the title "Commander" -Architect Responsibilities: - Recruiting - Diplomatic affairs - In-Processing new Initiates - Training Recruits - Planning and enforcing the groups mission . ==[ Lieutenant ]== Description: Officer Roles: -Wears the title "Commander" when the Captain is offline -Architect -Can wear the title "XO" Responsibilities: - Recruiting - Diplomatic affairs - In-Processing new Initiates - Training Recruits - Planning and enforcing the groups mission - Choosing a Sergeant to wear the title "Platoon Sergeant" . ==[ Sergeant ]== Description: Squad Leader Roles: - Raid Leaders - PvP Leaders - Can wear the title "First Sergeant" - Can wear the title "Platoon Sergeant" Responsibilities: - Training Recruits - Mentoring Corporals - Enforcing the groups missions established by the officers - Choses two Corporals to wear the title "Team Leader" . ==[ Corporal ]== Description: Subject matter experts. Every month one Private is chosen to become a Corporal by the leadership. Roles: - Can wear the title "Team Leader" - Farmer - Tamer - Breeder - Builder - Gatherer - Scout Responsibilities: - Training Privates - Enforcing the groups missions established by the officers . (picture above) ==[ Private ]== Description: Official members that have passed both trials. Roles: - Farmer - Tamer - Breeder - Builder - Gatherer - Scout Responsibilities: - None . ==[ Recruit ]== Description: Trial Period. This period will last a minimum of 48 hours max of 7 days. During this time, the tribe will hold a peer review with a minimum of 5 members that have socialized and played with the recruit to decided if they are a good fit for the tribe. If the tribe votes to keep the recruit they will be promoted to Private. Roles: - None Responsibilities: - Gather - Grind . (picutre above) ==[ Initiate ]== Description: Initiation period. Once the Initiate has the correct discord uniform they will be invited into the tribe, at that point they will start their first trial. They will be shown the FOB that they will have to recreate. They will be given an amount of time to prepare and then dropped off at an undisclosed location to recreate a FOB. Once the FOB is complete they will start the second trial. During the 2nd Trial they must defeat a current member in the tribe in a 1v1 fight. Once they have completed both of these trials they will be promoted to Recruit. Roles: - Initiation period Responsibilities: - Age 18+ - Not be Toxic - Must be an asset, not a liability - Must be like minded ==========[ Titles ]=========== 1. Commander: Highest online officer 2. XO: 2nd in Command (Next in line to become a Captain) 3. First Sergeant: 3rd in Command (If promoted to Lt, automatically is granted title of XO if their is no XO) 4. Platoon Sergeant (Lieutenant's 2nd in command, becomes a Lieutenant if the Lieutenant becomes a Captian) 5. Team Leader (Sergeant's 2nd in command"s", once the Sergeant is promoted or given the title "First Sergeant" or "Platoon Sergeant", the Sergeant will choose one of them to become a Sergeant)
  4. Revised Tribe Breakdown Changes: General Order revamp. Since we play multiple games we made them no game specific. Uniform Change: We no longer required people to wear their rank, its optional. Two new ranks have been added. XO (Captains second in command) and Platoon Sergeant (Lieutenants 2nd in command)
  5. Good times. I ran with you in Dayz a long time ago Blackburn. I look forward to doing it again here!
  6. Bumped. Look forward to working with you brother.
  7. Outline So Far Hello fellow survivors, my name is Blackburn. I am starting a tribe on multiple official PvP servers (server disclosed, one on each main map) and am looking for a few like minded people to help me get the foundation for the tribe up and running before we start open recruitment. As the title says I am looking for Prior Service or Active Duty U.S. Military to help with the creation of the tribe, if you do not fit that description you may still jump in our discord and be interviewed for one of the founder spots, but having some U.S. Military experience will greatly increase your odds. I am currently a Sergeant [E-5] in the U.S. Army Reserves, but I was active for 4 years as an Infantryman with the 101st and deployed to Afghanistan once. Even though the tribe will not be military only I would still like to have military help me set the ground work. This will not be a casual tribe, there will be a uniform standard (read below for more details) If you think this is a group you would like to be a founder of, jump in our discord and find me. If I'm not in the discord send me a message on here or reply to this thread with your discord info and I will add you as a friend. Discord: https://discord.gg/SJj6XnT Discord Username: Blackburn OP4#4659 We will not have a website any time soon, we will organize and coordinate everything in-game and in discord. Below is a rough outline that I have created so far. ================[ Outline So Far ]================== Age 18+, Must Speak English [All tames will be privately owned and tribe ridden, buildings will be privately owned, tribe snap and admin demolish] Ranks: Commander, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal, Private, Recruit, Initiate. Every Initiate will serve a 7 day trial period in our separate tribe [OP4 Bootcamp] where anyone in the main tribe or training tribe will be allowed to remove them for any reason they see fit. Once the 7 days has passed then they will be promoted to Recruit and moved into the main tribe. Every member will have a character and be apart of each tribe on each main server (one for each main map) Uniform Uniform Uniformity is not only a means to show professionalism and to foster prestige but also as a means to ensure discipline. Every member of OP4 must have the organization tags at the end of their names in discord and in-game (After they pass the 7 day trial period and obtain the rank of Recruit) They will only be authorized to do so after they obtain the rank of Recruit, not before. When you make a new character we will guarantee to get you back to the same level and to rebuild everything that you will loose in the transfer. Every member must use their current rank as their avatar in discord and in these forums. General Orders 1. Be an asset not a liability. An organization of any caliber is only as strong as its weakest link, it is every members responsibility to have a general understanding of every aspect of every position within the organization. If you are mostly a breeder or builder you will still be required to be able to hold your own in PvP and vice versa. This also means that you must maintain your arms, your equipment and yourself. You will at all times carry at a minimum in your hotbar a few bola, a club, a melee weapon, a ranged weapon, stim berry (to reverse torpor), food, water and some form of armor even if its just cloth. 2. Everyone is an Ambassador and a Combatant. The image and reputation of an organization is carried with every member. Every action you take good or bad is a direct reflection upon the organization. You will carry the name OP4 with pride and will not degrade its name. Every member will also be required to fight if necessary. 3. No one fights alone. We will not allow our organization to appear weak. We can not give others the opportunity to kill or harass any of our members without impunity. If you are off by yourself and get killed or robbed, you not only make yourself look weak but also make OP4 appear weak. To prevent this no member of OP4 is authorized to take any hostile action against enemy tribes (unless its self defense) in-game alone. 4. We always bring the fight to the enemy. OP4 will never run or hide from an enemy. We will stand and fight even if we know we will die. We will do everything in our power to close the distance with the enemy and fight to the last man. Death before dishonor.
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