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(Ps4) looking for active grinders,tamers,breeders, Maintenance players who want to get big and stop getting wiped official rag pvp join me and put your trust unto my shoulders i will lead you to greatness. Let's get rid of this mega tribe trash together


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  2. Not sure if you were talking to me or them but just "Footpace" doesn’t come up. Is that just a part of it? Edit: I raptoring read it wrong Edit 2: wow they censor swear words with dinos
  3. I am also looking to get started on a tribe, im 24 years old have a mic and speak english. Im from the netherlands, my psn is Foopace, hit me up
  4. Hello, I am 21 on ps4 and also looking to join/make a tribe. I haven't had the game for long but I have learned quickly so far and really want to learn more, but sadly I dont know anyone advanced who can teach me. Also I do have a mic. Anyway, I am interested in in joining. Please message me if you would like to add me
  5. My friend and me are searching tribe, we want please to join The Center tribe, we know building, good stats taming and make defenses with 100 turrets...
  6. Need tribe was in UC a few years back on The Center 423. Lots of experience and have some turrets and tames to bring over from building up with a buddy that's new to the game.
  7. 22 years old looking to join a tribe if not we make our own if anyone down let me know got a mic 18+ only must have experince.
  8. Im 22 years old from Australia looking to join a tribe I have 5 years experince knowledgeable can do pretty much anything got a mic.
  9. I'm 28, lvl 98, good at breeding raising taming, want to farm unique tames and breed them, and not lose lines... Want to show up for pvp when needed. I want all the bullets and gear I grind to be used for battle, not stolen while offline....
  10. Old, level 78. Eastern USA time zone. Available few hours during the week, open all weekend. Thanks!
  11. Can i join i am central time zone 15 i can play 7hrs +a day
  12. 25? 123? Europe? Grinding slotcap and making bossfights readY? Im looking for a tribe where every Body does Something and some nice people to Play with ? ATM 10-15 h a day? I can Farm Like a beast ? Because of Rassist members?
  13. Hello I’m Laurenz 20years old. I’m from NewZealand my time zone oceania. I’m lvl 83 and have tek engrams from hard rag. I’m playing on ps4 and enjoy building, breeding and grinding out hard. I had to stop playing about a year ago due to work, but now I’m at uni with a lot of time on my hands. Keen to join this tripe add me ok discord laurenzo#1908
  14. 28 Dk (Gmt+2) somewhat of a veteran. I know the odds and ends of the game, however there is always time for improvement. i fancy myself as a more than fair builder, with a flair for OCD building (interior) I've been Playing a ton of un-official the last few years, but i've gotten tired of having to rebuild every month or so. Plus being limited to like 10 servers in a cluster, tend to get boring. I have a decent amount of time played (official and un-official) but since PSN won't show how much time i have in game, it's impossible for me to say, but i reckon somewhere around 2.5-3k hours
  15. Age:30 Lvl:101 Timezone: uk gmt Im looking for people to help / help me grind and im looking to raise wyverns somewhere safely. And I really want to do boss fights. Im on for 3-5 hours a day and I can bring my speed in which I can grind for materials and craft traps and bases very quickly. I never had a real tribe yet.
  16. I'm 15 , my character lvl is 80 I had to make a new character , my time zone is mst , I'm good at pvp and grinding , im looking for people to play with and have fun with , I played a lot of solo but got wiped every time
  17. 21 110? Central? Breeding, grinding, PvP, Titan taming People to play with on official? On everyday? I put an insane amount of hours into the game 12+ if I'm playing with good people ? They meshed and got my account banned for awhile?
  18. age? 30 lvl? 72 Time zone? Spain What are you good at? starting from scratch XD, my level of play is medium. Playing alone I learned a bit of each activity. What do you look for in a tribe? enjoy the game as a group and with a team vision. Activity? breeding What can you bring to the tribe that no one else has better? humor XD Why did you leave your last tribe? I've always played alone or boring nitrados server PSN: Big_Gesto
  19. im 17 active and love to grind i was the leader of a tribe that got wiped and split up i need a way to get out of getting wiped every 2 seconds so i dont lose my progress lvl 87 in the chicago timezone what server should i go to to join ur tribe
  20. 26, looking to join a tribe, im a excellent grinder, spent 100+ hours on xbox ark just recently switched to PS. PSN NG_Mark_Ps
  21. Had ark for years sick of playing solo so looking for a tribe game has lost interest for me recently due to toxic people and constantly being wiped level 101 character on small tribes would have to do a quick grind to level 100 on normal official but just need a tribe or calling it quits
  22. Hello all, I am looking g for a new tribe to join. Up until a couple nights ago I was admin of a 35 person tribe. My character is level 111, and I have all tek engrams except for tek turrets. My tribe was wiped by a mega, one night while we were offline, why, I am not sure. We had over 200 tames, ele gachas skiffs, magmasaurs, you name it we had it. The mega tribe wiped my whole server over 18 hours, and, my previous tribe imploded. Admins quit, people took everything. I made it out with only my two manas before tribe was disbanded. Now I am looking for a t
  23. I forgot to mention I have about 900 hours on ark probably more.
  24. I'm 23 never joined a tribe before and I keep getting wiped by them, timezone is British I have around 300 hours in the game but don't exactly have any sick poop anymore as I just got fully wiped on the centre. Honestly though I just want to play the game with cool people and have some fun. Will grind all day no problem and will tame whatever is needed
  25. Hello, I'm 28 years old I'm from Ireland been playing ark since released on ps4 just back from a year and a bit break tribe I was in got dev wiped I've heard... I'm level 101 on this toon big pvper breeder and tamer, have most of the bosses done and have most of the engrams unlocked PSN is SA_Larkin. Msg me asap look forward to it.

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