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(Ps4) looking for active grinders,tamers,breeders, Maintenance players who want to get big and stop getting wiped official rag pvp join me and put your trust unto my shoulders i will lead you to greatness. Let's get rid of this mega tribe trash together


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  2. Dabboyz420


    DaBz I am 29, I have too many hours of experience to account for between ps4 and pc, have played ark since beta, have been in SC, Omniscient (ABADDON), and NIGHTMARE on PS4, and FPS on PC. I gave up ps4 to move onto PC life and now have a full man cave so I bought 2 more ps4s and have my full game room set back up ready to smash some material runs, raise some dinos by the ton, and raid whoever you send me for. Loyal for life! One of our wipes on a guy we knew from legacy. Another wipe, Purge
  3. I am an OP fighter i can kill a wyvern singlehandedly and i have captured three megachelons in 20 minutes please let me join server i am a pro and have three breeding areas. i am really lonely please give me hope. The_Chazatron
  4. Want to join grind build and tame Hey in from Brazil , 27 uses to play in pc, now on console, just got Gênesis Also! I know the mechanics farming, building, taming , breeding . Been Having a hard time solo pvp gen
  5. Looking to join I am 16, lvl 103 with hard brood tekgrams, British, I’m solo from a alpha server that got recently wiped and am very experienced as have been on pvp servers since the game came out on ps4.
  6. Reclutamiento Im 16, Im lvl 97, horario de Europa, soy bueno en PvP , agricultura y construcción, busco diversión y crecimiento, estoy activo a las 2pm más menos a las 5am como 13h al día todo el día porque soy un feriado, puedo ofrecer muchas risas, PvP , y la granja, mi PSN ID es MisterP21 mi traductor puso todo en español No sé cómo dejarlo
  7. yo im looking to join im an experanced tamer/breeder/raiser ive been playing for 4 years straite ive been alpha around 100 - 200 times im a 11 year old female from canada.i am able to play 4-5 hours a day.
  8. Join Form Live in America good grinder can play up to 15 hours daily
  9. Looking to join I'm currently level 100 solo looking to join, i have most tek engrams unlocked and would love to join your team as solo is becoming a pain and would like to be a part of a group.
  10. Application I am looking to join an established tribe as we were recently wiped off of official and everyone blamed it on different people and so on, I'm 16 and I grind alot, I can take, build, breed and raise Dino's etc and am good at pvp and raiding
  11. Looking for tribe to grow with I’m sort of new but I’ve had months of experience with an older tribe but we disbanded, im 15 and looking to play for a long time with a strong tribe
  12. Please add me to your tribe ive been playing ark for long time now Hi my names jarred im 23. I just got wiped on small tribes genasis. I really need a nice tribe. I grind a whole poop ton. And get everything on my own.i just need a stable tribe that doesnt give up. Hope to hear from u guys on details how to actually join u :)
  13. Hey dude can I get your psn for your dupli methode ? We can make a trade for that
  14. Add me please Hi I’m looking for an megatribe or advanced one, i have some tame hidden on a serv like 1 green reaper, some giga 640 imprint by me and more... I left my tribe because my leader was trying to inside our own alliance on aberration and we got 2 inside this month that’s why left my tribe. I loose a lot of cryo by some insider in our base so now i don’t want stay with them. I have a lvl 104 character with the tek cave and almost all tek Engram. Im a girl from France but I can talk English on party with mic. I can farm, tame, breed or wipe... I’m listening everyone and I respect everyone, I can play a lot like 10 h - 12 h by days and I have Aberration, Extinction, scorched earth and im going to buy Genesis soon. You can add my psn to talk : Vierge_Cosmique
  15. Active Member, All Time Tamer Hey, Im 18 years old, currently living in Florida, FL (GMT-4), I used to play a while back and left when extinction came in. My account lvl is 84, since I lost a lot of accounts back in the days. I love to tame, so thats pretty much all I do all the time, I was known in my past tribes as the tamer since thats what I do best. I dont work atm so im mostly on all day, My psn tag is Yaxox and discord is Yaxox#3305.
  16. I dont work so can put in like 5 to 10 hours a day depending on what I have going on in real life
  17. Interview Interview currently lvl 0 no idea what server my last guy is onI'm 24 from the UK GMT I love to farm raise dinos my pvp skill is average looking for a tribe where I can have fun put in work and maybe experience a boss fight only done boss fights in solo player mode I left my old tribe because when ever I signed onto farm they would of cryod all the farming dinos and put them in a hidden vault so I couldn't do much then would moan when nothing had been farmed and when the base was under attack all weapons where in a locked vault admin locked and admins where Hardly on
  18. Recruiting My Name is Jimmy. Lv 80. I’m 16. I am still in high school. I’m On eastern central time. I can be on most night and every other weekend. I haven’t been on a lot of raids but I would love to learn. I’m a great breeder and also I am will to stay around the baby’s. I can also defend base pretty well with others. I left my old tribe because they treat me like dirt and I’m done with it.
  19. Iamme

    PVP newbie

    PVP newbie I’m a lvl 0 on PVP however have ascended several times on PVE. Been playing since the beta release and currently run my own private PVE server so I can mess around with breeding, I’m in SA (Adelaide) and more than happy doing the grunt work so I can learn the tricks of playing PVP. I’m happy farming, love crafting and ok at breeding (I prefer breeding on boosted servers tbh). I haven’t been in a tribe in years as I’ve been a solo player. Looking for a change as PVP looks great on Twitch
  20. Forgot to mention that I will be on at a minimum of 4 hours a day
  21. Intervie Hi im 17 from Australia timezone here is Australian eastern, currently lvl 0 after losing my character in the ark data and since then I’ve moved onto unofficial but now I’m trying to get back into official and I have now been playing ark for about 3 years. I believe that I’m skilled in building, breeding, grinding and taming. My pvp skills however is just above average, I am neither a bob nor a god like pvper. I am highly motivated and eager to build up, learn new things. I am looking for a motivated , active tribe that is mostly positive. I left my previous tribe because June tribe mates lost motivation they were always negative and toxic
  22. Interview Age: 20 Level: A whole 0 Timezone: Pacific, however schedule does tend to shift constantly Strengths: Like to build, farm, and breed. Fine with doing the grunt work as well. Looking for: A good first tribe for a friend and I, both of us have played for over a year with just a handful of close friends and are looking for something a little more fun. Activity: Daily, work from home so my schedule is flexible. What I bring: Good vibes, good attitude, a small robot that keeps tracks of breeding times (he comes in handy man). Why I left my last tribe: Never had one, never touched an official before.
  23. Interview I'm 21. I'm in CDT. My current character is lvl 66. I can do whatever in the tribe really but I would prefer taming. Ive only been in tribes with a small group of friends otherwise ive been mostly solo.
  24. I should be recruited I’m 17 and I get on every day and play mostly everyday and grind I’m lvl 90 my time zone is eastern time daylight and I play usually all night my last tribe got wiped by a mega and I have the dupe method too
  25. Interview I am 15 (sadly sound like a damn squeaker but not annoying/mic spammer). I'm a grinder and tamer. I can also rarely breed if we don't have any breeders available. Highest level was 91. I can play for way over 10 hours a day. I have about 2 years experience for ark and I am average at pvp but know the strategies to pvp. Would love to join to help wipe mega tribes and get to meet new people. I have had so much trouble building up i have gotten wiped by gigas and meks twice now. Im hoping if i get in this tribe it will be different. p.s when i got wiped the second time i quit for a few months then forgot where i left my character lmao. i can make another one thought pretty quickly thought. PSN : Wags4
  26. Interview Age - 15 Level - 50 Timezone - Central US but if wanted I can change my sleep schedule to AU what are you good at? Grinding and pvp what are you looking for in a tribe? I’m looking for security, commitment and also teaching. I want to learn so much more than I know about this game and learn the different strategies people use to get ahead. Activity - 15- 18 hours a day what can I bring? My dedication as well as my work ethic and my grind while I’m online I will always give my 110% and do whatever I can to make the tribe succeed Why’d I leave past tribe? This is my first real opportunity to be in a tribe aside from tribing with a couple friends here and there. But I left cause I’m tired of people the little guy squad that ends up getting wiped because we can’t even get to a point to fairly defend ourselves psn- VotedToKickYou

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