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(Ps4) looking for active grinders,tamers,breeders, Maintenance players who want to get big and stop getting wiped official rag pvp join me and put your trust unto my shoulders i will lead you to greatness. Let's get rid of this mega tribe trash together


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  2. Interview I’m 17, lvl 84, Est, I would say I’m pretty much equally good on every standard, I’m just mainly looking for a tribe to join, 3-8 hours a day, I have experience playing the game since the first day it has came out I know which Dino is good for what type of necessity and know how to efficiently work while managing my time, last tribe i was in ended up getting wiped on multiple servers since we had more than one but then I ended just going solo after all that and have been since abberation came out
  3. Interview *two person interview* We are both 16 and in EST. I am lvl49 atm, and my friend is 77 atm. I am a grinder builder and pvper, and my friend is a breeder grinder and pvper. We are looking for people to play with, and a chance to build enough for good pvp. We will be active, being no school, and play around 10 hours a day at least. We would bring lots, such as laughter, yeah. I was the owner of a 5 man on smalls, and everyone quit after we got wiped, so my friend and I have been on official for a bit, starting fresh, and are now looking for a tribe to have some fun with.
  4. Where can i join in actual ark How do i message tribe to join
  5. Interview I'm 31 I'm new to the game sort of. Was fairly good at breeding, want to give tribes and PvP a go so I'm totally new to that aspect of the game. Catch me on PSN Wud83r4cr, I also have discord which is so much better than PS chat or in-game.
  6. Interview Hi my name is Clayton I’m 19 and lvl 72, I love to breed and tame dinos. I play roughly 8 to 10 hours a day broken up and I am pacific day light time. I also have a friend how plays as much as me and loves to build and tame and he lives in the same time zone. Thank you for your time and I hope you consider us.
  7. Hi, I am almost 19 years old, I am level 99, I play about 15 hours a day and I do a little bit of everything on ark .. I have not left my tribe because I was the boss but I was split.
  8. Hey I’m 19 been playing since the start no life grinder we got insided on small tribes I’m lvl 103 I post ark videos check it out but im a no life grinder been in uc on official my ps4 tag is baz-the-excorcist
  9. Neither the owner of this clan, nor its leader, have been online in over 6 months. Even if you don't want me, someone that matters from this tribe should post something so people don't think its BS.
  10. Interview 30 years old, level 78, Eastern Standard Time. I can grind resources and tame mounts like a champion regardless of the type(bird, underwater, ect.). I'm looking for strength in numbers and a chance to help build an empire without some ten year old turd that bought a mana online raiding me and costing me my time and effort. I play frequently throughout the week and grind like my life depended on it on the weekends. You will not find another person that will manifest the amount of destiny that I will and help bring the collective glory truly deserving the clan to its namesake. I also barely sleep and if needed could arrange to be on at any time I am not working. I didn't leave my last tribe, I'm the leader. I have 4 total including myself, but they do not play with the intensity or the determination required for us 4 to survive amongst alpha trash out there. Give us a home and allow me to show you the definition of excuses don't build empires. I just got raided again today and am actively searching for a tribe. Lets do this.
  11. Interview Hi, I'm 18 from the Midwest. Not going to lie brand new but I'm willing to grind, I am really good at taming and gathering resources. I am looking for a good tribe to start with and just ready to help. I mainly play on the weekends but that will change during the summer because I am really trying to maintain a good GPA to get into my first choice college. I really like to tame creatures such as Maschomps and just am willing to help bring the clan up by gathering resources. Never have had a diffrent tribe
  12. I’m brand new just seen the genesis trailer and wondered where this game has been my entire life lol. I’ve only played for 2 days, didn’t know u could switch servers was makin new characters on each map to try em out lol still learning , playing pve on the island right now have a house that’s set up on a discrete side of the island that has all materials needed . Hit me up my psn is Zengotsu, active player I do have kids so can’t use mic all the time, and a nagging wife lol.
  13. I'm 16 with a lvl 70 character I've played ark on ps4 for a year and 2 on xbox I can do anything u want execpt for griff pvp dont expect much from me there besides tht I can do anything u ima great builder in my opinion
  14. Looking for a new tribe Hello, my Name is Niki iam 14 years old, my character is lvl 121 with all tek engramms,iam good at building turret Tower, PvP, Farming, Breeding and Taming, Iam looking for a new tribe because our old tribe got raided,we saved all the tames but than I got kicked, so I just lost over 1000+ Tames,Psn name : Nikki1230977
  15. Interview I am Level 76 and will be useful for Taming and Breeding I will play often and I have experience with Taming , resource collecting and Breading, I will help build if needed and can Join when you need me.
  16. Interview Hey! I'm a Lvl 77 character, kinda experienced with taming and fine with grinding resources. Both me and my cousin are active together, and we're looking to join a good tribe.
  17. Interview age?13lvl?my account got wiped somehow Timezone?northamericaflorida what are you good at?gathering food and building what are you looking for in a tribe?im looking for teamwork a tribe that helps each other out and helps each other gather materials to craft, activity? i dunno what you mean by activity, what can bring to the tribe that no one has better?honesty and trust, why'd you leave your last tribe? well i never really knew about this website until today so i really never been in a tribe
  18. Need a big tribe to join! pm me my dude Raginsloth16
  19. Interview Hello, I am a fairly active player who also has a friend that is also active. We both have alpha tribe experience. We want to join this tribe because we couldn’t get far in small tribes. We are willing to farm
  20. Interview Hello I am an old returning player looking to play casually (1-3 hours a day because of college ) I use to be part of an Alpha group 2 years ago on Ragnrork 158 named flappy nips so I know how to be part of a tribe I like to think of my self as a good farmer I really don't have to time for breeding and taming but I do want to pull my own weight when I do play so I am willing to be a farm slave until I earn the proper amount of trust I just really want a tribe were I can be an asset and feel like I'm contributing to a team and not get wiped every other day
  21. m0wgLi


    Interview 30 eastern standard time Used to play with buddies but never been part of a big tribe.
  22. Interview I am 17 just started to play ark again I have a lvl 75 character only start again bc I moved to xbox but only just moved back to ps4 I am good at gathering materials I don’t mind just going on metal runs wood runs or stone runs I will grind every day I would like some pvp though
  23. Me and mates need tribe We are lvls 93-104 , just got insided and looking to build back up . Doesn’t matter if we join you or people join us tbh pm me ClapNasty_
  24. Interview Hey!! I'm 28 from NY. Currently lvl 68. My old character got lost. Just got back into ark after months. I dont mind grinding metal or w.e... I like playing the game in a more primitive way like on island, center or se but wont mind a new map. Hope to get a reply!!
  25. Lvl 85 with some tekgrams age? 27 lvl? 85 Timezone? Alaska Standard, -1 hr from pacific standard time. what are you good at? Taming, farming, building, breeding, pvp, defense. GRINDING. Long shifts. what are you looking for in a tribe? Active members that do their fair share of the workload. Been getting into a lot of smaller 20 man tribes where nobody farms resources and expects base to build itself. Im looking for no life farmers. activity? Stay at home father of two. My play ranges from 6 hrs per day on the low side, 12 hours average, frequent 24 hour sessions and a rare 48. what can bring to the tribe that no one has better? Extreme activity and well rounded knowledge base for all different aspects of ark. LOTS of experience going back to the original first release on steam. 950 hours on steam and over 2k on ps4. why'd you leave your last tribe? Little kids were being very disrespectful and rude to me(an admin) when i kept asking them to farm resources when they were online. Had to lock up all the dinos so people would quit focusing on breeding and start getting defenses up. Kids trolled me for days in the tribe and didnt build any defenses for 2 weeks. Didn't want to waste my time just to watch them get wiped. Gave all my stuff to my friends that are the leaders and transferred out. Before that i was the leader of two tribes. Our 16 man was wiped out of val oil cave after 17 days of 24 7 activity defending 2 plus raids per day.
  26. Hey HMU navyboymarz1 lets start a tribe
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