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(Ps4) looking for active grinders,tamers,breeders, Maintenance players who want to get big and stop getting wiped official rag pvp join me and put your trust unto my shoulders i will lead you to greatness. Let's get rid of this mega tribe trash together


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  2. I'm trying to DM you in discord. Accept my friend request so we can talk further about joining.
  3. 21, Pacific Standard Time, I can grind materials for many hours each day. I particularly enjoy metal runs, making gunpowder and bullets, getting materials ready for anything. Whatever required to pull my weight will be done.
  4. Age 19 PST I’m a good all rounder but i excel mostly in breeding and ill stop not to miss any imprints 100% only D: Psn Name Kiel-San
  5. Any1 in need of tribe, we offering you a home. Genesis 2 map fresh new tribe started 2 days ago looking for active, loyal tribe members to build up and expand in future. Dm JohnWick#3782
  6. I would like to join a tribe. I am a 16 yr old who is from norway and would like to play on a server with other people in the tribe. I can deal with taming, building (a little) and gathering rescources. I am active a few hours a day and would like to contribute to the tribe. My psn is MasterHauso
  7. Im 17 years old and Play ark since 2019. I think im very good in fighting and also know very much about the Game and techniques.I really Like fighting and taming or Breeding. Im playin ark 2-10 hours a day. I dont know my Timezone but im from Germany. In the Tribe i want to Play with many Persons and with very much fun. Hope i havent forgot Something. If you are interested in me add me on Psn:Tobinger75
  8. Hi my name is ripwide i have 1500 hours on the game and im level 104 ive been in a some alpha / big tribes. The tribes ive been in are arkangels and nzg. Bosses i have done are alpha val alpha tek cave and gamma gen 2 i play everyday and im dutch.
  9. zikosHR


    psm or doscord
  10. Hey I’m a ps4 player on ark, I’m lvl 99, Australia player, the difference I bring to the table is that I’m always on , always honest and ready to do whatever, always active and ready to grind whatever, I was previously in a tribe called shadow clan that has now gone inactive and looking for a tribe to join,please message me as I’m looking for a new tribe to join and grind out thanks!
  11. Meth0s


    looking for tribe mates
  12. hi, did you ever find a tribe? hit me up on discord Methos#8297
  13. I’m lvl 83 I was part of a alpha but was wiped Carno cave on island we where ally’s with the mega still standing but we all just stopped talking. I want to join because right now I’m either solo getting wiped or with a mate. I am eastern standard time and I really want to join anything you need done I will do. Please let me join as this has been one of my goals to join a mega tribe for at least 2 years now.
  14. My name is gonzo, I’m 23, I loved playing this game and grinding it but never had enough ppl to play it with. Wanna get back into the game think this would be fun.
  15. Hi I left my last tribe bc we got insided Im 16 years 3000+ hours 6 hours a day timezone: cest All maps Pvp/farm/build Im from the Netherlands Lvl 82 I would really like to join this tribe and I think I could be a good tribemate/friend. Thanks for listening
  16. 16, couldn't find a server to join, UTC+4, grinding, people to play chat and enjoy the game with, 2-8 hours, my enthusiasm, never joined one.
  17. Hello im 13 years old and male ive played for 4 years my characters level 91 and i can do pretty much everything except breeding
  18. Im 20 years old. My highest lvl character is 95. Im from germany Honestly there is nothing im really good at im like a decent all arounder but i have alot of free time and i learn fast If needed i could be online for 48h straight. I play ark over 10 hours a day. I started playing 2 years ago but i quit half a year ago because i got kicked from my old mega tribe because the leader suspected me for being an insider because my old ,,friend,, that i dont have contact with anymore tried to inside the tribe. That frustrated me ofc so thats the reason why i quit half a year ago. Now im back
  19. Hello sir id like to join your tribe im 12 years old im male ive played for 4 years i have a level 88 character inhave around 3k-4k hours and i know ragnarok the center and the island like the back of my hand its always been my dream to be in a mega tribe and take down all the other megas that are assholes. I know how to build,grind,tame,and pvp quite well im not the greatest at breeding but id really like to join pm me if i can my username on PSN ist TheShadowGuy67 pm me the server details and the tribe i would be in
  20. Hi my name is Kirby I’m 16 I live in japan and I’m a good breeder and I’m just trying to get into the official side of ark so I can farm and breed. I’m really just looking for a distraction from life but I can be active most the time I’m willing to stay up to play with others and I am good at pvp
  21. Sptrls


    hello I am looking to join the tribe,I'm from ps5 official pvp, I'm a very good farmer and I have spare time, AND i' level 96
  22. Hey my name is Riku#5273, im 16, my timezone is EU(CEST),I like to breed , farm and do pvp,i think i im a good breeder and maybe in pvp i am decent,in a tribe the only thing that i look for is that not be toxic and recruit me and my friend, i can play for 4 hours min daily,i think that i can bring to the tribe a good breeder and i can defend the base,my friend is really good farmer,i leave my last tribe because is from ps4 and i passed to pc,i have 1k hours in ps4 and my friend have 500 h

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