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About This Tribe

We are on NA-PVP-TheIsland-PrimPlusCrossark5 server (Xbox one) and are an up and coming tribe with high esprit de corp, motivation, and teamwork. We are looking for members who take pride in their work and of all experience levels. We are currently 12 Members Strong. Once you achieve an NCO rank, you will not be perimitted to leave with any tames, and are Considered to hold a leadership role in the tribe privy to sensitive information. Promotions are rendered on a TIS (Time in Service) and TIG (Time in Grade) Basis, along with consideration of merit based promotions. Contact an Admin at these Gamertags to join: Ukz0 , Caveman5991. You may also say “Legion” in the server chat, and a recruiting official will contact you. Drop your Gamertag down below.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. xxflyingfragsxx recruitment hey are you guys still recruiting gt is xxFlyingfragsxx
  3. Me being active and Discord Hi I just joined the tribe but I won’t be able to play Ark with you guys since I’m grounded. I was also wondering if there was a discord server for the tribe and if there is please tell me the code to get access. Cheers
  4. Looking forward to playing Hi my Name is DraxonBlade I have played since launch but found it hard to find a community ark to join so I have stopped recently came back and I hope to be able to grind out with you guys
  5. Looking forward to grinding My name is Soysauce but you can call me Soy for short. I joined because i like your ideas and thought it would be fun. My username is fartbag58 don't ask why.
  6. Username Goosekrook Will we be going to different maps? Like SE or Rag?
  7. Looking to join experienced players who actually know what their doing and aren’t trolls. I know what I’m doin and am willing to help grind and whatnot
  8. GT: SilentSerpentXI I am just waiting for all my DLC's to re-install, Haven't played in quite a while. Last time I played, the game was almost unplayable with beach trolls and meshing. Looking forward to the restart, if you'll have me.
  9. Go Go Moses Gamertag is Go Go Moses. looking to join if you are still recruiting.
  10. gamertag is lookjoey if your still looking for new players.
  11. Hey guys I'm on ark all the time and need friends im heavy grinder lev 86
  12. Hey guys I'm on ark all the time and need friends im heavy grinder lev 86
  13. What are your gamertags mine is OzieSniper123
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