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Eclipse 2.0 is recruiting! we are on small tribes extinction. Plz have a mic and 16 or older. Looking for serious grinders and breeders. Msg me on xbox my gt is shreveport217. I also have a discord set up to help the tribe communicate out of game. Message my gamertag to start the interviewing process.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Hxvrt is my gt for Xbox i am lvl 94 I can breed and grind and raid
  3. Hello looking to join a tribe solo has bean boring. Drop me a pm GT silve1114
  4. My gamer tag is GTX Cornbread I have a couple friends that are grinders and a half hit me up when u get the chance
  5. GT: DaveVader94 I want to start on Small Tribes again, Character lvl is between 70 and 80 I guess, I'm not sure. My only wish would be that we grind up C4 as fast as possible and get most of the resources from raiding other tribes. Msg me if this suits you.
  6. Drop your GT or msg me on Xbox shreveport217
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