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About This Tribe

We are ps4 ark official players looking for members 14+ We need more grinders, breeders, builders, etc.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Want to get recruited Hey, I'm 16 years old and I'd love to join this tribe. I often play only duos and I'm starting to realize that it's hard asf. One time i was in a big tribe too, so I think I know what to do. I can help breeding, grinding or help raiding people. I'm a very experienced player in Ark and play it for 2-3 years now. If you want more informations about me that i have forgot to write, ask me: iiLqpLiL (IIlqplIl)
  3. You looking for Official or non official? We're looking for some good hands on my server there's 4 of us we are looking for a few more. Add me: Demon_Phonoi
  4. Newish Player looking to join tribe Newish player looking to join tribe, experienced gamer, active a lot, happy doing anything, hmu
  5. Discord? I just joined, and I'm wondering if there's a Discord for this tribe. And if there isn't, i think there should be.
  6. Joining tribe Just started playing again and had to start a new character I’m good at pvp grinding and everything but don’t wana play solo cause it’s impossible and I want my rock drake back damn it!! I don’t have a mic but use tribe chat effectively
  7. Need a place to live and raise tames Ive been wiped too many times need a safe place to live and raise tames I’m level 80 something tribe player and grinder
  8. I am looking to join im on ps4 i have a lot of experience i have plenty of time ti raise pvp and grind who do i hsve to contact psn is atlanticeon
  9. Looking to join tribe in the island on PS4 happy to be baby raiser
  10. Recruitment Psn ID matt_gavin94. Been playing Ark for a couple of years and experienced in most things about the game. In my last tribe I was mainly taming and would love to get back playing again
  11. Looking to join tribe Ive been playing ark since ascendant was red and rocket launchers had a rarity before scorched came out . I am a grinder and i dint get tired of grinding . I am looking for a tribe
  12. Just started a new character looking for new tribe I was just scammed by my last tribe and lost a lvl 95 character and I am looking for a reliable tribe that I can have fun with. I’m relatively new been playing since early 2018 but you will never find someone else who will put in more hours and grind any harder than me. Expert breeder but rusty with fighting. I’m 15 so I do have school I live in the NA so if interested hmu my gamertag is H-man2411.
  13. Recruitment My PSN is Blackdog700. I have been playing ark sense day 1. I am a level 97. I am 16 years old. I am in the Eastern time zone. I can do anything you want me to do, I can grind, bread, tame, maintenance work, etc. I am on every day of the week.
  14. Recruitment Active player who loves the grind. Decent amount of playtime and experience. Just looking for a solid tribe to join. PSN: King_Lee_Warrior
  15. Active Grind lover. Looking for people i can Grind for. Super delta. I get on almost every day and really love raising babies and taming. also Grinding other things. I love to see them numbers. Get me Working for u.
  16. Looking to join Played since legacy over 2000 hours. Self sufficient in farming, breeding. Need to work on the pvp it must be said. I just wona play in a good team!
  17. Looking for tribe I’m level 65. Active player looking for a new tribe to join in also 17 can do basically everything except breeding haven’t done a whole lot of that yet psn deceptive_yam618 never bothered to change username haha
  18. Looking for player? I have around 3.8k hours on ark tho most of the time comes from pc. I enjoy farming and taming.
  19. i joined about 6 months before we were raided by the space cowboys and i was probably around level 75 when i joined i mainly did breeding and mat runs
  20. I would like to join I would like to join the tribe, I’m lvl 74 and I’m 18, i play fairly a lot and grind everything except breeding, my Psn is dougydoug2
  21. Recruitment I am interested in joining. I'm a level 118 and generally play every day after work. PSN is VeNoM_xMerKz
  22. Wanting to Join. I play on a island server right now have all DLC and the Genesis season pass. I am looking to join a active tribe currently under the tribe name afterlyfegaming. The Gaming Community I am a part of. I have a few people with me I'm sure would like to join. Lvl 89 no tek grams. Got wiped when I had just started getting dinos.
  23. Oh wow lol alpha tribes been grieving people, haven’t gotten much of a chance to build up over there . I’m still recruiting, if anybody who can grind almost daily would like to join
  24. What happened to you with PR bc you should NOT be level 84 if you use to be with em
  25. LVL 66 Experienced EU Lost my lvl 90 character, idm doing anything such as breeding, farming just need a tribe. PS4:ShadowZolteon
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