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About This Tribe

We are ps4 ark official players looking for members 14+ We need more grinders, breeders, builders, etc.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Recruitment Level 118 player coming back from a break. Looking for some cool intelligent people to play with. PSN ID is VeNoM_xMerKz
  3. Looking to join Hey I’m 22 lv 88 and just new people to play and grind with most people I played with fell of so I’m here love doing anything. Psn dixiyboy19 just pm me
  4. Still need member? Haven’t played ark in couple months, will help grind breed etc, my psn : tonydixon_69 msg me
  5. Hey bro your building on my old extinction lol how is it over there bc im going to use it as my extinction as well lol
  6. About the tribe I took a break from official and now i'm back but we only got 1 problem and that is most people that join the tribe there usually insiders so that's why i went dark from everyone here but what do you guys think I should do about the tribe and ways to make it so insiders don't join since i'm probably to to start the tribe back up. Any questions message me on psn: ArrangedFire90
  7. Still recruiting? If so add me on psn fitman121 ill do interview on psn
  8. Salut,je m'appele yohann j'ai 18ans , je suis intéressé par votre tribu je joue à ark depuis 2 avec de longues pose, j'ai un perso lvl 79, mais je mis connais au jeu, je n'est jamais étais dans de grande tribu c'est pour sa je voudrai bien essayer dans la vôtre et rester biensur je vous donne mon psn si vous été intéressé par la candidature (Atomik_Winners) ou mon discorde si tu veux me demander des chose avant(Atomik62#9386)
  9. Are y’all still recruiting by any chance
  10. Hey good to know your willing to join. I’m StanleyThrustwel with a pig profile pic. We are currently trying to build up on extinction 961 official, not small tribes. I’m usually on around 4 30 pm USA time.
  11. Yea ive tamed pretty much everything in ark and dont mind it. What is your psn?
  12. I'll work with someone to tame. Hitnme up. Message me psn:fyter88
  13. Hey i would like to join tribe. Looking for a bigger tribe let me know what server
  14. Hello. You good at taming by chance? I have a little 6 man tribe on official, and usually the tribe leaders in tribe help don’t respond... it sucks. But anyways I’m looking for tamers, and have been msging different people asking if they wanted to join. Would you like to consider the idea?
  15. Still Recruiting? I'm lvl 92 with tek grams and don't care what role I have in a tribe and like farming. I stopped playing for about 2 months and am looking to come back. Also im 15 years old and my PSN is KodackVac.
  16. Recruit Seeing if you're still recruiting on the ps4, been on hiatus playing ark on pc. have a level 131 on ps4, want to grind out those last levels, and get back into some ps4 ark pvp. I have around 7k hours with pc and ps4 experience combined. I have all but 2 tek engrams unlocked. thanks let me know! Ethan
  17. Recuitment im 20 years old and with over 1khours experiance in breeding,farming,taming,building look forward to your reply PSN DEATHKNIGHT537
  18. I want join the tribe Hi,im lvl80 i want join this tribe im15 and have a mic please add me on ps4 hasitigri14 im from Germany but ialso can speak English and Spanish
  19. Can I join? Psn: Skullcrusher3608 Age:19 Male Am some what experienced lvl 88. Can do many things to help
  20. Still recruiting? Psn- SoFriedImCrispy 27 Central time zone Level 94 Tamer, breeder, server raider, scout, grinder, tag along companion. Great at the game. Love to pvp. Played over 1000+ hours over the years. Remember when you could add points to movement speed for flyers. (Boy that was an awesome time in ark!) Looking for a official pvp tribe that is built up and isnt starting out.
  21. Joining Looking to join a pvp PS4 tribe. Been playing a while. Currently just messing about on an unofficial. Over 18 with mic. I mainly grind, organise, farm.. lvl 68
  22. Recruitment My psn is CAZDRAGON2169 and i have a lvl 65 character. I would love to join to have the chance to build up with others and in general to have fun.
  23. Can I join? Me and two friends were looking for a tribe to join and help. We are experienced and all around the same level. I am level 81 and we are all good at pvp.
  24. Joining I’m lvl 91 what can i do to prove that I’m loyal and won’t inside the tribe so i can join.
  25. JahPeg is right you need to limit access to certain things. I'm down to join the tribe if given the chance I have no problem grinding mats and stuff. Might even have a friend join if it's cool. We're really experienced on Ark but nring a two man tribe typically doesn't work out lol. We were apart of an alpha tribe on an island server pre release. Looking to to get back into it. If you don't wanna add more people it's cool
  26. Are you still adding fire If not you should close the tribe page he since the increase of insiders on this website
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