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About This Tribe

We are ps4 ark official players looking for members 14+ We need more grinders, breeders, builders, etc.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. So Were going to do this So we have had many insiders since this tribe opened up so we came up with a plan Everyone that wants to join the tribe will be put on a separate server so we can get your trust then we will move you to the main server. So psn me if you want to join and we will set this up asap PSN: ArrangedFire90
  3. Hi can I join my psn is : Trocope I m 16 yo and I love playing ark
  4. yeah same what is the server name
  5. Joining tribe Is the tribe still looking for new members?
  6. server hey on wich server r u guys playing
  7. join request Hi i am 21 years old, playing a lot every day, pretty active, grinding pvping and gardening the most but can do everything .. my psn DrMufzoR
  8. Join request Hey, i'm 16 years old and want to join this tribe. I'm a experienced Ark player and level 83. I played always with a friend together Ark, but we are always getting raided so i decided to find a other tribe. I live in germany so my english isn't always the best :'). If you need some more information, just DM me Psn name: iiLqpLiL (IIlqplIl would it be)
  9. Hi id like to join your tribe I am lvl 76 and experience player psn: Killingwithasmile
  10. Message me to get added PSN: ArrangedFire90
  11. Hi if anyone in this tribe is admin and inking could you please message me, my psn is Beckyloudon2015 me and a friend are looking to join a tribe and help build big, I prefer to do breeding stuff and building stuff
  12. Hey my is name is Davonte and I’m new to the ark and I just joined your tribe. My PSN is Paper_Chaser203
  13. Hey guys, i started playing again after a 1 year break, i have a lot of playtime in ark and had a big succesfull tribe until i stopped playing. Viezedanny1 is my psn
  14. Hey me and some peeps were looking to join up. We’re big fans of rag and we’re hoping to start a branch of your tribe there. All of us are experienced players and are all about grinding lemme know if you think well be a good fit my pen is saucy_0strich
  15. Hi there I sent a pm on ps4 hope to hear from you. Me and my friend are both active and looking to be apart of a bigger tribe to help grow. We are both experienced players. Weve played pvp for around 2 years now thanks.
  16. Can I join ur tribe I´m lvl 102 and I´ve been in 2 Megas
  17. Yes I will be on tonight but not until 7 or 8 AST
  18. just message me at ArrangedFire90 on psn
  19. That's what I have been doing and the dinos are for right now and WILL be changed in the future.
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