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Looking for members for official Xbox server. Already started so got a little base and few Dino's but looking for people to help tribe grow. Gamer tag same as here so message me for invite. Currently on a cluster server and looking for new people to come join me. Can be on all maps if needed but would like to have one as main and then maybe if enough members have some on all the cluster maps working as a team


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. message me if you need anything im avalible 12 to 1 and 4:30 to 6:30 on weekdays and weekends 10am to 6:30pm central time im not available on holidays sometimes if you need to know my age if its required im 16 my xbox gamertag is miningtrex no spaces or caps
  3. also i have no mike but i can still here you and talk in chat
  4. whats you gt mine is miningtrex no space my avatar is a astronaut if you need help im on xbox i have alot of experience with ark i used to play on ps4 then it broke so im on xbox
  5. hi can i have server number im experienced and looking to become alpha
  6. Did you get invited my gamer tag is walleye4156 as well my discord walleye4156 #2882 I'm ready to play asap plz dm.
  7. hairybeastie Hey I’m new to the whole tribe thing, so I’ve joined you on here..how do I go about joining you in game?
  8. i will tomorrow after today I cant today though sry I forgot today
  9. Introduction and my gamertag to join Gamertag: TheMaskedScene5 - I have been playing ark for 2 and a half years - I am experienced in pvp and can help with turret towers, base building, taming, breeding dinos, and can help with some grinding - also I can help defend and can help in attacking or raiding other players.
  10. GamerTag: Drwyfthy GT---> Drwyfthy
  11. Gamertag: DarkestShadows9 I have played 1700 hours on ark and im experienced in both pvp and grinding
  12. Tribe recruitment Looking to join a tribe. Experience player in pve with 75 days gameplay. Looking to grind, tame, breed and have fun with other people. GT JUSTICEANDCHAOS Discord JUSTICEANDCHAOS#9089
  13. Tribe Recruitment Ton of experience both as alpha and a lower rank tribe. Can grind, tame, somewhat breed and have decent pvp skills. Have experience on all maps except aberration. I used to play on ps4 so I don't have the scorching earth or aberration dlcs but I would be willing to get them. Was just looking for a tribe to enjoy and play the game with so I wouldn't be solo. gt is JakeyBoy1016
  14. Gamertag: trexdestroyer88 My gamertag is trexdestroyer88 on Xbox
  15. GT: MickyD Hero Looking to join this is my gt on xbox
  16. Old player, New account GamerTag: MiniJohnWick990i have a lot of hours on ark, starting new. id like to join as a grinder I also got a ark friend whos really good at breeding and building
  17. gt: IM TAYLOR BTW lvl 98 on official and very experience just ready to get built up
  18. Looking to Join Hi everyone I am looking to join your tribe my gamertag is SpartanCJ373 I have been playing ark for a couple years now and always have played solo and now I have decided to look for a good tribe to join. I do work a lot so my regular schedule is from 2-11pm and I am usually always on my xbox everyday. I would love to join your tribe!
  19. I would like to join this tribe. I’ve been playing ark since October 2018 and have just played single player until now. But I’m looking for a decent tribe to play official with. I will grind materials and tame for the tribe. Or whatever else needs done my GT is “EliteOverLord23”
  20. gt: EndurableArc08 Im a simple ark player with a good chunk of knowledge of the game looking for a good first time experience with tribes
  21. lookin to join sup gamer tag is EndurableArc08 and im just lookin for my first tribal experience and id like it to be a good one so i wanna join u nice people

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