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The Reapers

About This Tribe

We are currently a tribe of 2 members and looking to find more tribe members to get bigger. join my disc https://discord.gg/G7RXVx or go to where it says join and type your steam name


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Hi, i'm looking for a tribe on smalltribes. I have 1300 hrs can do anything from farming to pvp Adrakur#4602
  3. hit me up at noboi4#4185 i play 5+ hours a day and have 1100 hours sorry about my kinda squyky voice though
  4. What's up guys, I'm looking for a tribe currently on Smalls or Official PvP. I have 2k+hours and can do everything required, add my discord $ybil#7486.
  5. Hey I would love to join this tribe I have 1200 hours and I am decent at pvp but great builder and tamer can you message me on discord @Temple#6893.

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