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My Ragnorak tribe is expanding to extinction and I'm looking for a lot of new tribemates who are experienced grinders! let me know if you want to join either tribe or both!


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Discord- Squidy#0809 Xbox gt- Squidy Cx
  3. Hi gt is BAWBAGIMUS#1838
  4. Mine: FN Ruckus#4032 Friend: Cømpl3cßmile We would both like to be recruited into KFC. We are both highly experienced. We can grind, PvP, Tame, ext. We are both level 87. We were Aplha of a server for a bit. If you want more info message me.
  5. Ive got 900+ hours of experience, love taming and grinding. Able to PvP if needed, raiding as well. Know pretty much everything about the game aside from things on genesis. Have all other maps tho, hoping to find a big tribe that i can prove my worth in.
  6. Hey I'm 24y old and looking for a tribe my main acc got banned bc my tribe 8te place a turret in the mesh to protect our base from mesher.. Finally my tribe gets banned and wiped now I want to start fresh on big official with my second acc My main gt is: Sry I'm Stoned88 and my second acc is hope420 I'm from Austria a perfection builder farmer and breeder I'm really good in food pvp raiding and scouting and I play on Xbox series x
  7. What’s kickin chicken my Xbox gt KowalskiWrld and I got two more friends wanting to join they got 140+ days they are Nuke Ballistic , Nuke Frosty
  8. Hey please could you recruit me on xbox gamer tag is: ConnorDPR
  9. I am fairly new to the game, my gamer tag is amazingbeast64 on Xbox one and looking to explore more of it. I have been playing extinction solo for a while but some things are just hard to do alone. Looking to explore the game and see what else it has to offers. Any help would be great. Thanks
  10. yo, i want to play 1x, i am good at pvp farming and breeding, im playing about 3 years and got like 4-5k hours in ark PC. hmu on discord if u interested minTy#7808
  11. I have had the game for about 3 months and have almost 500 hours. I play everyday for about 6 hours.
  12. Hi, me and my friend are tired off getting raidet. We would like to join the tribe. We are very good tamers and are good in raiding
  13. Looking to join tribe tired of getting wiped. I have played the game for nearly 6 months.
  14. Im 19 y/o, 1.6k hours, level 93 recently lost my level 100 char so I have no tek grams. Just looking for a tribe with some nukbers so I dont get rolled playing with friends like normal
  15. I had experience with big tribes before but decided to take a break from ark.
  16. I am good at farming,taiming,breading and raising I will grind for what ever u need my Xbox gamertag is RoyalPotato3
  17. Hey looking to join my tag is, Mull222. got well over 1000 hours, little about me I specialize in pvp building, fob builds, mutation breeder, farm tricks, wanna make my way back to official in a big way just need the team to support and build with. Thanks Also all dlc’s
  18. Hi, I’m looking to get recruited to KFC. I have 1.6k hours on PlayStation however I moved to Xbox and have around 100 hours but I do have really good knowledge of the game. I’m very good at pvp and will grind when needed, I’m level 88 and am solo playing currently. Thank you for the consideration, GT- ROZZLLL
  19. Me and 2-3 of my friends would like to join and we are all level 90+ and have 20-40 days on the game.
  20. I'm new to official, because I usually play unofficial. Always ready to grind. Have about 2000 hours give or take. I only have the free maps. Rarely plays on weekdays.
  21. 2.2k hours, good at pvp and building knowledgeable about ark in general
  22. About 2 years of experience, all dlcs, open for anything that I’m needed for. Also am able to bring a few friends that have about the same level of experience I have if needed. Able to be on around 7-8 hrs a day.
  23. add my discord: Advanced Rifle Bullet#3300 LFT main official 3.5k hrs experience 19 from aus can play 6+hrs a day have all dlc's

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