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My Ragnorak tribe is expanding to extinction and I'm looking for a lot of new tribemates who are experienced grinders! let me know if you want to join either tribe or both!


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  2. gt is huetbros138, imma experienced ark player on xbox and am willing to grind, breed and tame for however long you need
  3. GT: TalkTrash2Mee I have a handful of good tames and am willing to grind for the tribe.
  4. KROCK707 Airbusmech320 JLCreeper
  5. Looking to join, have 1600+ hours and just want to be a part of something big. Have been a builder for our Extinction beta tribe that I was in a year ago on small tribes and I've also owned a couple caves on ab a couple years ago. Message me for details on how to join, would love to chill out and help.
  6. I work from home now and can pretty much play all day. Looking to play Extinction GT d8b AcE
  7. Hi, i'd like to join the tribeI got almost 1k hours of the game exprincei was playing in smalltribes 600ofhours was only of smalls. I can do everything - Farm. PVP. just became a memberand i really do like to join the tribe bcuz im lonley i got all mapsShivoksutafim#9949my discord i will really happy if u let me in
  8. Mutations breeding and building are my strong suits, looking to join. lydia_grey#8661
  9. I would like to join tribe. I have 900 hours of ark on smalltribes but I decided to go to official and see what it’s like
  10. Hi, my friend and i want to join a tribe on PVP official servers. We're 24 and 20, we have 750h and 1100h played in PVP modes. We got all the maps and we can play 4hrs a day during the week / a lot more during the w-e. My discord: SkowDardy#5516 and him: 210 All Styles#7897. Thanks
  11. Hi My friends and I are looking to join the tribe I have more than a total of 3000 hours on the game and so does my friends. I’ve ran my own alpha tribe on official before and I believe we are a good fit to the tribe. We have no life and play a lot just a heads up.
  12. Hi, Me and my friend looking for big official tribe, I have over 3.5k he has like 3k. We used to play in one big tribe but we left. I am 15 yo same as he. GT: Antekos
  13. I need a big tribe to protect me while I breed and grind . I can’t be on every day but i love playing PVP . Absolutely love playing Ark and want to join others that enjoy it also. gamer tag Mr Dubs One

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