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My Ragnorak tribe is expanding to extinction and I'm looking for a lot of new tribemates who are experienced grinders! let me know if you want to join either tribe or both!


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. I want to join both tribes My gamertag is Chronicreaction and i want to join both tribes
  3. Recruitment My gt is DripKinglk
  4. Recruitment lv 80 character, center tek engrams looking to join Rag, can breed and grind, just show me what to do. My platform is Xbox, gt zeta prime12
  5. Recruitment GT AllegedAdz88 Got400+hrs pvp solo. Had enough solo 600+hrs on own rag server Got dlc. Can breed tame grind etc
  6. gamer tag vHonor Pending lost 100 player but on 70 now grinder and tamer
  7. SnowsXRevenge Lvl 95, experienced
  8. GT KnightRider0603 Looking for a tribe Over 500 hours Mature Have a mic About me(feel free to ask any questions) Spent most of my hours grinding with an alpha tribe on an official cross ark so LOTS of experience whether it is building turret towers, raising creatures taming, etc.... I'm looking for a preverbally build up tribe as I don't want to be wiped extremely regular but I don't mind grinding for it as I am not a fan of getting given everything and I envy the grind for it I'm looking for a tribe where it will be long term as I hate the thought of jumping from tribe to tribe My GT is: KnightRider0603
  9. GT: XSc0pEzzX Me and my friend(RiskyFazeTroy) are both looking to play official after being bored of unofficial. I have 125 days played, my friend has 163 days played. We are experienced and know what we are doing as well as being serious grinders as we have no school for 3 month. I have every map except Scorched, he has them all.
  10. O oatss O O oatss o
  11. Gamertag mr cool 395
  12. My gt is Yogerz .
  13. Looking to get recruited Gt is rashadieyos, lvl 112, overall experienced ark player. Trying to get back into official.
  14. GT : madd black man Looking for a new tribe to grind with
  15. GT: Zapped Inferno Ive got 40+ hours into ark and yet im not very pvp experienced, but i can grind, tame, build, etc. Just please dont ask me to raid unless im like the only person alive ok? XD
  16. GT: AbyssWatcher88 AbyssWatcher88 is my gamer tag. Looking for a tribe on the official servers I’m lvl 80 I haven’t played in a long time but I got 600 hours in the game
  17. Joining the tribe Gt: TrUe xJupiterx
  18. Recruitment Hello My gt is Xbox042 I would like to join I love to grind and fine with any task you give me I'm a decent pvper played a lot of small tribes before I got wiped. I have no Mic.
  19. GAMERTAG = Boomer Jetson level 105. Experienced on Extinction and Aberration. Almost all Tek engrams unlocked.
  20. Gamer tag kiIIstreax note: the two I’s are capital i’s
  21. Gt: Hoosierdaddy Hoping to join. Been playing since PC launch, albeit mostly unofficial. I'm a grinder and a soldier though tell me what needs done and I'm down to help
  22. Xbox One GT: King of Geebs Hey I'm a 23 y/o player who got the game a few weeks ago and have been learning the ropes by myself on PvP servers, looking to join a tribe and help out.
  23. XBOX ONE GT: Thy Cactus Hey, I just joined. I’m interested in bringing my level 73 character over with a few Tek Engrams on it. I may have a friend interested in joining. Im a hardcore: -Breeder -Grinder -PVP Player -Literally Anything -70+ days plays -Was in Faction on 777 and 14 (legacy). Was in 99 and Hydra on new
  24. Gt: Skyrim2XL Experienced ark player gt is Skyrim2XL
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