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About This Tribe

My Ragnorak tribe is expanding to extinction and I'm looking for a lot of new tribemates who are experienced grinders! let me know if you want to join either tribe or both!


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Endingbullet

    Here is gamertag

  3. SargeSaunders


    Gt: SargSaunders And my brothers: TTV HYPE GAMES
  4. Chickenbonga1

    My gt is XxPuReEmperorxX

    I am ready to do anything for the tribe. I have over a years experience with ark. I am dedicated. INV or mag when possible. Cheers
  5. Looking to join tribe message me so we can talk
  6. AcSBuckets

    My gt is AcS buckets

    Have been playing dedicated servers but it’s just trash so yeah looking to play official
  7. Been playing Xbox dedicated servers for a long time always small tribes but keep getting wiped for no reason
  8. Master5188

    Looking for new tribe

    Xbox gt is LSS MASTER
  9. Arkness3k


    GT: KoRRuPT Crumbs I have all DLCS I am 33 years old, I'm looking for a big tribe, I've tried a 6 man tribe and that's no good, I came back after a year and I wanna play again and enjoy the grinding life again I am level 87
  10. xJake

    Gt is xJake472

    Haven’t played official since legacy but played unofficial since then. Looking to get back into official. Good all round player with 100+ days played.
  11. Admincheatkill

    I would like to join both

    I’m a pretty experienced at ark but I am use to unofficial so it may take a while to get use to and my gt is RSS x Fearless
  12. I have about 1500 hours on ark and would like to become a tribe memeber of KFC, also my gamertag on xbox is: SmallEwok man
  13. robomonkey222

    Request to join

    My steam username is Robomonkey but there are a few haha. Mine is the one with the Black monkey taking a knee I've got 1500 hours and I work really well with others. Plus I've got early morning classes so I'm on most the day and up till later in the night.
  14. Gamertag=zsaszsscsxcdewe I have 2700 hours on pc
  15. Savaje


    Hey man I have 52 days on XBOX and an extensive 73 days on PC, I’ve been in alpha tribes on both platforms, so I have plenty of experience, and am not a bit shy of that daily grind, however monotonous and boring. I understand some people have to do the boring stuff so everyone can do the fun stuff. Drop me a PM on my gamer tag: Voltage SCYTHE
  16. LuckyAce9


    LuckyAce9 I've been in a couple of alphas and 1 mega, I know what I'm doing and won't complain about grinding or anything. I'm just tired of making smaller tribes just for everyone to quit 2 days in
  17. LuckyAce9


  18. RoboDantastic

    I would like to join the rag server and grind

    I would like to join the rag server gtg RoboDantastic
  19. I have 1896 hours on ark
  20. Malcolm0

    GT MalcolmGamer659

    Would like to join Extinction
  21. Malcolm0


    I would like to join the Extinction server that you are expanding on to
  22. Lilman5rko

    Dragion emphis

    My gt is dragion emphis. looking for a tribe have tek ingrams lwarned.
  23. FaTeJackz

    My Gt is FaTe Jackz

    My gt is FaTe Jackz I’m a very active player
  24. gt. fullmoosnuck pm me server and also where to meet , been raising and grinding on ark for hundreds of hours and want to help your join if possible