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My Ragnorak tribe is expanding to extinction and I'm looking for a lot of new tribemates who are experienced grinders! let me know if you want to join either tribe or both!


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  2. Shreveport121


    I have just under 1k hours on ark and have only played pvp. I play everyday and have tamed titans with a old tribe on arkpocalypse. Msg me whenever


    Played since game launch, and had experience in various tribes. If your interested message me on Xbox gt: VXOakleyXV
  4. MrInfinity940

    Gamertag ZOMBIEKING940

    I'm 90% sure that's my gamertag. See you out there
  5. YourClassmate

    Player looking to grind and have fun

    Can you add me on xbox? My tribe was I sided by a member one of my friends invited we grinded everyday for months and lost everything in a matter of minutes I would like to join a tribe that is past the stage of picking up stones on the beach I play several hours eceryday
  6. KingTehdaith

    Player looking to grind and have fun

    Also my discord is the same as my gamer tag and I am appearing offline
  7. I’m an experienced ark player that has been playing ark sense legacy servers and I’ve been looking for a big tribe that I could contribute to my gamer tag is KingTehDaith
  8. gislikron

    let me join XD

    hey i got 2.5k hours in the game and normally play 6 to 8 hours a day exepct on weekends where i play 10 to 14 hours it would be great to join if you want to add me on discord its manup#4911 TY FOR READING
  9. xXMegaNightXx


    That is my get on Xbox like taming I can grind bullets but am better at other things breeding is good for me I like it Discord is Meganight#8276 Feel free to message me on there if I do not respond
  10. My gt is committedcone, lvl 104 all Tek except abb done just about everything in the game, ran my own mega and have a 104 crafter. Keen to get back into ark !
  11. Uvuvuo

    Need a tribe

    Hi, my in game name is Feli, i've been playing in rag46 until i got mega raided, now i have nothing and i would like to join the tribe, i'm lvl 78 and i have experience playing (175 hs).
  12. Jordanw50


    Hello my gamer tag Is Jordan Wilz , i am level 86 and an experienced player , been in a few Mega tribes throughout empire on rag 612 but got meat ran and raided and my old tribemates don’t play anymore so just looking for a good tribe to grind for and just wanna enjoy ark I can assure u I pull my weight well with helping out
  13. Beastmaster99

    Need tribe

    I am level 78...played for 251 hours and good at pvp!!! Just that I need tribe so can make a big base and have dinos and I make 2-3 small hidden base and even hide my argy so no one can kill it.!!!! Looking forward for your reply and yes..... I play good!!! And with tribe.... BETTER
  14. Smoothgunn

    Need to grind

    Xsmoothgunn3rX unfortunately I got off the game because I lost my character lvl 87 because of a rollback today so I’m just tryna get in a tribe I know everything I have been a alfa tried on 2 servers I know everything about the game I just need to make another character now and start grinding I will be a very good grinder and tamer for the tribe
  15. Blazingginge

    Gt Blazingginge

    Played 1k+ on pc and now got it on xbox been tribe owner many times and an admin also. Enjoy being any part of the team thats needed and will help everyone out if i can.
  16. Supa300X

    GT: SuperWoman300X

    Hey guys im very experienced and a good grinder. Currently level 87
  17. Hey jus starting back up on ark, lvl 89 inv
  18. I know how to grind any resource... Was in an alpha tribe called Salty Distribution inc however ark got boring but I'm getting back into the game.
  19. Tomthekid

    About me

    I am an experienced tribe leader who can stop us from being inside with a good recruitment policy! if you join this tribe you will learn a lot about the game, and have a lot of fun! add me on xbox Tom Ownager