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About This Tribe

Hi everyone, were looking for a few new members on Ragnarok server 92. No need for minimum levels, just hoping to gain more friends and gamers. Hopefully one day we can get enough people and creatures to become alphas. There's currently 3 of us playing plus gaining more and more and we are pretty experienced as well. So add me on discord AMAZONFALL#1780 or hop onto Ragnarok 92 and ask for us most of us should be online āœŒ


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Uvuvuo

    Want to join

    Hi guys, my in-game name is Feli, i would like to join your tribe, i'm lvl 78
  3. lukaakul005

    can I join

    I would like to join this tribe.Im on ps4 my user name is lukaakul005.
  4. Theoriginalath2o

    Interested in joining

    Definitely interested. Looking to do a castle build. Saw some. Cool videos on it. Not sure how may people are on that server. Have a decent amount of knowledge and experience just looking for people to game with and help do a castle. Build. Not sure if it's taken already on that server
  5. shred2004


    Hi I would love to play. Iā€™m on ps4 and my user is Isaac Bean
  6. Tomthekid

    What Platform is this on

    xbox one
  7. exoticcal


    Hey I'm from ps4 I was in SC one the biggest tribe on ps4 I got a pc for chirstmas and I was wondering if I can join here my steam name is Exoticcal