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About This Tribe

Lead by VelikaUnleashed, Einherjar on ARK is currently 11 members strong and is looking for active, dedicated new players to join in our shenanigans. There are starter packages when joining the server, server events, and scheduled PVP raids which are coming soon when there's another active tribe other than us. Einherjar has been around for a long time, across many games and platforms. I have personally played Ark since it's PC release in Early Access, and have over 6,000 hours clocked into the game between PC Ark and PS4 Ark. Our members are laid back and we have a chill community that likes to engage in all sorts of shenanigans. We like to have fun, build, joke around and generally just enjoy the game. The majority of our members are adults, but all ages are welcome as long as you're mature of mind. Most of us have headsets and when we're on, we're usually all in a party for fun. We are currently primarily focused on the PS4 version of ARK, across 3 servers: Fale (Aberration), Neberos (Extinction) and WorldofLore (Ragnarok). All 3 servers are password protected to avoid toxic players within our community. To join the servers and/or the tribe, PM the server admin Velik (me) on her PSN account, ZFoximus, or on her Discord account at VelikaUnleashed#1211 or join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/HGBVJVs


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  2. Are you tired of not being able to progress in the game? Are you sick of toxic players ruining the game for you? If so, look no further! I own three non-clustered PVP servers: WorldofLore (Ragnarok), Fale (Aberration) and Neberos (Extinction). All three servers are password protected to prohibit toxic players and griefers from joining. As a result, we have a friendly, helpful and active community. We're currently looking for new players, to join either of the two existing tribes (Einherjar & BloodLegion) or to create their own. Upon joining any of the servers for the first time, new players will receive one max level animal of the following: a Raptor, Dire Wolf or Sabertooth of level 145 or 150 - adminpainted to the colors of their choice. You are welcome to build anywhere, tame anything and have fun. We do not have seasonal wipes, but may turn on structure and dino decay to remove abandoned bases/tames to free up space. Max dino count is 6000! To join the server, PM the server admin Velik (me) on her PSN account, ZFoximus, or join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/HGBVJVs If you experience any toxicity on the server, report it immediately! We have an absolute zero tolerance for it. Thus, before using anyone's creatures, please ask them first. Please see other rules on the Discord. Need helping taming or building something? No problem! The Einherjar tribe is always happy to help. We haven't yet started on the Aberration server, Fale, and are syncing times with everyone with the DLC to join the fun at the same time to start, and enjoy it as a community. See our Discord for details! Server Stats (Applies to all servers) Difficulty 4 Max level 150 x40 Taming x10 Harvest x5 XP x3 Dino Count (x2 on Fale) Mating Interval - 0.001 Baby Mature Speed - 25.0 Baby Hatch Speed - 100.0 Cuddle Interval - 0.03 Baby Food Consumption - 0.4 Global Spoil Timer - 5.0 Decomposition Item & Corpse Timer - 50.0 Food & Water Drain - 0.6 Platform Structure Limit - 100 RPG Style Damage Show Map Player Location - On Proximity Chat - True Global Chat - Off Server Crosshair - On Admin Logging is enabled Fishing Quality - 4 Wild Dino HP Per level stat is 3.0, so once tamed their HP will be a bit higher than it would be on official. Resources regrow faster, about 2.5x Fuel consumption rate is reduced by about 30% Stats Per Level: Player Food - 5.0 Water - 5.0 Weight - 6.0 Speed - 1.5 Melee - 1.5 Crafting - 1.5 Harvest - 1.5 Stats Per Level: Tamed Dinos HP - 2.0 Stamina - 2.0 Melee - 2.0 Weight - 4.0 Speed - 2.0 Crafting - 1.5 Harvest - 3.0 I'm open to server adjustment suggestions!
  3. If you're a PS4 Ark player looking to join an active, dedicated tribe, join us in Einherjar. We have a Discord, located here: https://discord.gg/HGBVJVs We are currently the Alpha Tribe on the Fale, Neberos and WorldofLore servers (all owned by tribe owner VelikaUnleashed) and are looking for as many members as possible to continue to grow, to retain this position as more people join the server. Add me on PSN as ZFoximus and/or on Discord as VelikaUnleashed#1211 for server info and other details. Spread the world! Join the tribe!
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