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I'm a returning player with over 4000 hours, looking to start a new tribe on one of the conquest servers. I need experienced pvpers to join as well as people who are knowledgeable when it comes to taming, breeding and building. I have a community discord that everyone will be able to join, if you're interested then please hit me up!


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. I apologize for all of those who'd like to join us in Ark but we've decided to move to ATLAS. if you are getting the game and still would like to join us, you can join us there.
  3. I can do a little bit of everything but if i really wanted to pick it would be breeding and offence / defense . My discord is Tha Boy #0002
  4. interesed in joining! if your still looking for ppl add me on discord Taco_Princess#7960
  5. Hi my name on discord is Tha Boy #0002 , I'm very experienced , been in a alpha tribe on small tribes on pc and on official island server 45 on xbox . I was just wonder what the discord was and how this clan operates ? Please add me and info ty . Wish to play with you guys soon .
  6. Interesting on Join, I liked the idea to start in one map and move on. Would like to complete the game (Stories Books) and have fun as well as an organized group. Good on Taming, Building (No boxes), Farming and a Decent PvPer. I've played The island, and Extinction. Already sent a friend in discord.
  7. Here is my discord: AleksAbols#4259. I can take on defense, offence and some building, have been playing for 1.2k hours on pc, ready to grind.
  8. Interested in joining, ready to grind, farm and pvp. Available everyday. Neztea#0312
  9. Would love to join. Good at tamming breeding and farming. Down side. Potato computer so limited to no pvp for me. Wickwire2012#7451
  10. I'm a good breeder,builder, and farmer. My graphic card hinders my pvp skill. I have a potato computer. Would love to join
  11. Cheacky#0587, Id like to participate wherever I can, but I excel at building and farming.
  12. Id like to join, been playing for a while and have been having trouble to find a dedicated team to play with. My discord: Cheacky#0587
  13. id like to join, my discord is FinnyFubs#0440. i have a total of 1600+ hours across all platforms and am looking to join a tribe on official again, please pm me
  14. Hello there, Louis here and i'm interested in joining the tribe. Please hit me up on dc if i'm able to join. Here is my dc: Louis#3616 Greetings,
  15. My buddy and I are interested in joining this tribe, we've both played on console and PC since release but have never played with a large tribe group. I'm more of a defensive builder and he's got much more experience taming. We're both just looking to get reinvolved with the game and experience raiding/tribe actions. My discord ID is Doctor Senate#6552, and my steam ID is mcluvin711. We're both NA west coast so hopefully that isn't a problem. Hit me up.
  16. you can add me on discord: Maiz#1188
  17. I'm interested. Re-downloading the game as we speak. Spent about 1.2k hours in game PVE and PVP. Love to build aesthetically but I want to get a bit more serious into PVP. Let me know how to get in contact. Can find me on Steam same name and profile picture. Or message me discord info.
  18. interested in joining perhaps, would like to do the talks on steam tho if possible -DevaRi- from finland, might have few pals too ? have 2,6kh and friends have 1-2k
  19. If you're interested and haven't already, add me on discord. Maiz#1188
  20. Im aswell interested my discord is Cronickiller479#0242. When it comes to taming and breeding I know ways to do it much more smartly. Plus I would like see all the features the game offers.
  21. GhostlyCrimes, I've been trying to add you to discord but it's not working. . . But I'll put my discord here so you can try to add me. Maiz#1188
  22. Add me on discord The BIggs Show#8241 I played on the Xbox since it was released and have been playing on the PC for a while. i have a conquest character already adn a small tribes. My old tribe was wiped and no one wanted to p[lay so I switched there for the time being
  23. DanielHD#7579 and i would like to mainly do defensive and building, some raiding aswell
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