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Conquest PVP

About This Tribe

We are a newish tribe that is looking for others who enjoy ark. Must be mature, willing to be a team player in an active group and be interested in PVP. Most importantly not a quitter/complainer when things go south in Ark. We are also looking for experienced breeders to begin a breeding program. Feel free to PM me and I will give more details.


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  2. TechViking


  3. WilfredBugeater


    Hi there, im on the conquest40 any chance of a membership?
  4. We are 2 experienced players with 300+ hours in official ps4 and 800+ hours on pc official/unnoficial. We are good at farming and raiding some bases. Why we want to join it's because every time we start in official we get raided in a week and we can't do anything, I'm only asking for a base spot or a base to stay and we will do whatever it is required Discord: Pelayori#2233
  5. NippoLatte

    i would like to join

    i am very interested in joining this tribe who do i talk to?
  6. Knightsave

    Interested in joining

    Add me in discord knightsave #7488
  7. chiiQ

    Which map?

    Hello, I saw that you are looking for tribe members. I am wondering if where are you playing? We are hoping to join a tribe that is on official server PVP extinction.
  8. Lyrah


    Hello, I've recently gotten back into Ark and I'd like to join an active tribe with chill players. I have 950+ hours and a lot of experience breeding, I'm also willing to farm, build, ect. I saw your post and thought I'd give it a shot. Feel free to PM me and ask questions. Discord: Lucid#9542
  9. I'm looking to join an ARK tribe on Conquest, I have over 1.2k hours on console but only 50 hours on PC. I know a lot about Island and Centre and can easily farm any resource on those 2 servers, I currently don't own any maps on PC but I have ab and scorched on xbox and I know tons about ab so when I get the season pass I can for sure farm up over there. I also have a friend that wants to join who is an experienced Ark player with many hours. I have a lvl 60 survivor and my friend has a lvl 70 on Conquest, The main reason we are looking to join is we have a group of about 6 friends that quit if things start going badly and it's getting really annoying so we want a tribe that can get poop done. My steam name is i am fit so comment on the post or contact me there with further info.
  10. Spindoctor

    Interested in Joining

    Have couple 1000 hours in ark wanting to switch to pvp offical my discord is Spindoctor #6333
  11. lvl 99 with tekgrams from alpha dragon and alpha manticore and a few others. Lead a medium size tribe until we lost a war and got foundation wiped off server. Discord is Xarbin#9278 hmu
  12. Reckless12


    who can i pm? my discord CoolKid#2983


    Adım THEMIMIC Old arc survival player I want to start again.1K time LVL 102
  14. Dranky


    Hello, just saw you guys recruited, i'm a very active ARK player, have 1.2k hours in the game, am 16 and speak English/French. If you guys still need members i'm definetly interested. My discord is Griveeeeeee #1071
  15. AutisticSloth

    Want to join

    I have 234 hours i'm semi new I have 107 hours in the past week I've been raided like 5 times and are looking for a tribe that I can help with to have my back.
  16. Tarl

    Conquest 40

    I'm on Discord also soth#7084
  17. Tarl

    Conquest 40

    so i have gone to the server 40 and i keep getting killed by this guy name Yu What server are you guys on now?
  18. marganarok

    interrested in joining

    add me on discord marganarok#0714 i enjoy pvp and grinding thanks
  19. KingGFP

    Looking to Join

    I've had ark for a fair amount of time but only recently got back into the game, for this reason I'm looking for a group of people that I can actively play the game with. I play ark for large amounts of time in one sitting and can farm for a while. I don't really get bored of long tames, breeding times, gathering materials.
  20. I have been playing Ark for about 3 weeks. My son has been playing about 4 months. We are both want to join a Tribe that we can be a team helper and want to also learn from others and help others.

    Interested in joining

    Interested in joining. I'm not as experienced as most people but i'm definitely willing to give it my all
  22. Teepeex

    Interested in joining

    add my discord Husk#2834
  23. Teepeex

    Would like to join

    add my discord Husk#2834
  24. Teepeex

    Looking to join an active tribe

    add my discord Husk#2834
  25. Teepeex

    Interested in joining tribe

    add my discord Husk#2834
  26. Dribeiro28

    Interested in joining tribe

    hi! how can i join ur tribe?