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About This Tribe

We will rush the bosses in smalltribes, it will take about a week. We need players who play at least daily 5 hours, You also have to speak english and have discord. You can join our discord here https://discord.gg/2mqqu4R


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. did anyone find the discord link?
  3. wanting to join what is the dsicord as that one is expried
  4. The Discord link is Expired so i cant use it.
  5. We are back again Hi guys we are recruiting for small tribes if you are intrested join our discord.
  6. I have 40+ days on my account my Gamertag is Spladoink I specify in PvP, and base building I lost my LVL 80 character though but I'm not new to the game my platform is Xbox
  7. I am an Xbox player that has over 2000 hours. I specialize in taming, base defense, and I love a good raid.
  8. 3000 hours of gameplay can do anything necessary for the tribe I’m on Xbox
  9. I joined the tribe but what is your discord? Btw I have about 40 days played and I'm on Xbox.
  10. Would Love to get a to join the tribe have 2.2k hours between pc and xbox Discord is : Sldrboy#7545
  11. Hey I'm 18 with about 700 hours on official servers, and I was just wondering if you guys are still recruiting. I play on xbox. I have the same gamertag on xbox as I do on here.
  12. Hey, I will work hard as much as I can. Almost 300 hours and looking for the long-term tribe I know will mot kick and be supportive with its tribe members. I play xbox
  13. hey id love if i could join you i am 18 and 3k hours on xbox and 800 on pc
  14. i want to join you. Almost 3k hours. All DLC's. Portuguese and English language. Discord: Revidisc#2240
  15. hello im 30 m looking to join any info or can you add me on steam or discord ?
  16. i joined the tribe but idk if i have to do anything else because i would want to play with some people on the release of extinction and could you explain if i have to do anything else if there is anything
  17. hey can i join you guys im 18 got discord and i have 2k + hours on ark
  18. Hi guys ! I'm a french players, 24 years old, with more than +1.5k hours. I can easily communicate with english people but my vocal is a bit dusty. I want to join a tribe which want to focus on Extinction at his released. Am I at the right place ? Best regards,
  19. since you have stopped recruiting I was wondering if I can simply have a team and farm things for you guys because: I realy want to play ark again but solo has been boring lately and collabing with an alpha tribe would surely improve the game for me. please consider.
  20. We stopped recruiting.
  21. ya cant join that discord link expired My discord is ALT_Seek#1958
  22. Hi, I want to join the discord but the link is expired
  23. Hello, My name is Tatum. I am looking for a experienced Tribe that I can have fun and play with. I mostly do taming and some breeding. I have 2000 hours on Ark. Been playing since Island to now. Discord Is not working. Help please.
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