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Join Discord Server - https://discord.gg/FcQgZMCH ARK OFFICIAL PVP PC Hey, I'm looking to start up a tribe called ASAP. I currently just switched to PC from console but I still have experience playing the game. ASAP stands for Always Strive and Prosper. Join the discord server - https://discord.gg/FcQgZMCH


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. sup guys heres my discord Frizzle#4625, ill let you know when im on and ready to play, just moving house and its a bit manic atm
  3. Wassup, you up for playing some pvp on rag or lost island, have about 1000 hrs experience on pc, and about twice as much on console.
  4. Hey there, anyone up for grinding on pvp on either rag or lost island. Been wanting to play pvp with a tribe for so long and wondered if anyone was up for it.
  5. Hey I've been looking for a group to run with for a while now I haven't played ark in almost a year and a half but I have almost 2.7k hrs.
  6. I'm basically down for anything but the discord invite is expired
  7. Hello BetterthanGood, Thank you for joining our tribe! We would love to have you join us for raids, pvp, pve, community events and ect. Right now, we are planning to build a new base. However, the main base currently is stationed at my home world. We are open to new ideas and concepts, so please feel free to make any suggestions to the tribe rules or anything else. Regards, Keith,
  8. Heyo! Still looking for people? I've been playing ark since release but never exactly found a tribe I enjoyed through and through!
  9. The Disocrd server is invalid or expired, Im also looking to join a new tribe transfering from console to pc
  10. the invite to the discord server is not working
  11. is this tribe still active ? looking for a tribe to join
  12. I'm looking for a tribe or server to play ark again. Making the jump to pc after playing on ps4 but havent played in awhile.
  13. Just an average player looking for some players to play with. Decently new to the game, and only have extinction. May purchase more later. I'm loyal to the tribe as long as its trustworthy. Kakao#8560 is my discord.
  14. Hey this tribe still recruiting. I took a long break from Ark but I'm back. I have over 10k hours combined across multiple platforms. I can PvP, Breed, Build, Grind you name it I can do it in this game. I'm currently solo atm after my return all my old friends no longer play. I have a lvl 100 on official and a lvl 102 on small tribes.
  15. Hey, I'm quite new to the game but have watched a lot of video's the past couple years so I understand most of the begin and midgame mechanics. I have an account on Epic Games and don't have any DLC's. I'm also 18+ . If you want to contact me on discord, Sed Blast#9717
  16. Can I join I have a level 89 character on official? My Psn is Jay_DFE

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