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About This Tribe

We are a new tribe building up on Aberration, with plans to incorporate Extinction now as well. I, owner of the tribe, am an experienced player and confident leader in both game and life. The second admin on this tribe is my brother-in-law and is a great grinder, as well as a great sidekick on any taming adventures. We do NOT grief and discourage this on any server we are on. We do not like bully playstyles and do not employ these tactics ourselves. We need people who can grind, as well as people who can help myself (owner) strategize on tribe growth and expansion. All are welcome and the two of us starting the tribe play daily, although we do have day jobs. We already have a great startup and plenty of gear for new members. Join "Survive & Thrive" today and help us on the road to becoming alphas!


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. hi my discord ID is :{TT}未知的玩家#9537
  3. Hey I am looking for tribe i have 3.2k hours have an normal job on the day But mostly online daily i am 21 am from the netherlands grifster#8341
  4. Hello, my friends and I would like to join your tribe. We have a lot of time playing as well as experience this is my discord ID:{TT}未知的玩家#9537
  5. I got 500+ hours on this game and am looking to join a tribe. Kinda took a long long break from ARK but I'm now getting back into it, lol. I'm online on weekends and most weekdays. Here's my steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198343565261/ Aaaand my Discord: BOOZE!HOUND#2327
  6. Hey, ill be happy to join u guy. I have over 800h in game, i can enjoy grinding like any other task of a game, i also have all dlc's, here is my discord Barbo#6298
  7. I would like to join.I can play from 8 am to 2am next day[cmt +1.00] 1800h all experience on pvp[Can be breeder] Discord=ProVaper#0820
  8. Hi, I'd like to join your tribe of Mam 2000h and all Discord DLCs: Majev # 0751 i play game daily
  9. Hello, I am Jayden and I am looking to join your tribe. I have over 1100 hours My discord is ItsYaBoiJayden#7623
  10. Hey i would like to join the tribe, I have around 400 hours sunk into the game. and play most days, Thankyou -Quack
  11. hello would like to join you guys. Have like 700 hours in ark. Playing mostly every day.
  12. Been looking for a tribe. Pretty new got about 300 hours but most spent on abberation cause its my fav map. This tribe looks perfect for me
  13. I would like to join this tribe i enjoy the grind of ark i have 1.5k hours mostly small tribes, I cant find my official character so I would be fresh. I'm US Central time, discord is Ghuhman_ #2992 stream is https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198072235343. I'm active duty so I can usually play a couple hours in the evening but mostly on during weekends.
  14. Looking to join your tribe I am an experienced player with; 296 Days Played on Xbox/Microsoft store ARK Small Tribes. 222 Hours on Steam ARK. I also make ARK YouTube videos and hope i'll be able to continue to make them upon joining the tribe. I don't have any Tek engrams/boss-fights on Steam ARK and will be starting almost fully fresh. I'm also from the UK so in the GMT Timezone. Discord: Rep Graphics#1419 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/repgraphics/
  15. I would like to join your tribe. I am a experienced player with 1k hours and I am a good tribemember i have all dlcs add me on discord for more info shazminM1︻デ═一#5164
  16. I am a noob. dont know nothin, looking to learn stuff. I am not on steam. please point me in the right direction
  17. Hey was just curious if was able to speak to the head of the tribe just have a few questions about the tribe that weren't really listen that's all my discord is RHG Mystic#0338 my brother an I might possibly want to join :)
  18. New to pc but 2k plus hours on xbox/pc official pvp. Wfh for the foreseeable future and can play 8+ hrs a day. My 16 yr old son would probably want to join to. Hes a bank of ark knowledge. Hmu on discord d8b AcE#9225
  19. I would like to join the tribe. What server do you guys play on? Discord is Chibi Kami#9206
  20. Hi I really want to join your tribe I love ark and I can help you guys I have 3300 hours in ark
  21. Can I join I'm new to the pc ark life been playing on console since you could pump movement speed into argies discord: Cerberus1029#5641
  22. Hello i really want to join i have about 3,7k hours in to the game Thx
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